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04-20-21 11:57 PM
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  Translator/Writer Streamer/Youtuber
Trusted Member
Real Name: Ryan
Location: Pennsylvania
Age: 31 (08-24-89)  Gender: Male
Registered: 09-26-14 08:36 AM (2398 days ago)
Posts: 440  Threads: 26
Post Words: 38,335 (87 word avg)
Viz: 239,769    Contribution Points: 6,059
Post Rating: 116   Trust Points: 9   Chat: 3
Level: 41    Experience: 452023
Next Level: +28122 Exp    Per Post: 1540 Exp
Email: Email withheld from guests.
Last Activity: 03-30-20 06:00 PM
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Oh hi. I play video games and translate stuff and teach Japanese lessons! I'm also the author of What They Call Games.

Sometimes I stream to Follow on Twitter @WTCGames to see when I'm going live!
And I also have a Youtube channel, also as Linkums.

I majored in Japanese in college... which was generally a bad idea. I now literally live in my parents' basement and mostly play a lot of video games.

My claims to fame:
- On Vizzed, writing this English translation guide for Itadaki Street 2.
- On Vizzed, two time finalist in annual Bomberman '94 tournaments. (Placed 3rd in 2015, 4th in 2016)
- I've speedrun some obscure games and have a few meaningless world records. As of this writing, those are in Mickey's Dangerous Chase (Gameboy), King of Kings: The Early Years (NES), Mr. Driller: Drill Land (GCN), Taco Bell: Tasty Temple Challenge (MS DOS), and Geist (GCN).
- I speedran King of Kings: The Early Years at AGDQ 2016 for charity during the AwfulGDQ block.
- By sheer luck, I got invited by Nintendo to go E3 twice, in 2015 and 2016, and have, on rare occasion, received review copies of games from Nintendo and other developers.

I brag because I'm actual more of a loser than I make myself appear.

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