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08-03-20 09:54 AM

Ktanaqui's Profile -

Ktanaqui is Offline

Trusted Member
Real Name: Desirae
Location: Alabama
Age: 26 (10-05-93)  Gender: Female
Registered: 09-05-12 05:27 AM (2889 days ago)
Posts: 1,340  Threads: 81
Post Words: 96,116 (72 word avg)
Viz: 603,289    Contribution Points: 1,721
Post Rating: 7   Trust Points: 12   Chat: 7
Level: 68    Experience: 2636604
Next Level: +92196 Exp    Per Post: 2951 Exp
Email: Email withheld from guests. Log in to see it.
Homepage: Tales from Ktan
Last Activity: 10-17-18 06:05 PM
  Viewing Retro Game Room
Last Post: 10-24-17 08:29 AM
  PM Messages Stuck / Broken


XBOX Live Gamertag: XKtanaquiX
Steam Name: Ktanaqui

Lots of love to & from my best friend, for the most interesting "Happy Birthday" ever:
Friday, October 05, 2012
9:06 AM - MogenarZ: You there?
9:07 AM - Ktanaqui: Hey you.
9:07 AM - MogenarZ: Happy birthday!
9:07 AM - MogenarZ: Now you're legal in even more parts of the world XP
9:07 AM - Ktanaqui: Thanks. ^.^
9:07 AM - Ktanaqui: That's definitely the most interesting "Happy Birthday" I've gotten all day.

This is my Shih-Tzu as a puppy. He's five years old now but he's still as adorable as ever. Lots of love to my furry creature.

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