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01-28-20 05:42 PM

Blubcreator's Profile -

Blubcreator is Offline

  Pessemistic, British, Insomniac
Trusted Member
Real Name: All of the above
Location: The Peoples Republic Of China
Age: 21 (04-13-98)  Gender: Male
Registered: 01-03-14 07:05 AM (2216 days ago)
Posts: 1,290  Threads: 124
Post Words: 98,280 (76 word avg)
Viz: 55,483    Contribution Points: 3,432
Post Rating: 144   Trust Points: 7   Chat: 227
Level: 64    Experience: 2181286
Next Level: +32811 Exp    Per Post: 2536 Exp
Last Activity: 09-23-19 01:51 PM
Last Post: 08-25-19 06:50 PM
  Discuss underrated games




~~~~~Oath Sign~~~~~

"1 2 3 4 I declare a time war

5 6 7 8 Daleks scream "exterminate!"

9 10 11 12 The Doctor died & silence fell

12 11 10 9 Here he goes, back in time...

8 7 6 5 Saving everybody's lives

4 3 2 1 Grab her hand & whisper "run"

Rose went away

So the Doctor is blue

Ask Donna "Where's the Doctor?"

She'll reply "Doctor who?"

Sarah Jane, and Martha,

and now both the Ponds,

Had their fun with the Doctor

Now they're all gone

So ask me again why the TARDIS is blue

There's a sad man inside....

With both his hearts torn in two"


Aliases: Batpig, Blubcreator, Batpig vi Britannia, Tyler, blubble butt
Born: April 13th, 1998
Born in: Leicester city, England
Power up drink: Dr.Pepper
Programming/scripting languages known: Python, C++, Unrealscript, Unityscript, Javascript HTML/CSS, C#

Video Games
Video making and editing

Favourite TV shows and anime
Merlin (Favourite Show)
South Park
Netflix's Daredevil
The Musketeers
The Sopranos
Mad Men
Arrested Development
Silicon Valley
Game of Thrones
Code Geass (Favourite Anime)
Durarara!! (Izaya4Lyfe)
Death Note
One Punch Man
Mob Psycho 100
Attack on Titan
Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood
Soul Eater (Ending was trash though)

Favourite Games
Starcraft 2
Golden Sun
Deus Ex: Human Revolutiuon
Fallout New Vegas
Tales from The Borderlands
Final Fantasy VII, VIII, X
Kingdom Hearts I & II
Uncharted 3
Crusader Kings 2
Civilizations V
(I'm into strategy games )


[7:55 PM] Galacta: hows it hangin !!!!!!
[7:55 PM] Morsalbus: Slightly to the left.
[7:55 PM] Galacta: you might want to fix that when no ones lookng

[8:38 PM] lilythetigerkity: cant get more pg than vegtables

[4:24 PM] alexanyways: my friends tried to screw over the guy I sold the games to
[4:25 PM] alexanyways: they put 4 seasons of family guy in place of the discs.

[12:01 PM] Enzo Matrix: fine i don't need me since everyone against me
[12:01 PM] AriaAngelDream: you dont need you?
[12:01 PM] AriaAngelDream: and no one is against you

[1:08 PM] Enzo Matrix: i wish i was a good user
[1:08 PM] mourinhosgum: same here enzo
[1:08 PM] mourinhosgum: i wish you were too

[9:39 PM] Rasenganfan2: Hayter-senpai noticed me (DAVID HAYTER DID NOTICE HIM!

[8:38 PM] mrfe: There's no I in Canada. We are unified by patriotism

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