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07-06-15 10:24 AM
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Let Me Axe You A Question

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07-06-15 10:24 AM
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Link | ID: 1182818 | 2044 Words

Poor Davideo7
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Everybody loves a good Tower Defense game, especially me. I remember playing dozens if different tower games on various sites and I loved every one of them because they were so much fun and until now I only found one game that would really count as a tower defense game on mobile that I actually liked and then I found this one. I found this awesome game called Radiant Defense and i loved it but it was so awesome that no other similar game that I had played after that could live up to it. It ended up getting to the point that I just stopped playing tower games anymore after that because they just didn't seem to interest me too much. After many months I was in the mood to play them again so I went through the descriptions of a dozen games and then I finally settled on this one. It's a relatively short game and it doesn't have that much to offer in comparison to other tower games, however there was one aspect of the game i really liked that I never saw in any other similar games and had made me regret not finding out about this game earlier.


This is an interactive game, which is something I have only seen in one other game and it was a very small aspect of that game and being interactive makes me like this game a while lot more than most other tower games. What does it mean to be an interactive game? It means that you have more of a role than in other tower games. In most tower games, you are given a pre defined path that enemies are going to go along and you have to stop the enemies by placing random contraptions along the path in order to kill them before they can get to you. This game isn't like that at all, in most of the games, you just place down the weapons and then you watch them attack the enemies but with this game, you actually have to attack the monsters yourself. In this game you are standing on top of a tower and you have to throw axes at monsters by clicking on them. I would much rather be a part of the battles instead of just planning them out and watching them unfold which is why this is such a huge feature for me and one of the reasons why I like this game so much.


I think the graphics for this game have been really well done and all I have to so to back this up is talk about the main screen which shows all of the games animations at work. On one side of this screen you have the characters and in the other side you have the monsters and all of the beings in the game are full of detail even though some of them might be just a bit small. That's just the starting point when talking about the graphics of the starting page because the background features the movie eyes of a monster as well as sparks flying up and that's all that was needed for me to say that the graphics looked pretty cool. Once you actually start playing the game, the graphics look even better, especially because the scenery changes after each level to give each one a fresh new look. Sometimes the level will look like it's dark out with swaying scary trees while sometimes it will look sunny out with a lake and sometimes it will be snowing with a snow capped mountain off in the distance. No matter what the background looks like, it always looks really cool and adds a lot to the overall feel for the game. There's so much more that the graphics does to the game like the actual path as well as the animations of the character and the monsters and overall the graphics are on par with most good games and for a grade, it will get an 8 out of 10.

SOUND 8/10

The sound isn't too bad, first you have a song that plays the moment that you reach the main menu and I'd day this is the kind of music that you would want to listen to when you aren't playing. It's a fun and electric song but it's also very short, lasts maybe 30 seconds and then there's no sounds at all while you are in the menu. The song begins to play again once you are in the level select screen and once you are in the game there's a brand new song that plays throughout the entire level but in my opinion isn't as good as the first one. Next up you have the variety of sounds, there's a sound that takes place when you throw your ax and when it hits something, and everything one of the monsters is killed, though it's the same sound for each monster, could have been a bit better if each monster made a different sound when they were killed. You also get a few random sounds here and there like when you earn coins, at the very start of each level, and at the end of each level. The sounds themselves are pretty cool but the best part of this aspect would be the music which for the most part is really good and my grade for sound is going to be an 8 out of 10.


Who doesn't like playing these kinds of games? They make tower defense games for a reason and they also make so many variations of them for a reason as well, because people like them, and I am one of them. I like these kinds of games because normally you need to think and you need some sort of a plan and strategy and it's always cool to be able to make a strategy and follow through with it but then this takes that to the next level with the whole interaction aspect of the game which I like even more. For me, being able to attack the monsters yourself and have a say in what happens in the game makes it even more addicting. This is a really fun game and you might find yourself doing a few levels over and over even after you beat it for the first time just to get more money and stuff and if the game wasn't fun you probably would just want to keep on going to the next level instead of playing old ones. There's just too many good things about this game to say that it isn't addicting and that would still be a lie because the game is very addicting and for a grade gets another 8 out of 10.

STORY 6/10

The story of this game is pretty simple, all it's about is monsters trying to attack your tower. The entire game has a variety of levels and in each level you face off against a number of waves of monsters who will try to tear down your tower. If they get to your tower they will start breaking it down until you kill them or until they succeed. That's really all that there is to a story, pretty much all tower games are set up this exact same way though every once in a while you will come across a game that will have a bit more of a plot and maybe even some dialogue, but for now this is what we have and it seems to be good enough. For a grade, this aspect of the game is going to get a 6 out of 10.

DEPTH 6/10

I'm going to be honest, this game doesn't really have a lot of depth, the only thing that it has a lot of I different types of enemies that will try to kill you. As for everything else about the game, there's only a little bit here and there but there just isn't really much to offer. First off, when you look at the number of levels that you can go through, there just aren't that many, as a matter of fact there aren't even 24 levels. Most tower games that I have seen have had at least 30 or in some cases so much more than that too. Not only is there a small amount of levels, but the levels themselves are quite small as well and don't really need much to complete. Once you get past the lack of levels, you will find the lack of upgrades as well because there aren't really that many things that you can buy, and sometimes the upgrades don't really do much. You can buy a tower upgrade which gives you more HP, you can buy power upgrades which gives a small boost to your 3 powers and you can buy a few upgrades to your weapons and armor, like maybe 4 or 5 for each and that's nothing. That doesn't mean that the game isn't good, it is, but it just means that it's very small and doesn't have that much and for that, my grade for depth is going to be another 6 out of 10.


Ok, so when you first start off the game you might find the game to be super easy, heck, you might be able to get through the first 4 or so levels without dying even once, but that's where the easiness ends because if you don't start spending on upgrades, the game will be really hard to continue. The monsters get harder to kill and there will be more of them in each level as you progress so if you try to go along with the same plan from level 1 in level 6, you won't even be able to get 1 star out of the 3 possible and you probably will have to do that level over and over. I learned this the hard way because I tried to save up all of my money and I never bothered buying anything and then level 6 came and I was wondering why I lost like 10 times in a row. I then spent all the money I had for more HP and more attack and the game got just a little easier for me. It didn't get too easy because the same thing happened again once I got to level 7. So basically because I did this and just tried to blaze through everything I had to redo level 5 and 6 almost a dozen times each so I could get enough money to buy enough upgrades to get me through level 7 and I could have avoided all of this if I had just started upgrading as I got the money. That's the only thing that you need to worry about that's major and there isn't really anything you can do about it aside for plan a bit more carefully. The only other challenge would be the whole interactive part because you need to make sure that you are clicking the monsters and that you are clicking them fast enough before they get to you. That's it, everything else is a walk in the park, and for a grade, difficulty gets a 5.


Overall this game is really cool and it has a lot of potential if you are a fan of tower games or just like mobile game in general because this one can definitely take away a few hours of your life if you really want it to. The game itself is really nice, but then you have the interactive feature which makes it much better so all in all, the game is a lot better than most other tower games and if you have played at least one in the past and liked it, then I suggest that you play this one as well. When you put together all the different components of this game including the interactiveness, you have yourself a formula for a really fun game and my overall grade for Axe Tower Defense is going to be an 8 out of 10.
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07-07-15 11:30 PM
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Link | ID: 1183581 | 69 Words

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While this review is good overall I found it weaker than what you usually do. Your sentences are just too long and I had to re-read them a few times because it was lacking punctuation. Also, despite the obviousness of the genre (after reading the review) it would have been good to have been more explicit in the intro to introduce the game and maybe name a few titles.
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