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Top 5 Tropes In A Shonen Battle Series
Lets pick apart my favorite genre! *Light spoilers for...Everything really*
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12-12-14 11:39 AM
12-12-14 11:39 AM

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Top 5 Tropes In A Shonen Battle Series


12-12-14 11:39 AM
relinquish022 is Offline
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*Disclaimer:My usual layout will be turned off for now,as there are WAY to many pictures in this thread.Also,let me tell you this now,you don't like pictures,you will hate this thread.*

For those who are not aware,my favorite genre in anime and manga,is the Shonen genre,Specifically,a Shonen battle series.I don't know why,but ever since i was a child,i was always attracted to it.It has sort of a,comic book feel to it.It's very hard to describe.There are just so many things,and characters i like.

The first time i was blown away by every twist and turn of Bleach's Soul Society Arc.
The awesome battle between Sasuke,and Gaara,in the original Naruto series.
Seeing Natsu,and the other members of Fairy Tail,attack another guild.

I swear to god,no matter how old i get.I will never forget seeing this page for the first time...

And you want to know what best apart about them is? Most of them are mediocre.But they still make it fun to watch/read.That is what i like about Shonen.Most of them make me feel happy,like a kid watching Dragon Ball Z again.So,in honor of my favorite genre,i am going to point out 5 tropes,(And multiple different sub catagories of tropes.) in a Shonen battle series.Starting with.

1.The premise,and concept is almost always the same: Think about? What do nearly all Shonen battle series do..? Alright,no answer.Allow me to tell you.

A Shonen battle series will almost always,take a modern myth,or legend,and twist and turn them,on there head.They will deviate from the myth,completely.Guess its time for me to give you some examples.

Ninjas? Swift striders of death,that use very well thought out assassination plans to dispose of a target? PFFT! No way buddy.What you do is put a demonic fox inside of a boy who wants to be the leader of his village.And then make a spin off series that makes the show EVEN MORE POPULAR! And focus on the whiny emo raven haired kid,who is trying way to hard to act.Oh yes,and fillers.DO NOT FORGET ABOUT THE FILLERS! SO MANY FILLERS! SO MANY FILLERS!!! *Insane laugh*

Grim Reapers? You mean,samurai grim reapers.Who actually spend more time..Fighting other reapers,than actually..Reaping the hollows..WHATEVER!

Pirates.No Yo-Ho,stealing,or murder here mate.Just the adventures of mister fantastic,with a straw hat!

Exorcist? You want to yell scriptures at a possesed body? HA HA HA HA HAAAA! No.What we do is get a cursed boy,with a demonic arm,to fight a fat clown! (To be fair though..I love D.Gray Man.)

Or better yet.We get the twin sons of the devil,to fight other devils!

How about instead of breaking down stuff with alchemy? We use it to makes weapons of FREAKING DESTRUCTION?!


2.The Characters personalities,are very easy to simplify: Let us first dissect the protagonist.In most Shonen battle series,and most anime in general,the protagonist is defined by there personality.And there are ALOT of personality types.Time for more pictures.

Hot Blooded

Cold Blooded

Hot Headed

Dim Witted>

Insane,yet likable


God Complex/"I have everything under control."

Gamer/One of the most underated character,in F***ing history

Alot of Shonen series usually have at least one of the personality types,for there protagonist.Now,lets go on to the supporting cast.We need to have a hot chick.Or as i like to call her,Ms.Fanservice.A female side character,or characters,that serve as a gender balance for the show.She will often have small-

To Insanely large breast,for a woman her age.

Now,she most likely can handle herself in battle.And if not,we can have an arc where she has to be reclaimed.(Soul Society..) And guess what,if that move sells,do it over again! (Espada..Bleach really does this alot!) It's not really set in stone,how many fan service characters you can have.Some have one.(Btoom) Some have two.(Gurren Lagann) Some can balance out fetishes among differeny types of girls.(Fairy Tail) And Bleach has dozens of female characters,that almost always has some sort of fan service attached to them.

Now here is something tricky.Most shonen battle series do not,i repeat,do not have Ms.Fan service,get attached to the main character,romantically.Random jokes here and there are fine.Confession of love,with ignorance about what the protagonist is going through right now,that's cool to.(Looking at you Hinata..) And random teases to screw with the fans? PFFT! That's good,keep doing that.

"I hate getting baited,and nothing happens...Better buy the next volume,and hope they get together!"

But there is little to no,romantic involvement.Unless its the end of the series.And lets not forget,this is shonen,shonen has a very hard time ending.

Now that Ms.Fan Service is out of the way,its time to move onto the punching bag.The punching bag is a character that is often met at the start of the series.Or introduced in a fight,with the main protagonist.This character may even be a bit strong in the first few arcs,he can even be the reason why the main protagonist has to get stronger.However...

After Goku becomes a Super Saiyan.

After Ichigo achieves Bankai.

After Allen invokes Crown Clown.

This guy will fall behind with the rest of the fodder.And will most likely not be able to pose a threat to anyone.And they will eventually get the crap beat out of them,by the villains in the new arc.

Now we have the final member of the supporting cast,the rival.There is not really a specific way to have a good rival.
They could be a relative from a long lost planet.

The person the protagonist vows to defeat.

Or the person that dislikes the protagonist..For no reason at all..Huh

The Rival also makes a good deal of money for the show.And alot of the times,are actually more popular than the protagonist.They put all the designs that are to stupid and wacky for the main character,and put them into this guy.The Rival will often act as cool as possible.They will be put in extremely dangerous situations,that hint at them actually being stronger than the protagonist.

Then,there will be a stupid reason,for why they are not the main character.(Could you imagine how awesome the Devil May Cry anime would be,if Vergil was the protagonist?!)

3.The Plotlines are very formuliac: There will be ALOT of training arcs.Protagonist got his but kicked? No problem bro,just make them train.There is little to no need,for logical training.You can have them sit down,think about stupid crap,and they will be strong enough to cut down enemies.Even better,they will have a battle in there own mind.This can even happen when they are currently in a battle.

Another popular storyline,is the rescue arc.This baby launched Bleach into the big three.

Now,lets see what the rescue arc is about.First of all,the character that is captured,is usually a character that provides emotional support for the protagonist.They can also just have giant boobies.

There is also the tournament arc.And in case you have not noticed by now,nobody wins the tournament arc! It's always stopped by something.

4.The Art and character design: Allow me to explain to you,what i think good character art is.A memorable design,is all about using the love of the medium.While also taking inspiration from other characters,to make your own,and unique blend of art...

Or you can easily copy a character.Who cares.

In terms of design for a character,it's all about the face,and the hair.
Natsu's grin.

Ichigo's Scowl

Rin's adorable smile,that makes the fangirls go "AWWW"

All design choices,will be based on the characters personalities.Or they will just have spiky hair,and sharp eyes.As we all know that's what all the kids love.

5.People will almost always yell out there attacks: Sort of a staple in the medium at this point.A character will almost always yell out there attack,and the opponent will not do anything to dodge it..At all.I feel the need for a montage.

This trope all started,when anime was aimed at a much younger audience.You see,The tradition began with Mazinger Z, which is considered the first Super Robot anime. The producers of the show felt that if the main character, Kouji Kabuto, shouted out the attack names each time the mecha did them, then it would give the target viewers, who were aged around 3 to 10 at the time, the ability to literally join along in the fun.

The logic behind this is if the kids were to directly interact with a show they already liked, then they'd like it even more and would stick with the show in the long run. Needless to say, the strategy worked, and literally all other mecha anime in the 70's (sans First Gundam in late, late '79) copied the trend.

Thus, the tradition was born and still anime shows, regardless of whether they are mecha themed or not, use it, regardless of their target audience.

And we are done.I am sure there are alot more tropes i could pick out,but i feel like i have done enough.Anyhow,see yah next time.

Oh yes,this is what i will be talking about next..If you love Titan,(Note: I said love,not like) you will not like the next thread...

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