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04-20-21 08:51 AM
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relinquish022's Profile

relinquish022 is Offline

  Proud Otaku.The Waifu Commander.The Revived Pokemon Reviewer
Real Name: I have many names,in many,many languages
Location: Inside the earths core.Biding my time,until i take it over..
Age: 36 (02-03-85)  Gender: Male
Registered: 06-29-13 05:41 PM (2851 days ago)
Posts: 470  Threads: 243
Post Words: 254,542 (542 word avg)
Viz: 202,686    Contribution Points: 2,248
Post Rating: 33   Trust Points: 1
Level: 43    Experience: 544118
Next Level: +20928 Exp    Per Post: 1736 Exp
Last Activity: 05-24-17 01:43 PM
  Viewing Pokemon Shiny Gold (GBA)
Last Post: 05-30-15 10:54 AM
  Pokemon Review: Arceus


Hmm..What can i say about myself,to give people a good 1st impression..? Well,perhaps not talking to myself would be a good start.

Anyhow,heya! I go by the name Relinquish round these parts,as its my favorite Yu-Gi-Oh Card,and i enjoy the way it rolls off the tongue.

Basically what i do is write about anime and manga in those forums,i try making a very long thread of discussions every 1-2 weeks,along with a occasional top 5 list,and 20 fun facts.

I'm a fan of anime,manga,and while i used to be into comics along time ago,i'm not quite caught up to them anymore.

Another thing to point out is that the age you see somewhere on my profile is wrong,as i messed up when creating the account.I'm actually 23(Yeah i know,confusing.)...Yep,i'm sort of an idiot.

I'm also a fan of card games,and chess.I'm very fond of Kaiju monsters,along with collecting anime,and manga merchandise.

I used to do reviews of pokemon along time ago on the site,but i grew tired of it.You can still find them in the Pokemon forum archives somewhere.

That's basically it.Thanks for taking the time to read i suppose.

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