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01-19-20 09:57 PM

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07-18-14 10:57 AM
07-18-14 01:42 PM

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Super Mario Galaxy 2 Review! Also my first Review!

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07-18-14 10:57 AM
greenluigi is Offline
Link | ID: 1052089 | 1710 Words

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Super Mario Galaxy 2 review! It is also my first review ever! A review is of course long, so I'll make it long ! Let's get started and how I got the game!

March 8 2011, when I came back home from school, my parents gave me a birthday present because it was the same day that it was my birthday! I opened it and it was Super Mario Galaxy 2! I was so happy that I played it the entire day that time! Now let's begin about the game!

Sound: 9- I have to say for the sound, they are really good! I love the sounds in the game, they are quite impressive. The Boss Battles in the game, I had to say that Nintendo 'could' make it better. Well some Boss Battles (Per example Bowser) are different. I really love Bowser's theme when you battle him. Now let's talk about the music in levels. (I'm saying levels because I don't want to reveal a spoiler) Some of them are good. Why I say that 'some' of them are good? Well it's simple, because it might be epic (Obviously XD), they might be weird (I love weird musics and songs lol.), they are like acrobatic themes. Well let me say why I say 'some' of them are bad. It's simple too. Because they are not imperssive, they are boring, they are weird (Well, some weird musics are cool. Some of them are just... WEIRD XD), some bad musics are not fun, they might creepy. Okay, I'm done talking about the Sound in the game. Let's talk about the Graphics!

Graphics: 10- Okay, ever since Nintendo made the gamecube, the graphics of Mario, Donkey Kong, Zelda etc... they have really really got better. Mario's graphics are close the same since now in our time, 2014. Well in 2014, Mario changed a bit, he just became more colorful that's all. Now let's talk about the graphics in Super Mario Galaxy 2! I'll give it a 10 because, I find some artworks of certain characters colorful. Mario's artwork in SMG2 is not so colorful because his overalls are a bit darker. You might notice that in the time 2010 and the early times and you will see what I mean. But... why I would give the game's graphics a 10? You'll find out right NOW! I give the game's graphics a 10 because some character are very colorful. The game's maps's graphics are really good. Another reason why I give the game's graphics a 10 because when you battle Bosses, the graphics are excellent. Another reason too it's because it's in 3D. Well, fans are really enjoying 3D Mario games since Super Mario 64, Mario's first 3D game. Now that's what I have to say about the game's graphics! Well the only thing I dislike is Mario's overalls. They are a bit dark. Well per example in Super Mario 3D World, Mario's overalls are not dark, but colorful. Well I won't blame Nintendo made Mario's overalls a bit dark in the early years because there wasn't like the 3DS, WII U and the other HD things. But, SMG2 was made in 2010, the same year of the 3DS. That means Mario's graphics and artwork have DEFINITELY got much better. Well here's what I have to say about the graphics! Let's talk about the Addictiveness!

Addictiveness: 8- Okay, ever since I beat the game (well when I beat the final boss for the very very very first time) I unlocked a special word. You needed bunch of things. So I got bored. But later, I said to myself "The adventure didn't end yet, I need more Power Stars! I must return to my file!" I continued to collect remaining Power Stars and I finished the Special World. After I beat the game more than 100%, I said that I really enjoyed this game. Recently, I made a new file to make a new adventure. Before the new file, what I was doing with the game? Well that's good question, I was repeating some galaxies cause some of them were fun, or I do my favorite Galaxy in the Special World, where you fight bunch of bosses. I was really having fun to battle bunch of bosses! Those bosses appeared in the prequel of the game, SMG. Then I said to myself "Wow. the sequel is much better." Well I don't say the sequel is much better because it's the sequel (Many people think that) Because it's more fun, better new items. Oh and I played its prequel, it is also really fun! I must say that I'm more addicted in its sequel. I'm still addicted on this game to re fight the bosses ! As you may know,  SMG2 is one of my favorite Mario games. Sorry, I didn't talk much about my addictiveness, so I'll talk about its Story!

Story: 9- Now now, every fans knows that the beginning is similar to its prequel, except Kamek uses his magic to blast Mario in Galaxy 1. Well there is a difference in the two games's stories. I'll talk the story about SMG2 since this review it's about SMG2, not SMG. Well the story is creative, I love it and it's really funny too! But... why I gave it a 9 and why not a 10? You'll find out now! I expected in its sequel that there will be something really different than its prequel. I got a bit upset when it's revealed that "OH MY GOD!! BOWSER STOLE THE POWER STARS AND KIDNAPPED PEACH AGAIN !!! QUICK MARIO!!! GET OUR POWER STARS AND SAVE PEACH AGAIN!!!" I wanted something different like I said. The Power Stars could have a role more interesting than its prequel. But, in some galaxies, you get Power Stars in a fun way more than SMG. I'm not saying that I hate SMG2's story, I'm saying that it is the 'same or nearly the same story'. You know why? Well take in example in Super Mario 64, you arrive in the castle but suddenly Bowser kidnaps Peach. Well Bowser kidnaps Peach over and over and over. He will never give up. (Well check my few lost of interest in Mario thread.) It never gets old. Well there IS something weird in SMG2. It's like Mario met Young Master Luma for the very first time. They met each other in its prequel. That's what I have to say for its story! Let's talk about its Depths!

Depths: 10- I'll give it immediately a 10. All fans must give it a 10 I guess. Why? Well first of all, they are more power stars than its prequel. They are a total of 242 stars in SMG2 and 120 in SMG. It took me... nearly 6 months to beat the game? Well if someone says "Yay I beat the game finally! It was so easy!" Well they are wrong. You must know that in most of the games like per example the legend of zelda the wind waker, there is a second quest. Every time when you beat a game, try to beat its second quest or its special world! You also must know that after the game, it gets much more harder so it took me loonnnnng enough to collect EVERY single Power Stars. Trust me, the game is quite long to beat. (well really 100% to beat) Well let me share you a sad fact. I collected the 242 stars on November 30 2012, the same day my great grandma died . See, I have a strong memory. The game is quite long as I said, when you play it for the very very very first time, you will see that it will take you more than one day or month to beat. Perhaps I exaggered a bit. But what I mean is, the game is really long to beat. Well to collect the 242 stars of course. It is definetly long the game so it is a 10, really. Let's talk now about its Difficulty!

Difficulty: 6- Now the weird fact is, how come I can give its Depths a 10 and its Difficulty a 6? Well it is really simple. You must know that some video games are easy to beat, some of them are hard. Well the thing you must known is, some games are easy to beat but, it takes a while to beat its game. Some games are hard to beat, but it takes short amount of time to beat (I don't think there is a game like this XD). Well your main objective in the game is quite simple, visit each galaxy, collect Power Stars to access more Galaxies, help people that lives in a galaxy to get good rewards like a Power Star per example! Stomp on enemies, jump and beat Bowser's minions! When you beat a boss in a castle, you unlock a new world. How far you are in the game, it makes it harder I guess! Trust me guys, the game is not that hard but it takes a long time to beat. Like can you collect every single Power Stars in one day? I don't think so EXCEPT, if someone does hacks, or if someone does a long walkthrough it is just simple. Now for the final thing for my review, the overall!

Overall: 10- For the whole thing, it is a 10/10! I play the game and it reminds me of Nostalgia! I suggest you guys to buy the game, play it and you will see how fun it is! I'm just suggesting you guys. I'm saying SMG2, a Mario Fan must play it. I expected a SMG3 to show up in E3 but it didn't . Well back to the game, long jump, you must wonder in galaxies, learn new techniques, earn a Power Star in a funny way! SMG2 is really a good game. Well that's for my first review! Hope you like it! If someone read the whole thing, thank you! Oh and if it's a bit short, don't blame me, it is my very first review! Hope you like it! Hope I make more reviews in the future! Tell me what you think .
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07-18-14 11:31 AM
sonicthehedgehog57 is Offline
Link | ID: 1052109 | 234 Words

Level: 65

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greenluigi : That was a pretty good review Green, only thing I would suggest is taking out a few words since they seem like repeats for ex: 

gave me a birthday present because it was the same day that it was my birthday! Well to be honest if it's your birthday xD I think they'd give you the gift x3 so it sounds like a repeat or unneeded sentence. 

I have to say for the sound, they are really good! I love the sounds in the game, they are quite impressive. <-- the second line in here also seems like a repeat to me, probably should change that if you plan on doing another review in the future

The final thing I'd like to say is if the game shares the same story as before (good or otherwise) I even if it like it alot would bump it down at least to a 7 or 8 notch in scoring. But that's just my opinion

You did a good job for being your first review and don't worry you'll get the hand of these things I mentioned above soon ^-^ plus you're only 12 so the fact you can at least do this much is great to see (more than I could've done at that age XD) Keep up the good work and hopefully I'll see your work sometime again soon ^.^!
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07-18-14 12:16 PM
Pacman+Mariofan is Offline
Link | ID: 1052130 | 66 Words

Level: 149

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This is the biggest non-plagiarized first review I've ever seen! You provided an amazing amount of detail! Next time, I suggest you don't give the overall category a 10 if you didn't rate all of the other categories a 10 and don't repeat things unless you need to do that to add more detail in a category. I'm looking forward to seeing your next review!
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Mark 9:23

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07-18-14 01:07 PM
juuldude is Offline
Link | ID: 1052172 | 32 Words

Level: 110

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This is a good review for your first review man, I really liked it! Like the others said, try not to repeat things to much but other than that, it's very good!
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07-18-14 01:42 PM
MattyIce is Offline
Link | ID: 1052190 | 136 Words

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Great review! You provided in-depth analysis for every part of the game. However, in my opinion, I don't ever give a game a 10. Like if you check out my Tecmo Super Bowl review, I explain that no game out there is absolutely perfect. Every games has its pros and cons. With that said, I gave it a 9.9.

If I have to give you advice in your next review, I'll be like everyone else in this thread and say to watch out for repetitiveness. I noticed that in each category, you're ending with "Lets talk about this next." In the future, try and think of something creative, or find some way to change it up a little bit.

But its very impressive for this being your first review! Your off to a very strong start!
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