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Random Story - Chapter 6: On The Search for Crash Bandicoot

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12-21-13 07:33 PM
VideogamemanX is Offline
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As the gang arrive to Wumpa Island they then knock on Crash's door
Coco - Hello there...
tRIUNE - He is back...
Coco - Who is back mister?
Davideo7 - Cortex...
Coco - Oh my! Its not true!
Aku Aku - Did I just hear Cortex is at it again?
Coco - Yes these 3 mysterious men told me
Aku Aku - Come in...
Geeogree - Thanks
As they enter Crash's house they then sit down on the carpet and then Aku Aku begins to discuss their plan to strike against Cortex
Aku Aku - Crash your our only hope...
Crash - .... ..... ....
tRIUNE - He can't talk right?
Aku Aku - Sadly...
Davideo7 - Here wear this on your neck Crash *Hands a necklace to Crash*
Crash - Is it working?
Crash - Well duh... All I needed was this weird necklace
Aku Aku - How can we ever thank you?
Davideo7 - Don't thank me yet we have a world to save
Aku Aku - Right! Lets get training to defeat Cortex easier
As they train meanwhile Ghozt examines the ZYXV Orb....
Ghozt - The orb seems to be in perfect condition...
Cortex - Is that good?
Ghozt - Technically yes...
Cortex - So what do we do?
Ghozt - We have to program the stupid thing
Cortex - Ok... Wait a programmable orb? SINCE WHEN?
Ghozt - I don't know since maybe prehistory?
Cortex - Hahahha good one!
Nina - Uncle enough with your laughing and lets get working
Cortex - Nina evil needs to have a little laugh once in a while
Nina - Ok whatever... So how do we program it?
Ghozt - Well you need hypnosis and a computer and the only guy with hypnosis is N-Trance...
N-Trance - That is right master...
Ghozt - Well now shall we begin?
N-Trance - Yes! *Hypnotizes ZYXV Orb* Alright do what you have to do Ghozt...
Ghozt - *Programs ZYXV Orb on computer* Done we officially now have control of Vizzed now we are ready to make this plan more interesting... MWAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA! N-Gin!
N-Gin - What is it my lord?
Ghozt - Go destroy those fools of tRIUNE, Davideo7, and Geeogree it appears they have teamed up with Crash and his friends and now are ready to strike back at us... *looks at computer screen* Their location is Wumpa Island
End of Chapter 6

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