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12-15-19 06:37 AM

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09-17-13 08:36 PM
10-03-13 02:49 PM

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Is a "wrong" act acceptable if no one ever finds out?


09-17-13 08:36 PM
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Here I go with another philosophical question...

I actually do not know what to say about this...many people define a "wrong action" as an action that  negatively affects others in the short term and long term, bringing upon chaos (small or large turmoil) to the public. 

I guess you can take swearing as an example. You swear around other people, they are going to look upon you as a bad person. You swear in the woods, there is no one to judge your actions and make an outcome. This example here is more opinionated. Many people view swearing as wrong (I do at least) or "not right", while others swear all the time and could not give a hoot about what swearing means to other people.

But then again, murdering someone in public and murdering someone somewhere secluded is wrong, seeing how murder is universally immoral and just not right.

If I go on my viewpoint, I know that God knows our every thoughts, actions, you name it, so therefore you cannot hide anything you do from Him.
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09-17-13 08:39 PM
tgags123 is Offline
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I have to say no. The act is what is wrong. So it doesn't matter if someone finds out or not, the act is still wrong.
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09-17-13 08:51 PM
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Sidewinder : Whatever we consider as "wrong" is simply because that's what was imposed to us by society general idea. Let's pretend for a second we are irrational beings, which is, we aren't capable of combining words to form a linear thought in our heads, that means we will mainly act by instinct like other animals. That being said animals acting by instinct don't kill one of their own kind for random reasons, they do mainly for territory dispute or prey. There is always a reason for their action, they won't exterminate one another just for their own enjoyment like some of us humans are capable of. We humans are the one and only species capable of dribbling our instincts by our own rational thoughts, and somehow we manage to be much more of treat to everything around us, including ourselves. So yeah, if taking instincts on account I would say it would be rational to kill someone only if he is a real treat to you.
It's a secret to everybody.

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(edited by LucasMull on 09-17-13 08:52 PM)    

09-17-13 10:46 PM
SacredShadow is Offline
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Yeah I concur with tgags123, if you do something wrong and no one finds out, it is still wrong, regardless if they find out, it is still wrong. Rather than complicate the issue or start an issue, it doesn't matter if they find out, you will have to live with that guilt of knowing you did something wrong but nobody else knows about it. I say it is just best to come clean, nothing is worse than hiding it from someone, and then waking up every day and living every moment with the intolerable guilt that you have done something wrong that no one else knows about. So it is still wrong and you suffer from the guilt of knowing that.

This is what separates us from other formsof life, like animals for instance, they kill for purpose, just about everything they do, they do it for a reason, either to live, thrive or produce, they almost always have a purpose in everything they do. Like prey for instance, they kill it and eat it to survive, whereas humans could kill someone for various reasons, hatred, greed, dislike, for revenge, society, etc. all these things drive us into following through with these actions. So there is your difrerence and this is what ultimately seperates us, and drives us to do wrong things and then hide them from others, as we suffer the ultimate price of living with our own guilt.
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09-18-13 04:58 PM
Brigand is Offline
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No. Never.

But if nobody will ever notices it no-one will ever care.
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09-19-13 07:05 PM
thenumberone is Offline
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If you think its wrong then getting caught isnt the point. You know its not acceptable.
You will feel guilty about it so you never really got away with it. If you dont feel guilty you dont see it as wrong.
What is acceptable has 2 points. Whats acceptable to you, and whats acceptable to society.
Predominately the later influences the former. That is what a society does.
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09-27-13 05:23 PM
Uzar is Offline
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I agree with most of the people here. If you do something wrong then you did something wrong. Sure you may never get caught or have consequences. But you will still have to live with the fact you did it. But not everyone has the same morals so what can be considered right and wrong varies. But still, we can agree there are some universal morals like Stealing, and Murder.
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I wonder what the character limit on this thing is.

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09-27-13 06:17 PM
retropokemon is Offline
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Well just because nobody knows doesn't make it acceptable depending on what it is
Then at that point who cares either way
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09-27-13 07:06 PM
Brigand is Offline
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A user of this :
Well I personally think there is a big difference between stealing and murder. I might take something of yours but whatever it is, it is not as valuable as your life. Your materials you can always get back but once you are gone, you stay gone.

Also stealing is not so black and white either.  Is it the same  if you swindle huge amounts of money from ordinary people and you get away with it because you are from a respected bank and you have your government in your pocket or if you are just hungry and want something to eat which you know nobody would even miss?
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09-27-13 07:12 PM
Singelli is Offline
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A wrong act is never acceptable. I think it's a little sad that people seem to have the logic "If I never get caught, it's perfectly okay!" -Nothing- could be farther from the truth. I think that people who tend to feel this way must not have a lot of respect for themselves, or very little pride. They might be arrogant instead, and mistake this for a sense of pride. After all, .... the fact that someone can think it's okay to do wrong as long as they don't get caught... clearly displays a very self-entitled attitude. It's an idea of being -above- the concept of right or wrong, and the definition of 'good' or 'bad' then becomes dependent on a very small variable: the presence of others.

What do we as a society come to if we allow another's presence to define good or bad? Wouldn't the definition of right and wrong change depending on who you were with? Or is there some kind of inherent agreement that certain things are wrong no matter who the company is? If this latter case is true, then why even base your sense of morality on the knowledge of others?

I'm probably not making any sense, but I definitely don't think it's okay to do something wrong just because someone won't know about it. There are many times even in the month that I've come back, where people have said "Just break this rule. Nobody will notice or care, and everyone else does it. Nobody even thinks of it as being a broken rule." As I've told those few people... I could care less who knows or doesn't know. I'd rather respect the laws as they're laid down. Someone thought they were important enough to make.
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(edited by Singelli on 09-27-13 07:13 PM)    

09-27-13 11:31 PM
bvd1022 is Offline
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Sidewinder :

I don’t know necessarily if a wrong action is acceptable in some ways if no one knows. For most people, they know what is right and what is wrong. We all as human beings make mistakes that when we think about those mistakes in reflection, we wish we could have a do over with. I know that I have made mistakes in my life and choices that I wish years later that I could’ve made better choices.

I do think though that mistakes and wrongs can be used in such a way that can make a person better simply by learning from those mistakes and choices. It may seem very sentimental and philosophical, but that is how I feel. I often say that if one were to show me a person who has had a relatively perfect life, who has not made any mistakes in their life or, choices that they wish later on that they didn’t make and I’ll show you a liar. No matter if a person is successful and well-off, everyone makes mistakes.

I do not know if a mistake or a wrong is acceptable if no one is around, but I guess it boils down to whatever situation a person is dealing with at the time.
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10-03-13 11:36 AM
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When doing something wrong, you need to come clean on it no matter how hard it is....this will help you more in the future not to make decisions like this again. And its not right for people to hide what the did *wrong* that will continue to grow, and grow until it consumes you and before you know it have lost yourself and your personality. You will be like living as someone else. So before it gets worse for yourself its better to talk it out with someone who knows you well. And that will be a big relief for you...
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10-03-13 02:49 PM
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Doing a wrong act even without anyone knowing is still wrong because someone is going to know it sometime in the future, nether if it's like the next minute or 10 years from not, 99.9% chance they're find out at some point, especially when you least expect it.
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