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Questions I'd like answered...
About programing and how you learned to do so.
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03-07-09 05:05 AM
Dragon master
03-07-09 05:19 AM

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Questions I'd like answered...


03-07-09 05:05 AM
d1337head is Offline
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In High school I never really had a solid opportunity to learn how to program, though I wanted to, and college was just as dubious opportunity wise. I was wondering how everyone here was first introduced to programing, and when/by what means did you feel you started to really understand how to program something.

Some examples I'm looking for are books that where helpful, what languages are good for what (if that is a relevant issue) and maybe some comparison as to the speed of picking up a book and learning how would be when compared to just experimenting.

I reali2e that it would be different for everyone; I just want to hear YOUR experiences in learning how to program.

Affected by 'Laziness Syndrome'

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03-07-09 05:19 AM
Dragon master is Offline
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Let's see, my first experience was f***ing around with an acmlm board (It's the board system we use) but that wasn't really serious.

Now I'm going Programming A (Easiest course) in school and it helps a little. I'm gonna go Programming B too, no idea if I'll keep it up afterwards.
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"JigSaw and myself have come to the conclusion that the reddit site sucks. They're also incredibly rude, very liberal and die hard athiests."

THAT sounds like my cue! :3

Affected by 'Laziness Syndrome'

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