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12-08-19 11:32 PM

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hi plz
im new
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07-26-12 12:28 PM
07-27-12 02:12 PM

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hi plz


07-26-12 12:28 PM
late38 is Offline
Link | ID: 624322 | 7 Words

Level: 13

POSTS: 1/33
LVL EXP: 10046
CP: 163.0
VIZ: 11149

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hello new and old people of vizzed
I haven't been in here in ages.

Affected by 'Laziness Syndrome'

Registered: 03-31-12
Location: Georgia
Last Post: 610 days
Last Active: 60 days

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07-26-12 02:05 PM
MetalBlade112 is Offline
Link | ID: 624346 | 13 Words

Level: 4

POSTS: 1/2
LVL EXP: 147
CP: 78.0
VIZ: 16038

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Hi, I am relatively new here, and this is my first post, so....

Affected by 'Laziness Syndrome'

Registered: 06-20-12
Last Post: 2625 days
Last Active: 1728 days

07-26-12 02:11 PM
brawlpro is Offline
Link | ID: 624354 | 12 Words

Level: 11

POSTS: 10/23
LVL EXP: 5730
CP: 1.1
VIZ: 116

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Keep that head up and you can be a pro at posting!
No longer used please visit brawlproV2

Affected by 'Laziness Syndrome'

Registered: 07-18-12
Location: please visit brawlproV2 this is no longer used
Last Post: 2682 days
Last Active: 1322 days

07-26-12 02:30 PM
epicpokenerd! is Offline
Link | ID: 624359 | 26 Words

Level: 54

POSTS: 563/768
POST EXP: 31514
LVL EXP: 1196621
CP: 1727.5
VIZ: 40792

Likes: 0  Dislikes: 0
Welcome to our family here at Vizzed! In due time, you could even become a staff member! If you need help, go ahead and ask me.
Vizzed Elite
Aradia Megido

Affected by 'Laziness Syndrome'

Registered: 04-13-11
Location: Heiling
Last Post: 1319 days
Last Active: 1317 days

07-26-12 05:20 PM
Seishiro Leonhart is Offline
Link | ID: 624462 | 2038 Words

Level: 93

POSTS: 808/2704
POST EXP: 194141
LVL EXP: 7886881
CP: 8259.4
VIZ: 20457

Likes: 0  Dislikes: 0
Hello late! Welcome to Vizzed Board!

I'm Seishiro Leonhart, I'm a recently hired RGR (Retro Game Room) Staff member of Vizzed, I test games around Vizzed that need to be tested.

So, what about you? What are your favorite games? How did you found out about Vizzed? What are you looking for on here?

Today is your lucky day! I've chosen you for a awesome introfuction about Vizzed!

So, let's start the introduction eh? Enjoy! (It's a bit long, but it's descriptive)

About Retro Game Room

Vizzed have a Auto Backup feature

Each day you visit the site for the first time, all of your save files that have been created or updated within the past week get backed up automatically. If a save file gets corrupted or lost in any way, you can always use the 'Save File Manager' to recover your save files.

If in case, your controls don't work for the games

If you're using Internet Explorer, there's a good chance that the RGR (Retro Game Room) Plugin isn't detecting your keyboard keys due to IE's protection.

The possible solutions are:

1. Use a PC Controller; this will bypass the IE protection
2. Add as a Trusted Site to IE (more info on the IE Protected Mode page)
3. Disable IE Protected mode or Add as a trusted site (more info on the IE Protected Mode page)
4. Use a different Internet Browser; Vizzed recommends Firefox

About Internet browser support

Java Emulators should work in any Internet browser, just make sure the Internet browser supports Java, and Java is updated.

RGR (Retro Game Room) Plugin

RGR Plugin is supported on the Internet browsers:

Firefox 3+ (The most recommended)
Internet Explorer 7+
Google Chrome and
(these are the Internet browsers that Vizzed tested, but other web browsers may work)

Operating System Support


Java emulators should work on any Operating System, just make sure it supports Java and Java is updated.

RGR Plugin

In order to use the RGR plugin, you will require one of the following Operational Systems:

Windows 7
Windows Vista
Windows XP
Please note that the plugin may require your operational system to be updated.

You can play Vizzed games with a PC controller!

RGR Plugin

All of the RGR Plugin games are compatible with a PC Controller without any additional addons or plugins. The instructions on how to change the controls vary depending on the system but for all of them, you'll want to go into the menu (instructions on how to get there are on the RGR Plugin frame) and than usually you'll want to go to input. Once you find the page with the controls, usually you'll want to click the box with the control you want to change and than press the Controller button to assign that Controller button to that control.
If you plugged in your controller AFTER starting up the game, the RGR Plugin will probably not recognize the controller so you'll have to close out of the window and open it back up.
Note that you'll have to manually change the PC Controller controls for each system.

Java Emulators

You can find thorough instructions on how to play the Java Emulator games using a PC Controller here:

If Vizzed RGR Plugin is not found.

Do these steps in order, after doing a step, try playing a game with the plugin, if it still don't work, move to the next step.

1. Restart your Internet Browser; simply close out of it and open it back up
2. Uninstall and than Reinstall the Vizzed RGR Plugin
3. Try restarting your computer
4. Make sure not to load the applet in both IE and FF, if you previously loaded it in one, you may have to close that browser before trying to load it in another
5. Be sure you have the most recent version of Vizzed RGR Plugin
6. Try a different game (might just be the game)
7. Try using a different Internet browser, your current may not be supported
8. Be sure your computer is up to date

If Save stating don't work.

If a save state fails to load, either it didn't save properly or your connection to the server timed out which means you'll want to try it again.
When a Save State is successful at saving, you'll get a message saying so at the bottom of the RGR Plugin window. If you get a message saying that it wasn't successful, try saving it again.

Saving games

Vizzed allows you to save your game progress, the first step you done, which is register and become a member of Vizzed.

You can save state your game by pressing the F2 button on your keyboard, and to load press F4, but you can also save directly in the game, if you go to a Save Point and save your progress, Vizzed will store on your computer your save data, and when you play the game again your save will be there. For further explanation on how to save on the emulators can be found here.. (Clicking this link will open a new window or tab, if you're using for example, Firefox web browser).

Vizzed Board Forums

You should hang out on the forums, sometimes you can receive a lot of Viz (Site Currency), and maybe, if you make enough good posts, you can earn TP (Trust Points); There is a lot of interesting forums that would like to hear your opinion about something, or forum games for you to play, they can be interesting to read and cool to post! Don't worry about people trying to humiliate you or something when you share your opinion, if someone dares to do this, simply click the red Report Abuse button on top of the post and select the kind of trouble the user is causing, and they will suffer the proper consequences, being one of them the mighty BAN HAMMER, but if YOU do that YOU will suffer the consequences of the BAN HAMMER.

TP means Trust Points, Trust Points indicates how trustful the user is, getting 10 TP will turn you into a Trusted Member, but if you fall below a certain amount of TP (Which apparently is 5) you will be turned back into a Normal Member; Becoming Trusted will give you certain advantages, which you can find out about it in the Help Center.

You may notice a 'Syndrome' on your posts, they indicate how much you posted on 24 hours, here they are:

Affected by 'Laziness' - 0 posts
Affected by 'Carpal Tunnel Syndrome' - 1 post
Affected by 'Trooperness' - 5 posts
Affected by '1/35th Vizzed Syndrome' - 25 posts
Affected by 'Trooperness A+' - 75 posts
Affected by 'Official Post Spree Syndrome' - 100 posts
Affected by 'Ravering Syndrome' - 150 posts
Affected by 'Ravering Syndrome+' - 200 posts
Affected by 'Veneeval Syndrome' - 300 posts
Affected by 'Veneeval Syndrome+' - 350 posts - Only a few ever reached this level, NO ONE EVER MADE A HIGHER LEVEL THAN THIS, think you can?
Affected by 'Yahmonners Syndrome' - ? Posts
Affected by 'Lucky 777 Syndrome' - 777 posts
And Affected by 'VIZZED Syndrome' - 875 posts

In order to try to get a good syndrome, and even while posting normally on Vizzed, follow these basic rules.

1. Follow board and forum rules.
2. Respect Staff Members.
3. Use proper grammar and try to avoid using abbreviations.
4. Proof read your posts before sending, so it can be possible to read it and make sense, simply click Spell Check before making a post, you also gain 5 Viz for Spell checking your post (You can only get 5 Viz for Spell Checking 10 times a day, 5 x 10 = 50 Viz per day)
5. Respect Vizzed members, if you're nice enough to people around Vizzed, you may get Trust Points.
6. Avoid spamming and flaming.
7. Insult a video game, game system or movie without a good and intellectual reason.
8. If you lose your password, don't create another account, just send an e-mail for a password recovery.
9. Do NOT post ads on the board, the only place you can post ads is in the Web Splurge forum.
10. Don't ask for a Staff position, Davideo7 (the site owner) will always reject it, the only way to become a Staff member is by sending an apply when Davideo7 announces that he is hiring new people.
11. Don't try to hack Vizzed, if people get you trying to hack the board, you're going to be IP banned from this site for all eternity!
12. Do not post porn or images containing nudity, never; Vizzed is a family friendly site, if you post these things you're also going to be IP banned permanently.
13. Do not feed flaming! If you find someone who is flaming, don't flame back or make it worst, simply contact a Staff member, they will come and do the appropriate actions.

TdV, means Tour de Vizzed, it's a Vizzed event that happens every 3 months, the Tour de Vizzed is about who can post best, and get a cool look for your username.

The Tour de Vizzed consists of 4 different Jerseys (for now), being them Yellow, Blue, Red and Green and 2 banners, being them the white banner and the rainbow banner.

Jerseys are special details that will appear on your username if you win them, if you win a jersey, the color of the jersey(s) won will become your username background.

Banners are special details that will appear in your username if you are winning or won a Tour de Vizzed competition, if you win a banner, your username text will change, turning to either white or rainbow colored.

These are the jerseys for the Tour de Vizzed (Actually; apparently the Jerseys will change soon).

Yellow Jersey: Who can post the most words during a whole day
Blue Jersey: Who can make the most posts during a whole day
Red Jersey: Who can make teh biggest post during a whole day
Green Jersey: Who can make the most posts with more than 30 words in 1 hour, if you fail to get the amount of posts you wanted, you can try again on the same day.

If you win a Jersey one day, you will 'wear' that (these) Jersey(s) for the entire day, if you are the TdV winner of that Jersey, you can 'wear' it for the following entire month.

These are the banners for the Tour de Vizzed.

White banner: Who are winning or won a New User Tour de Vizzed, can only be obtained when the user is a new user, like the name suggests; In order to get this banner you must have been a member of Vizzed up to 3 months.
Rainbow banner: Who are winning or won the Tour de Vizzed, can be obtained by everybody, in order to get this banner you must be winning or win a Tour de Vizzed

These things may look cool but pay attention, the moderators will be watching your movements, if you post much spam, or something like that you will be DQ'd (Disqualified), you may happen to get a Jersey, but you won't receive any points.

Just make sure you remember that if you ever need help with something or have a problem or trouble around Vizzed, make sure you click the Staff link on top of the page, from there, you can send a PM (Private Message) to the System User that fits in your kind of problem or needs. And make sure you check out the Help Center link on top of the page too, that page contains important and useful tips about Vizzed, which some of them I commented here.

Feel free to add me as friend, simply click my username (on the left of this post) then you can go to my profile, from there you can add me as friend.

That's all from me, enjoy Vizzed and I hope you hang out on here for a long time!

MetalBlade112 : Why don't you create your oen thread? So everybody can go, read and reply to it?
Vizzed Elite

Affected by 'Laziness Syndrome'

Registered: 04-28-11
Last Post: 1132 days
Last Active: 120 days

07-27-12 02:12 PM
late38 is Offline
Link | ID: 624856 | 26 Words

Level: 13

POSTS: 2/33
LVL EXP: 10046
CP: 163.0
VIZ: 11149

Likes: 0  Dislikes: 0
thank you every one for being so kind to the new people (and trust me I know some people that are real jerks) so thank you
I haven't been in here in ages.

Affected by 'Laziness Syndrome'

Registered: 03-31-12
Location: Georgia
Last Post: 610 days
Last Active: 60 days