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04-26-19 07:00 AM

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02-09-19 04:34 AM
04-15-19 11:47 PM

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What would you do with 20,000 dollars?


02-09-19 04:34 AM
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I don't like bragging (I am quite puzzled when I think about this), but yesterday, I received 20,000 dollars as part of a grant for people with disabilities. Regardless of the situation, I must honestly say that I am quite confused with what to do with it aside from paying off my student loan fee for a number of reasons (I hardly spend at all so I wouldn't know what to do with most of it other than invest). Hypothetically, if for any reason, you got a hold of this amount of money, what would you do with it and why? (I could give more information about my current situation if asked). Thank you for your invaluable information, my friends.  
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02-09-19 09:05 AM
JigSaw is Offline
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Your best bet is to send the money to me via cashiers check. This is a good investment because I could really use that 20 grand. Thank you in advance

Seriously though, this depends on if you are able to work. If you come to realize after college that you are too disabled to work you can get your loans discharged for free and you won't have to pay a dime back.

I don't know your financial situation so it is hard to suggest what to use the money for.

The good thing about paying off the loans with it is you'd kill of any interest that occurs over time with them so you'd be saving money.

If you are disabled and are on disability the last place you should put that money is in a bank account. So either hide it or rid of it if you are. If you are not on disability then you got nothing to worry about except maybe the IRS or creditors trying to take it.

If it were me I'd use it for living expenses. But your situation may be different so it is up to you.
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02-09-19 09:57 AM
Divine Aurora is Offline
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Divine Aurora
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Look into a savings account and compound interest saving to build wealth, put about 10,000 of that money up into a savings account that earns interest on the money that sits in the account, then invest the money into property like houses and townhouse become a landlord and let the money work for you..thats what I'd do with $20,000..ironically i'm currently waiting for settlement on my inheritance from my grandparents so this is my plan of action when my money clears...
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02-09-19 10:53 AM
Sword Legion is Offline
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Want to take some risky advice?


It's seriously undervalued right now, and as we speak, several of the big players--mega corporations--are attempting to get their hands into cyrpto currencies. Just because they are so large, and creating ETFS for the product, the value of Bitcoin will probably get close to 20k like it was last year. This might take eighteen months to accomplish though.

If you want a less risky option. . . invest in Marijuana stocks. Me and my dad play the market and we shot for 5% exponential growth every week. The market is pretty safe at the moment, and as more US states make it legal. I don't think I can legally give you out the twelve we're watching though due to. . . agreements. . . . I sure can tell you want commodity to watch though.

Not sure if the stock market is your sort of thing. It's not the most conservative option, but I love it. It's great you got that money though. Do whatever you feel comfortable with! I'm really happy for you Jeff! Use it wisely!
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02-09-19 09:29 PM
Davideo/ is Offline
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I would change it to a currency i could actually use


but nah i would probably spend it on helping my family out with whatever they needed... 
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02-16-19 08:06 AM
MonaRetro is Offline
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Congrats! I would party even harder lol

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03-27-19 12:54 AM
m0ssb3rg935 is Offline
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What I would do with it is very specific to my home situation. I'd help with household finances, get some tutoring and maybe look towards getting prepared to go to some kind of technical school, etc.

But more than anything, I wouldn't forget that, with cost of living steadily increasing, $20,000 is NOT a lot of money. It's certainly a sizable amount, but when you put it into the context of living off of it, you'd be hard pressed to run a household with it for even a year.

My best advice is to handle it VERY carefully because it disappears really quickly.
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04-02-19 12:03 PM
Boured is Offline
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Half in savings, half to blow on random trash, that's about it.
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04-05-19 10:08 AM
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If I had 20,000 dollars, I'd spend most of it paying off all of the debt I've managed to get myself in. Then I'd buy myself a nice computer, a new Xbox One, something really nice for my mom and a puppy because I love dogs. I'd also get something very nice for my best friend because she deserves it after putting up with my bulls*** for 5 years she really is a champion. I'd also buy something special for my wife, she's a champ for marrying me and being with me for this long. I really do love her. And I think I'd throw a couple grand to my baby sister for supporting me when I needed it the most.

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04-06-19 02:42 PM
zanderlex is Offline
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If I had that much, I would pay off my student loans. I would be able to cover those and then have a little extra to spend on whatever I want.
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04-06-19 04:42 PM
pennylessz is Offline
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I have no clue what you used it for, but I'd probably buy a couple big things, get my girlfriend a couple big things, then use the rest to pay for bills. I think it would be useful as a safety net.
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04-15-19 11:47 PM
Snodeca is Offline
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Wow the new post reply page is weird. Proves it's been a while lol.

First of all, $20,000.00 = €17,694.80 at today's rate

Uhm, I would first and foremost definitely buy a 3DS with a Capture Card so that I can properly speedrun my favourite game (Mario & Luigi: Dream Team, 5 hour speedrun). After that, probably repay my only soon-to-be-fine (or whatever it's called) I have (I accidentally bought something annually instead of monthly and they didn't offer a refund. Money went into the negative. No way to earn money so haven't been able to repay it lmao.).

After that I still have about €17,000. Repay all the stuff that might need to be repaid for school (we're poor people) and, well, assuming we have €16,500 left, all I can say is I don't know. A good computer probably, all the Mario & Luigi games + a GameCube + GameBoy Player thing for Mario & Luigi Superstar + a good capture card + glasses. Definitely a pair of glasses. I guess I'd need to get braces and fix my teeth. Transgender stuff. And I think that's about it.

Let's say that we'd have about €12,000 or something. Well, lastly, for school in the future lol. Or college, university (if I'm capable emotionally, I know I'm not right now at all....(refer back to one hour ago @me)), whatever, all the same to me.

I'd probably also donate to a couple stuff like WWF or something. Most likely a speedrunning marathon that donates to something else then (for example GDQ gets over a million and about 87% of that money goes to Doctors Without Borders)
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