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04-19-19 05:44 AM

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01-10-19 10:51 PM
Mecha Leo
01-23-19 02:13 PM

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What is your favorite set of new Pokemon?


01-10-19 10:51 PM
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What the title says. Which generation introduced the best new Pokemon according to you?

For me it would have to be generation 2 as many of my favorite Pokemon come from there, and it was the first generation I ever played.
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01-10-19 11:19 PM
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I'd probably have to say generation 3. I was torn between generation 2 and 3, but I decided to go with 3 because they released a lot of completely unique Pokemon, while generation 2 relied pretty heavily on generation 1, with baby Pokemon for example.
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01-10-19 11:57 PM
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This is a tough question for me since I like a lot of different pokemon from different generations. Although gen 5 gets a bad rep, it did introduce a lot of new pokemon, many of which are good competitively. It's also worth noting that my favorite pokemon came from gen 5. Gen 6 is also another solid choice for me as well, even though it is the smallest generation to date, it also introduced a lot of really strong and competitively viable pokemon. I think I am going to have to go with gen 6 because of how many good pokemon account for the small amount of pokemon gen 6 gave us.
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01-11-19 01:10 AM
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I think I have the unpopular opinion of loving Generation 5. Generation 4 will always be the most nostalgic to me and I'll always love it but Gen 5 had SO many new Pokemon added to the game.

Generation 5 was so different than the previous games. The aesthetic was a complete change. There was 2.5D graphics, animated sprites, huge story, they added 92 new moves to the game, etc. It was revolutionary! Generation 5 also introduced 156 more Pokemon which is bigger than Gen 1's entire Pokedex alone.

The starter line-up alone was amazing to me. I (obviously) chose Snivy. That was the best choice, but Oshawott and even Tepig were cute as hell. People give Gen 5 a bad rap because it's the game that introduced Vanillish/Vaniluxe. But look at the amazing Pokemon it introduced!

I'm talking Chandelure, Haxorus, Zoroark, Cofagrigus, Bisharp, Jellicent, and thats just off the top of my head! There's so many more cool ones. And if we're talking about the legendary Pokemon that Gen 5 added hooh. They were some of the coolest ones yet! Being able to MIX Pokemon together by fusing Kyurem with Reshiram or Zekrom was AMAZING. Like, nothing like that had been done before or done since.

And theres Genesect who is one of my favourite Pokemon of all time! Victini is probably the cutest legendary Pokemon there is. Just everything about Gen 5 was amazing. The Pokemon they added just takes the cake and makes it my favourite set of new Pokemon introduced to the franchise.. probably ever.
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01-19-19 11:20 PM
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Divine Aurora
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My favorite set of new pokemon would be Mega Scizor, Naganadel, and Diancie After that I don't really like any other "new" pokemon (new as in Pokemon from generation 6,7) to me the best set of new pokemon came from generations 3,4 and 5 with a few from generation 2 that weren't bad but over all gens 3-5 had the best new pokemon in them at the time.
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01-22-19 10:04 PM
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I know, I sound like a completely broken record about the 5th Generation of Pokemon (It's the best generation of all times, Fite me irl).

But still, I have to go with all of the Pokemon introduced in Generation V, like you got the starters that are quite amazing (I love Snivy so much), you got the the ground type croc of Krookodile, you got the the illusion fox that loves playing tricks called Zoroark, you got possibility two of the best Legendaries that the series has ever produced... Reshiram & Zekrom.

Some might want to argue that Gen V is the worst because of their creative design... Yeah, like Grimer, Muk, and Ditto are creative

Generation V... FTW!!!!
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01-23-19 02:13 PM
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Mecha Leo
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Yeh, trash and cogs, first, the trash still looks better than the non-Alolan trash you had back in the debut. Now excuse me while I go over to the SOLAR DEITY MOTH. A fricken mech golem! A psychic fetus in jelly! The most extreme rush-down ape I've ever seen! MAXIMUM AMERICA OVERDRIVE.

Although I must say, a lot of these pokemon seem like rehashes of pre-existing pokemon, which does make sense, the initial Black and White didn't have any old pokemon in the main story, you need to have a fill-in for the 700 geodudes we're missing out on, but a lot of those kinds are still welcome additions.
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