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06-19-19 04:57 PM

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12-30-18 02:19 AM
04-05-19 01:24 PM

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2019 Winter competition


03-10-19 02:35 PM
becerra95 is Offline
Link | ID: 1370448 | 157 Words

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I hate triple posting

I want to thank everyone for competing in this little tournament thingy I rushly made. Was fun was fun but now that everything has blown over... we got a winner. Undefeated Patrick Star (unless you count that 2-1 from marlonv1) but anyway as promised the prize is $50 of your choosing and as for everyone else, excluding second and third place, will have a nice $10 consolation prize for the ones who competed in it

Minuano : $20 of your choosing
Light Knight :
Poka Mocha :
Uzar :
Kiyo :
Lexatom :
King Sull : $25 of your choosing
thing1 :
gamerforlifeforever :
danielbelitch :
AuraBlaze :
Marlonv1 :
Patrick Star : $50 winner

Again, everyone gets a $10 prize unless you want to opt out. Just pm here, make a post or hit me up on discord (Ban furries 2019 #0173) for whatever you want or you don’t want to accept. Thank you once more and hopefully things will be more organized next time.
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03-17-19 02:43 PM
Marlonv1 is Offline
Link | ID: 1370540 | 52 Words

Level: 12

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CP: 994.8
VIZ: 19427

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becerra95 : I say we do it again. I'll send you info on Smash Tournament Organization and Tournament Rules. Then we will do it again. Ask the same people who participated on this and ask a few more; More and more people are joining the Vizzed Discord and you can ask there too.
Come and Play for the Fun; But Stay for the Struggle.

Affected by 'Laziness Syndrome'

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04-05-19 01:24 PM
DoctorDB is Offline
Link | ID: 1371070 | 85 Words

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becerra95 : Wow... look at this reply box. Looks like some changes have been made since I was away.

Anyway, whole house ended up needing some electrical work and I've been offline since the last time I made a "sorry" post here lol. Now I'm pretty behind on computer-related responsibilities so I'll likely still be ghost around these parts. Just wanted to update/explain the lack of participation.

And... the top of my page now says another user has "caught" me. Jeez... what's going on around here?
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