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Frequently Asked Questions

Do's and Dont's
Benefits of Registering
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Usernames and Powerlevels

Terminology and Features
I just registered, now what?
Best thing for a newbie is to introduce yourself in the Newbie forum. Start off by making a 'New Thread' and say a little about yourself and why you came here.

How do I spam?
Well first of all, Spamming is something you don't want to do. The following are examples of spam:
-An off topic post that has nothing to do with the Thread
-A short and meaningless post or thread
-Making a Thread that already exists and is still active

What is flaming?
Flaming is when you personally attack and/or insult another member. To much flame can result into being temporarily banned, and in some cases, permanantly. Refer to the Do's and Dont's page for things not to do.

Where do good threads go when they die?
When a staff member closes a Thread, he may decide it deserves to be remembered. In this case, it'll be moved to the Treasure Can

...and what about the bad ones?
Any thread that is completely pointless, out of control and/or offensive will be tossed into the Trash Can

A staff members close threads for many reasons; the following are examples:
-Thread was a duplicate to an already existing thread
-Flaming started acting up and Thread was closed to prevent a flame war
-The Thread was complete with spam
If you want a thorough explanation as to why your Thread got closed, contact a staff member. DO NOT make another Thread asking why.

Where did my Thread go?
It's possible that you might have posted the Thread into the wrong forum and a moderator placed it into the proper forum. It's also possible that it contained lots of flame and/or spam and was sent to the trash can. Contact a staff member if you still don't know where it went.

Mmmm, cookies...wait, what are these cookies?
Well the cookies used on this board store your login information so that you can stay logged into the site. If you have cookies disabled, you can still use the site, but you just need to enter in your username and password everytime you post; you also lose access to many features. So whenever possible, keep your cookies enabled.

Can I surf the board using a mobile phone?
With most internet supported phones, yes.

What are post layouts?
By editing your layout, you can make a post layout using HTML in the header and signature of your layout! Please, do not attempt this if you don't know html! Post layouts that contain hard-to-read text, are bigger than 50 kb, and/or take up a lot of space will be deleted. Also, there are a few post layouts you can choose from to use as your own.

What is Level and EXP, and how do I get more EXP?
EXP is calculated from your amount of posts and how long it's been since you registered. Level is calculated from EXP. You gain increasing amounts of EXP by posting, and by being registered longer.

Is there a rule on bumping old threads?
As a matter of fact, no. Any thread we wouldn't want you to bump would be closed.
Can I change my username?
The majority of the time, No. Name changing results into to many issues and we don't allow name changes unless you have a very good reason why it should be changed. However, if you're post count is less than 50, than you may have a name change.

What is a custom title and how can I get one?
A custom title is what appears under your name in posts. They can contain text and/or images (images must be under 100 pixels wide). To get a custom title, you either have to atleast have 1000 posts or be a Trusted Member. If you want to know what a Trusted Member is, refer to either the 'Terminology' page or the 'Username and Powerlevels' page.

*Angry statement about management and coding of site*
That wasn't really a question but I'll respond to it anyway Dragon Master. We Admins of the site try to make the board as enjoyable as possible. It's impossible to please everyone. Instead of complaining to the staff about stuff you don't like, just simply bring it up in a professional and respectful way and we might just than consider changing what it is you may or may not like.

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