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List of Video Game Characters in Nobunagas Ambition Franchise
Akamatsu Yoshisuke [Nobunagas Ambition],
Akita [Nobunagas Ambition],
Amago Haruhisa [Nobunagas Ambition],
Anegakoji Yoshiyori [Nobunagas Ambition],
Anekoji [Nobunagas Ambition],
Asakura [Nobunagas Ambition],
Ashina [Nobunagas Ambition],
Chosokabe Motochika [Nobunagas Ambition],
Date [Nobunagas Ambition],
Hatakeya [Nobunagas Ambition],
Hatano Hideharu [Nobunagas Ambition],
Hatekeya [Nobunagas Ambition],
Hojo [Nobunagas Ambition],
Honganji [Nobunagas Ambition],
Ieyasu Tokugawa [Nobunagas Ambition],
Imagawa Yoshimoto [Nobunagas Ambition],
Issheki Yoshimichi [Nobunagas Ambition],
Jinbo [Nobunagas Ambition],
Kakizaki [Nobunagas Ambition],
Kasai [Nobunagas Ambition],
Kenshin Uesugi [Nobunagas Ambition],
Kiso [Nobunagas Ambition],
Kitabata [Nobunagas Ambition],
Kitatake Tomonori [Nobunagas Ambition],
Kono Mishinobu [Nobunagas Ambition],
Masamune Date [Nobunagas Ambition],
Mitsuhide Akechi [Nobunagas Ambition],
Miyoshi Nagayoshi [Nobunagas Ambition],
Mogami [Nobunagas Ambition],
Mori Motonari [Nobunagas Ambition],
Motonari Mori [Nobunagas Ambition],
Munenori Yagyu [Nobunagas Ambition],
Nagamasa Asai [Nobunagas Ambition],
Nanbu [Nobunagas Ambition],
Naotora Ii [Nobunagas Ambition],
Nobunaga Oda [Nobunagas Ambition],
Rokkaku [Nobunagas Ambition],
Saito [Nobunagas Ambition],
Satake [Nobunagas Ambition],
Satomi [Nobunagas Ambition],
Shingen Takeda [Nobunagas Ambition],
Suzuki Sadyu [Nobunagas Ambition],
Takatora Todo [Nobunagas Ambition],
Takeda [Nobunagas Ambition],
Tokugawa [Nobunagas Ambition],
Tsugaru [Nobunagas Ambition],
Uesugi [Nobunagas Ambition],
Ukita Naoie [Nobunagas Ambition],
Utsunomi [Nobunagas Ambition],
Yamana Toyokuni [Nobunagas Ambition],
yuki [Nobunagas Ambition],

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