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List of Video Game Characters in Bionicle Franchise
Ackar [Bionicle],
Ahkmou [Bionicle],
Artakha [Bionicle],
Atakus [Bionicle],
Balta [Bionicle],
Berix [Bionicle],
Branar [Bionicle],
Certavus [Bionicle],
Crotesius [Bionicle],
Dalu [Bionicle],
Defilak [Bionicle],
Dekar [Bionicle],
Ehrye [Bionicle],
Ekimu [Bionicle],
Garan [Bionicle],
Gavla [Bionicle],
Gelu [Bionicle],
Great Beings [Bionicle],
Gresh [Bionicle],
Hafu [Bionicle],
Hahli [Bionicle],
Hewkii [Bionicle],
Idris [Bionicle],
Jaller [Bionicle],
Karzahni [Bionicle],
Kazi [Bionicle],
Kiina [Bionicle],
Kirbold [Bionicle],
Kirbraz [Bionicle],
Kirop [Bionicle],
Kongu [Bionicle],
Kotu [Bionicle],
Kyry [Bionicle],
Macku [Bionicle],
Malum [Bionicle],
Mata Nui [Bionicle],
Matoro [Bionicle],
Mazeka [Bionicle],
Metus [Bionicle],
Nuhrii [Bionicle],
Nuparu [Bionicle],
Onepu [Bionicle],
Orkham [Bionicle],
Perditus [Bionicle],
Photok [Bionicle],
Piruk [Bionicle],
Raanu [Bionicle],
Radiak [Bionicle],
Rahi [Bionicle],
Sahmad [Bionicle],
Sarda [Bionicle],
Scodonius [Bionicle],
Skakdi [Bionicle],
Solek [Bionicle],
Strakk [Bionicle],
Stronius [Bionicle],
Surel [Bionicle],
Taipu [Bionicle],
Takua [Bionicle],
Tamaru [Bionicle],
Tanma [Bionicle],
Tarduk [Bionicle],
Tarix [Bionicle],
Tehutti [Bionicle],
Telluris [Bionicle],
The Zesk [Bionicle],
Toa [Bionicle],
Tren Krom [Bionicle],
Tuma [Bionicle],
Umbra [Bionicle],
Vastus [Bionicle],
Velika [Bionicle],
Vhisola [Bionicle],
Vican [Bionicle],
Vortixx [Bionicle],

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