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List of Video Game Characters in Banjo-Kazooie Franchise
Banjo the Honey Bear [Banjo-Kazooie],
Bawl [Banjo-Kazooie],
Blobbelda [Banjo-Kazooie],
Boggy [Banjo-Kazooie],
Bottles [Banjo-Kazooie],
Brentilda [Banjo-Kazooie],
Captain Blackeye [Banjo-Kazooie],
Captain Blubber [Banjo-Kazooie],
Cheato [Banjo-Kazooie],
Clanker [Banjo-Kazooie],
Conga [Banjo-Kazooie],
Dingpot [Banjo-Kazooie],
George Ice Cube [Banjo-Kazooie],
Gobi [Banjo-Kazooie],
Groggy [Banjo-Kazooie],
Gruntilda [Banjo-Kazooie],
Honey B [Banjo-Kazooie],
Humba Wumba [Banjo-Kazooie],
Jolly Roger [Banjo-Kazooie],
Kazooie [Banjo-Kazooie],
King Jingaling [Banjo-Kazooie],
Klungo [Banjo-Kazooie],
Loggo [Banjo-Kazooie],
Master Jiggywiggy [Banjo-Kazooie],
Mildred Ice Cube [Banjo-Kazooie],
Mingella [Banjo-Kazooie],
Mingy Jongo [Banjo-Kazooie],
Moggy [Banjo-Kazooie],
Mr. Fit [Banjo-Kazooie],
Mr. Patch [Banjo-Kazooie],
Mumbo Jumbo [Banjo-Kazooie],
Roysten [Banjo-Kazooie],
Saucer of Peril [Banjo-Kazooie],
Sergeant Jamjars [Banjo-Kazooie],
Soggy [Banjo-Kazooie],
Tanktup [Banjo-Kazooie],
Toots [Banjo-Kazooie],
Tooty [Banjo-Kazooie],
Topper [Banjo-Kazooie],
Weldar [Banjo-Kazooie],

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