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List of Video Game Characters in Mario Franchise
Baby Peach [Mario],
'boo' buddies [Mario],
Alex [Mario],
Amp [Mario],
Angry Sun [Mario],
Baby Daisy [Mario],
Baby Luigi [Mario],
Baby Peach [Mario],
Baby yoshi [Mario],
Bandit [Mario],
Banzai bill [Mario],
Banzai bill [Mario],
Bat [Mario],
Beanie [Mario],
Beezo [Mario],
Big Bob-omb [Mario],
Big Bully [Mario],
Big Fly [Mario],
Big Mr. I [Mario],
Bill Blaster [Mario],
Blooper [Mario],
Blooper Nanny [Mario],
Blurp [Mario],
bob-omb [Mario],
bob-omb buddy [Mario],
Bobo [Mario],
Bombette [Mario],
Bombshell Koopa [Mario],
Bony beetle [Mario],
Boo [Mario],
Boom Boom [Mario],
Boomerang Bro [Mario],
Booster [Mario],
Border Bros. [Mario],
Bowser [Mario],
Bowser Jr. [Mario],
Broggy [Mario],
Broque Madame [Mario],
Broque Monsieur [Mario],
Bullet bill [Mario],
Bully [Mario],
Bumbler [Mario],
Bunbun [Mario],
Buzzy Beetle [Mario],
Cackletta [Mario],
Captain Syrup [Mario],
Captain Toad [Mario],
Chain chomp [Mario],
Chargin' Chuck [Mario],
Cheep-Cheep [Mario],
Chomp [Mario],
Chuckya [Mario],
Clawgrip [Mario],
Cleft [Mario],
Cobrat [Mario],
Czar Dragon [Mario],
Dino-Rhino [Mario],
Dino-torch [Mario],
Dorrie [Mario],
Dr. Mario [Mario],
Dry bones [Mario],
Dry Bowser [Mario],
Eely Mouth [Mario],
eeries [Mario],
Eldstar [Mario],
Emi [Mario],
F.L.U.D.D. [Mario],
Fawful [Mario],
Ferdinand [Mario],
Fighter fly [Mario],
Fish bone [Mario],
Fishin' boo [Mario],
Fishin' lakitu [Mario],
Freezie [Mario],
Fwoosh [Mario],
Gao [Mario],
Gene Yuss [Mario],
Geno [Mario],
Giga Bowser [Mario],
Goomama [Mario],
Goomba [Mario],
Goombaria [Mario],
Goombario [Mario],
Goombella [Mario],
Goomboss [Mario],
Goompa [Mario],
Goompapa [Mario],
Gooper Blooper [Mario],
Grand Goomba [Mario],
Hammer Bro [Mario],
Harry [Mario],
Hawkmouth [Mario],
Heave Ho [Mario],
Honey Queen [Mario],
Hoopster [Mario],
Hoot [Mario],
Hothead [Mario],
Iggy Koopa [Mario],
Jr. Troopa [Mario],
K-9 [Mario],
Kalmar [Mario],
Kammy Koopa [Mario],
Kate [Mario],
Kelpto [Mario],
Kersti [Mario],
King Bob-omb [Mario],
King Totomesu [Mario],
Klepto [Mario],
Klevar [Mario],
Kolorado [Mario],
Koopa [Mario],
Koopa [Mario],
Koopa Kid [Mario],
Koopa the Quick [Mario],
Koopa Troopa [Mario],
Kooper [Mario],
Kylie Koopa [Mario],
Lady Bow [Mario],
Lakilester [Mario],
Lakitu [Mario],
Larry Koopa [Mario],
Lava Bubble [Mario],
Lemmy Koopa [Mario],
Lil Sparky [Mario],
li'l Sparky [Mario],
Lubba [Mario],
Luigi [Mario],
Luma [Mario],
Magikoopa [Mario],
Mallow [Mario],
Mamar [Mario],
Mario [Mario],
Mecha-Koopa [Mario],
Mechakoopa [Mario],
Mega Mole [Mario],
Mega Shy Guy [Mario],
Micro Goomba [Mario],
Micro-Goomba [Mario],
Mini Mario [Mario],
Mini Ninji [Mario],
Mini Shy Guy [Mario],
Misstar [Mario],
Monty mole [Mario],
Mr. Blizzard [Mario],
Mr. I [Mario],
Mushroom Genie [Mario],
Muskular [Mario],
Nina [Mario],
Ninji [Mario],
Nipper Plant [Mario],
Nitpicker [Mario],
Ostro [Mario],
Panser [Mario],
Paper Mario [Mario],
Para-bomb [Mario],
Para-Goomba [Mario],
Parakarry [Mario],
Paratroopa [Mario],
Penguin [Mario],
Phanto [Mario],
Pidgit [Mario],
Pirahna Plant [Mario],
Piranha Plant [Mario],
Plum [Mario],
Pokey [Mario],
Porcu-puffer [Mario],
Prince Peasley [Mario],
Princess Daisy [Mario],
Princess Peach [Mario],
Princess Shroob [Mario],
Private Goomp [Mario],
Red Para-Goomba [Mario],
Rex [Mario],
Reznor [Mario],
Rip Van Fish [Mario],
Rocky Wrench [Mario],
Rosalina [Mario],
Roy Koopa [Mario],
Salvo the Slime [Mario],
Scuttlebug [Mario],
Sergeant Guy [Mario],
Sharpea [Mario],
Shellcreeper [Mario],
Shy Guy [Mario],
Sidestepper [Mario],
Skeeter [Mario],
Skolar [Mario],
Slipice [Mario],
Snapjaw [Mario],
Snifit [Mario],
Spark [Mario],
Sparky [Mario],
Spike [Mario],
Spike Top [Mario],
Spiketop [Mario],
Spiny [Mario],
Starlow [Mario],
Sumo Brother [Mario],
Super koopa [Mario],
Sushi [Mario],
Sushie [Mario],
swooper [Mario],
Tatanga [Mario],
Terrapin [Mario],
The big "boo" [Mario],
Thwimp [Mario],
Thwomp [Mario],
Toad [Mario],
Toadbert [Mario],
Toadette [Mario],
Toadsworth [Mario],
Tolstar [Mario],
Torpedo ted [Mario],
Trouter [Mario],
Tweeter [Mario],
Ukiki [Mario],
Urchin [Mario],
Venus Fire Trap [Mario],
Virus [Mario],
Volcano lotus [Mario],
Waluigi [Mario],
Wanda [Mario],
Wario [Mario],
Watt [Mario],
Wendy O. Koopa [Mario],
Whacka [Mario],
Whomp [Mario],
Whomp King [Mario],
Wiggler [Mario],
Yoshi [Mario],

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