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List of Video Game Characters in Donkey Kong Franchise
Army [Donkey Kong],
Army Dillo [Donkey Kong],
B. Locker [Donkey Kong],
Banjo [Donkey Kong],
Bazaar [Donkey Kong],
Bitesize [Donkey Kong],
Bleak [Donkey Kong],
Bluey the Walrus [Donkey Kong],
Boss Dumb Drum [Donkey Kong],
Bubbler the Octopus [Donkey Kong],
Bumper [Donkey Kong],
Chomps [Donkey Kong],
Chomps Jr. [Donkey Kong],
Chunky Kong [Donkey Kong],
Clambo [Donkey Kong],
Conker [Donkey Kong],
Cranky Kong [Donkey Kong],
Croctopus [Donkey Kong],
Diddy Kong [Donkey Kong],
Dixie Kong [Donkey Kong],
Donkey Kong [Donkey Kong],
Donkey Kong Jr. [Donkey Kong],
Drumstick [Donkey Kong],
Dumb Drum [Donkey Kong],
Ellie the Elephant [Donkey Kong],
Enguarde the Swordfish [Donkey Kong],
Expresso the Ostrich [Donkey Kong],
Funky Kong [Donkey Kong],
Gnawty [Donkey Kong],
Hogwash [Donkey Kong],
K. Lumsy [Donkey Kong],
Kalypso [Donkey Kong],
Kasplat [Donkey Kong],
Kiddy Kong [Donkey Kong],
King K. Rool [Donkey Kong],
King Zing [Donkey Kong],
Klaptrap [Donkey Kong],
Kleever [Donkey Kong],
Klubba [Donkey Kong],
Klump [Donkey Kong],
Koin [Donkey Kong],
Kopter [Donkey Kong],
Krash [Donkey Kong],
Kritter [Donkey Kong],
Krow [Donkey Kong],
Krunch [Donkey Kong],
Krusha [Donkey Kong],
Lanky Kong [Donkey Kong],
Manky Kong [Donkey Kong],
Master Necky [Donkey Kong],
Master Necky Snr. [Donkey Kong],
Mini-Necky [Donkey Kong],
Necky [Donkey Kong],
Pauline [Donkey Kong],
Pipsy [Donkey Kong],
Queen B. [Donkey Kong],
Rambi the Rhino [Donkey Kong],
Rattly the Snake [Donkey Kong],
Really Gnawty [Donkey Kong],
Rockkroc [Donkey Kong],
Scoff [Donkey Kong],
Slippa [Donkey Kong],
Smokey the Dragon [Donkey Kong],
Sneek [Donkey Kong],
Snide [Donkey Kong],
Spark [Donkey Kong],
Squawks the Parrot [Donkey Kong],
Squidge [Donkey Kong],
Squitter [Donkey Kong],
Stanley the Bugman [Donkey Kong],
Swanky Kong [Donkey Kong],
T.T. [Donkey Kong],
Taj [Donkey Kong],
Timber [Donkey Kong],
Tiny Kong [Donkey Kong],
Tiptup [Donkey Kong],
Tricky the Triceratops [Donkey Kong],
Troff [Donkey Kong],
Very Gnawty [Donkey Kong],
Winky the Frog [Donkey Kong],
Wizpig [Donkey Kong],
Wrinkly Kong [Donkey Kong],
Zinger [Donkey Kong],

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