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10-21-19 08:50 PM

nfldIce's Profile -

nfldIce is Offline

Age: 35 (06-13-84)  Gender: Male
Registered: 01-12-10 09:57 PM (3568 days ago)
Posts: 45  Threads: 3
Post Words: 3,580 (80 word avg)
Viz: 8,237    Contribution Points: 3
Post Rating: 1   Trust Points: 0
Level: 16    Experience: 18033
Next Level: +2223 Exp    Per Post: 601 Exp
Last Activity: 04-01-11 10:15 PM
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Last Post: 01-23-11 12:30 AM
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I like big buts and can not lie LMAO sorry couldn't help myself.
seriously tho.
I like to fish,hunt,play football full tackle no equipment,hockey,baseball fast and slow pitch,swimming,skating,build cabins/house's. make website for friends,party with friends,
I'm massive gamer i won few awards in competitions actually 2 place in one when i was 14 only reason why i lost one game i sucked at basketball.I only lost by a 3 pointer tho.
i easy going.ummm no wife no kids. Still looking for that hardcore gamer if she is even out there.

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