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01-17-20 05:49 PM

jlh's Profile -

jlh is Offline

  Affected by vizz soda
Perma Banned
Location: Somewhere in the dirty south.
Age: 43 (07-13-76)  Gender: Male
Registered: 03-23-12 05:05 PM (2856 days ago)
Posts: 1,405  Threads: 127
Post Words: 68,638 (49 word avg)
Viz: 6,673    Contribution Points: 739
Post Rating: 10   Trust Points: 0
Level: 69    Experience: 2814485
Next Level: +55258 Exp    Per Post: 3004 Exp
Last Activity: 11-19-12 04:30 PM
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Last Post: 11-19-12 11:25 AM
  A short poem by JLH

About - Profile Counters <3 Profile Counters

MUSIC LIST. hill. Marley

I am 35 years old.I played video games before nes came out.I also still skateboard and i work in construction.But i will always love video games!I also like alot of music,movies and art.


35 days registered, 500 posts 69 threads and ranking is 162 and trusted member!

180 days registered, 1392 posts 122 threads, ranking is 99 on page two!

220 days registered, became a staff member, game reviewer. With a total of 11 reviews and 250 games on profile.

Qoute wall:

[9:07 PM] grifter110: say good buy leggy cause you want be a mode for long buddy boy im done with your crapp and yes sox i can

[11:45 Pm] pokemon x: I didnt do anything...

No problem man, I'm going to go check those out, right now, I do not prefer the company of men or anything, but I really like you dude, as a friend. klutch

[12:04 AM] Megarevolutions1: Well this is depressing

My favorite accomplishment? Beating Final Fantasy A2: Grimoire of the Rift. (A glitch deleted my data. I was ticked.) Epictanooki

jlh posted while I was making my post, and I didn't see it coming. WHY IS IT THAT THE POSTS NEVER UPDATE UNLESS YOU HIT REFRESH!? Why not have it updated WHILE you are posting? That is just absolute, JUST ABSOLUTE *slams hands at wall* INSANITY!!! Stevie 764

You know what Cid, I think you need an attitude Adjustment. I'm sick of your damn negative attitude, and all your swearing. Shape up or you lose your damn position. Davideo7

God Created Adam, God Created Eve,
Than He Created David, But No One Would Believe,
That David Created Vizzed Board, Just For You And Me,
So Grab My Hand And Lets Be Friends, And We'll Head To The Land Of V Davideo 7

this has nothing to do with hating you and everything to do with you purposefully going into every room on the chat and saying "BOSHI YOSHI" over and over again. Geeogree

So, I guess I better get this over with and give you my Awesome Forum Intro.

Hi there yada yada yada I'm enjoying the awesome forum blah blah blah. Hope I can give more life in this forum. pacman1755

Congrats, you are trusted Pacman1755

where did your love of zebras sprout from? i crazy (reply in ask legacy anything)

It's time Vizzed saw a youthful global, filled with dreams and foolish goals. My skills in coding are nonexistent, my post quality is worse than crazycatpup, and I'm a bit of an ass."That's right, n00bs. He's underaged and overhyped. He's... Tj4bigred!"

laian: i'm almost like Yoh Asakura from Shaman King, well not so charismatic though XD

The Planned Accident: Hi nice to meet you. Wanna see me naked on webcam?

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