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jlh's Last 5 Game Reviews (view last 25)
Fatal Fury Special
11-18-12 10:21 PM
Fatal Fury special, SEGA CD
Fatal Fury Special edition on the SEGA cd system is kind of a let down compared to the other Fatal Fury series. It does however incorporate a different battle field, rather then just a typical back and forth, this game lets you move your character up and down as well as diagonal to battle your enemy. Pretty much the same controls as any other fighting game, holding back blocks enemy attacks, pressing back twice makes your character dash back ( no dash forward ). Although personally I found that it is hard to figure out special attacks.

This game boasts six levels of difficulty, beginner,easy,normal,hard,expert, and mvs( arcade difficulty). With sixteen characters to choose from, each with their own style is one of the few strong points of the game. Here is a short list of fighters to choose from.

Terry Bogard
Andy Bogard
Joe Higashi
Big Bear
Juei Yamada
Billy Cane
Ryu Sakazaki
Ma Sharanui
Wolfgang Keiser
and many more!

Overall: 7.5 ( best thing going for this game is the graphics and a good selection of fighters to choose from).

Graphics: 8 ( really the highest score I gave the game in all the categories, some boards are better then others providing animation in the backgrounds, well detailed and real nice colours).

Sound: 7  ( okay music and some voice effects but nothing special)

Addictiveness: 6 

Story: 7 ( It is a fighting game, the end).

Depth: 7 ( really with sixteen characters the score should be higher but difficulty in using the specials are a real let down). 

Difficulty: 9 ( okay usually when I rate a game this high it is a good thing but with this game a 9 means bad, sometimes slow action and difficulty when trying to use the specials sometimes results in jumping or rolling across the board).

Reviewers note: I made this review short and sweet because really it is nothing to brag about, their are be... Read the rest of this Review
Golden Axe (set 6, US, 8751 317-123A)
11-16-12 03:18 PM
Golden Ax arcade
Sega's 1989 Golden Ax has five levels of sword or ax slash em up action! Pick between three heroes each having different magic abilities and strengths, plus each character has a special attack. Plenty of enemies and bosses, plus creatures that you can ride on, such as a red dragon that hurls fire balls across the screen, a blue dragon that breathes fire on the ground and a wingless bird type creature that whips its tail at enemies.

Depth: 8
Having only five levels and it is a pretty straight forward game, I still rated the depth pretty high because the three heroes have different magic and strengths. The girl warrior has the most powerful magic (fire) and is pretty fast but is weaker then the others. The dwarf has the lowest magic (lightning) but he has the strongest regular attack. The barbarian has medium level magic (earth) and medium strength and speed.Character attacks include a running attack, two different jumping attacks and a special attack that is different with two characters. So after beating this game with one character it is fun to play as the other two as well, adding to the depth of the game.

Overall: 8
A great game, if you like beat em up games then I definitely recommend playing this one. The music is cool, player control is good and the graphics and boards are nice, so yea I gave it an 8.

Graphics: 9
The enemies and boards are well drawn or pixelated. Plenty of different enemies, some are the same but different levels of the same enemy are coloured different according to their strength level. The different types and levels of magic each hero possesses are fun to watch. Some of the boards are pretty unique adding to the graphics and the overall score of this games rating.
Sound: 8
The only thing missing is voice affects, other then that this game has cool barbarian song tracks that fit the game nicely. Other sound effects included in&nbs... Read the rest of this Review
Gun.Smoke (World)
11-14-12 07:41 PM
Gun Smoke arcade
Gun Smoke, a classic arcade game from 1985 is really a fun game to play. Although I rated the overall category a little low this game is worth the time to try at least once. Set in the days of the wild west you are a cowboy bounty hunter that uses duel pistols, upgrades and a horse to take down the bad guys. Fast action, innovative cont rolls and good player control makes this game enjoyable to play. Each of the bosses has a bounty that ranges from 10000 to 80000 dollars. Here is a list of the bosses you will encounter.

Master Winchester. The first boss, he isn't that tuff but the extra bad guys and his pistol makes it a little challenging.

Roy Knife. Yup, you guessed it he throws knifes at you and again the multiple enemies is what makes it difficult to take him down.

Ninja Darts. This guy throws stars, jump around and will disappear in a cloud of smoke!

Cutter Boomerang: Are you seeing a pattern here with the names of these guys ha ha, this one uses multiple boomerangs to attack you, don't stay still.

Pig Joe: Uses Dynamite and lots of it, wait shouldn't his name be "dynamite Joe" haha

Wolf Chief. This Indian chief uses a shotgun, another one that makes you move a lot to avoid the spread of his weapon.

Gold Smith. This guy uses duel rifles, faster then the shot gun but without the spread.

Los Pubro. This Latino bully uses double pistols like the ones you use and uses them good.

Fat man. Machine gun, wait did they have machine guns back then? Ha ha anyways like the others movement is the key.

Wingate Family. These three are the last bounty. Two dudes using rifles and a machine gun, stop them quick and then take out the last Wingate brother.

Overall: 7.5 Really a fun game, it is just the low scores on the story, sound and addictiveness that took away from the score.
Graphics: 8  I feel that the graphics could have been bett... Read the rest of this Review
11-05-12 10:11 PM
Punch Out Arcade!
Punch Out! The original arcade game is somewhat similar to Mike Tyson punch out but with some big differences. Some of the fighters are the same, which I will list them shortly. The referee is the same as in the console version (Mario). The punches are like the ones for Super Punch Out on the SNES, hold up and hit either right or left buttons for a high hook or cross, hold down and hit either right or left buttons for a low body shot. Same way with your guard, hold up to block high punches and down to block the other fighter's body shots. Of course you can dodge left or right just like in the console series. Another difference between Mike Tyson's punch out and the arcade version is that your punches won't tire you out so you can swing away all day! Also in this version their is a knock out meter that lights up when you hit the other fighter a bunch of times without getting hit. Sorry I haven't found the uppercut in this game if their is one at all.

Glass Joe. Not too much to describe here, just punch away and you will soon shatter his glass jaw. ( sorry for the pun their haha )

Piston Hurricane: A fighter that made his way too Super Punch Out, he is a little more challenging then Glass Joe but not by much.

Bald Bull: Here is when the game starts to get a little more difficult, just like the nes console version Bald Bull does his bull rush uppercut so be sure to avoid that and the victory should be yours.

Kid Quick: The name says Quick but really his power is in his body blows, so cover the old bread basket up and knock this one out quick.

Pizza Pasta: You thought I was going to say Don Flamenco? Sorry no cigar, this version has Pizza Pasta, a feisty Italian ready to rumble. This fighter is quick and will jab relentlessly at your dome, cover up or dodge and strike when you can.

Mr. Sandman: The World champ! Sandman has some of the attacks from the nes console seri... Read the rest of this Review
Black Tiger
11-03-12 04:18 PM
Black Tiger
Capcom's 1987 arcade game Black Tiger is an awesome plat former with upgrades on your weapons,armor,life and a time limit to complete a level. Your weapon is basically some kind of mace that shoots out and a spread of fire shots for long distance enemies. Throughout the boards you can find or buy upgrades to your weapon as well as buy different levels of armor. Your money comes from Zenny coins that are found in chests magic pots or by defeating enemies. To find the store you have to locate an old man that is usually frozen, just touch him to free him up and he will either give you Zenny coins, more time or a store to buy items.

Overall: 8.5  Great player control, cool weapon,good graphics and some sneaky enemies makes this game enjoyable to play.

Graphics: 8  Multiply enemies and different boards of this game are nicely pixelated and drawn plus your character looks pretty cool, along with the arcade graphics it's no wonder Black Tiger gets a high review from me.

Sound: 7  Okay music themes and sound effects are just okay, like most games, Black Tiger has background music and the sounds of your weapon destroying your enemies to enjoy. I rated the sound category a little low because sometimes the arcade games have more voice effects or better then the home consoles.

Addictiveness: 7  Black Tiger can get pretty addicting until you beat the game and find a lot of the secret rooms and stuff in the game, although I rated the addictiveness a little low their is lots to do in this game with all the secrets to find and great game play value.

Story: 7  For such a great game I rated the story a little low. Black Tiger is a full filling game to play or master but I felt their could have been a deeper story to the game. Basically you are to conquer three dragons that came and decimated the earth, the end. I understand that it is an arcade game but I am hard to please with the story... Read the rest of this Review

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