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07-22-24 12:35 AM
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jack3604 is Offline

  Zander's adopted son
Trusted Member
Real Name: Not Jack
Location: Florida
Age: 26 (08-21-97)  Gender: Male
Registered: 06-08-11 09:41 AM (4792 days ago)
Posts: 254  Threads: 20
Post Words: 22,119 (87 word avg)
Viz: 20,977    Contribution Points: 785
Post Rating: 32   Trust Points: 6   Chat: 1031
Level: 36    Experience: 280244
Next Level: +27866 Exp    Per Post: 1654 Exp
Email: Email withheld from guests. Log in to see it.
Homepage: The Pirate Bay!
Last Activity: 05-10-22 10:28 PM
  Viewing Pokemon Liquid Crystal (alpha) (GBA)
Last Post: 10-15-15 04:51 PM
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***********~Chat Quotes!~***********

[12:01 PM] pokemon x: Why so loud?
[12:01 PM] BluemageKyle: Why not?
[12:01 PM] jack3604: because headphone users
[12:01 PM] pokemon x: Y
[12:01 PM] pokemon x: *^
[12:01 PM] pokemon x: Fail..

[10:47 PM] yoshirulez!: thats cause poke is a newb mod

[9:43 PM] Annette: did somebody say porn?

[4:04 PM] Mother3Fan: yay pokemon x is gone

[9:21 PM] GameBoy1023: maguc is a poop and thats why she's on suxy wall
[9:21 PM] maguc: Whoa GB
[9:21 PM] maguc: I can take any other insult, even cuss words
[9:21 PM] maguc: But poop?
[9:21 PM] maguc: Gb, there are children here!
[9:21 PM] maguc: Don't use that language!

[9:30 PM] Annette: mmm i want a piece of that street rat

[8:58 PM] maguc: guise how do i put photos?
[8:58 PM] jack3604: mag you put it and its put
[8:58 PM] maguc: Dang Jack.
[8:58 PM] Flibbith: *farts*
[8:58 PM] maguc: You speak da truth man

[6:12 PM] On3On: Imma gonna go...
On3On left the room
[6:12 PM] pokemon x: Oonion!
[6:12 PM] pokemon x: I summon thy oonion
[6:13 PM] pokemon x: My summon failed.
[6:13 PM] lilythetigerkity: you fail a lot poke

[3:37 PM] Annette: chickens eating humans would be poetic justice
[3:38 PM] Annette: i'd pay to see that and/or participate in putting humans through meat grinders to feed to chicken(s)

[11:58 AM] megamanmaniac: [11:58 AM] becerra95: loser
[11:58 AM] megamanmaniac: let me introduce you before you introduce yourself next time

[4:22 PM] Shanezer: Next Generation Consoles Suck Except Ps4
[4:23 PM] jack3604: [4:22 PM] Shanezer: Next Generation Consoles Suck Except Ps4 ------- subliminal xbox bashing
[4:23 PM] Shanezer: Jack
[4:23 PM] Shanezer: Im Sorry im not the ALl mighty Bill gates

[6:34 PM] CatLady: Everybody hates you and no one cares!
[6:34 PM] CatLady: CatLady: Everybody hates you and no one cares!
That was a quote, and not directed at you. At any of you.
[6:35 PM] jack3604: lol, cat
[6:35 PM] jack3604: nice save
[6:35 PM] CatLady: But really, though.
[6:36 PM] CatLady: I'll prove it in half an hour.
[6:36 PM] jack3604: hue

[2:16 PM] On3On: by getting into the christmas spirit i mean getting sick as ghetto
[2:16 PM] jack3604: sick as ghetto? XD
[2:17 PM] On3On: all i want this christmas, is painkillers
[2:17 PM] jack3604: i got a motorcycle wheel for christmas
[2:17 PM] On3On: wheel nice
[2:17 PM] On3On: just what you wanted

[7:55 PM] paper luigi: Thing, I'll trade you 'respect' for the copy
[7:56 PM] paper luigi: ^Totes legit btw
[7:57 PM] paper luigi: I don't need anyone's respect
[7:57 PM] paper luigi: Everyone should strive for my respect tho
[7:57 PM] TheFadedWarrior: do you respect me pooper loogie

Page Comments

Pacman+Mariofan - 08-21-16 04:47 PM
Happy birthday!

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