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10-25-21 03:09 PM
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Spacey Sul is Offline

Spacey Sul
  The Game Reviewing Nerd
Vizzed Elite
Registration Name: SadSecrets
Location: Myrtle Beach, SC
Age: 21 (05-31-00)  Gender: Female
Registered: 04-29-13 11:40 AM (3101 days ago)
Posts: 715  Threads: 38
Post Words: 45,405 (64 word avg)
Viz: 66,073    Contribution Points: 3,722
Post Rating: 58   Trust Points: 5   Chat: 3
Level: 52    Experience: 1064682
Next Level: +19158 Exp    Per Post: 2233 Exp
Last Activity: 07-31-18 10:02 PM
Last Post: 07-16-18 01:09 PM
  Tour de Vizzed: Summer 2018 = IgorBird122 Wins!


Sup? Call me Spacey or Sul, those are some nicknames used by a lot of my friends. Ya can call me anything though; I just prefer those two.

Just PM me if ya wanna chat, I'm a pretty chill person. Or at least I think I am haha.

I like Pokemon mainly, but I play all kinds of games. Tryina join those new fangled games with their guns and their... Everything LMAO. Really like the new ghostbusters movie.

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Page Comments

no 8120 - 05-31-21 04:32 AM
Happy birthday
no 8120 - 05-31-20 04:44 AM
Happy Birthday
no 8120 - 11-14-16 06:05 AM
Happy Birthday
Matthew2321 - 09-05-16 10:16 AM
ghostfishy - 07-28-16 11:07 PM
Survived summer class and on my 1 month vacation. Where have you moved this time?
legacyme3 - 07-28-16 03:06 PM
Not a problem. Don't be a stranger!
Uzar - 07-28-16 09:17 AM
That was my old cat all the way. lol
Uzar - 07-28-16 09:06 AM
Thanks.And the kitten loooves you I bet. x3
Uzar - 07-28-16 08:17 AM
Uzar - 07-28-16 08:17 AM
Aww, kitty...I got a new cat this week. My old one of 14 years passes. :L

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