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12-11-19 04:54 AM

ShotoNemar's Profile -

ShotoNemar is Offline

Location: Kanto
Age: 24 (11-20-95)  Gender: Male
Registered: 03-02-15 03:30 PM (1744 days ago)
Posts: 86  Threads: 15
Post Words: 22,613 (263 word avg)
Viz: 8,667    Contribution Points: 588
Post Rating: 7   Trust Points: 3
Level: 19    Experience: 33311
Next Level: +2466 Exp    Per Post: 581 Exp
Last Post: 03-30-16 01:01 PM
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[Deviantart | Youtube | Pokefarm Q]

Hey I'm ShotoNemar. I draw, sing, play video games, Read manga, watch anime, Cosplay, and do anything else an Otaku would do. I also love Japanese Culture. Feel free to randomly PM me, or comment on my profile about anything that is anime, or gaming related.

Games I'm Playing :: Harvest Moon 64 | Megaman Battle Network
Watching :: Rockman.exe Stream [s3] (sub)
Reading :: Fanfictions
Drawing :: My Doujinshi for Pokefarm Q

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