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05-31-20 01:35 AM

Sauron422416's Profile -

Sauron422416 is Offline

  The Dark Lord of Mordor
Real Name: Sauron (Not my real name!)
Location: Mordor
Age: 16 (05-03-04)  Gender: Male
Registered: 03-20-15 11:40 AM (1898 days ago)
Posts: 90  Threads: 22
Post Words: 11,959 (133 word avg)
Viz: 988    Contribution Points: 366
Post Rating: 24   Trust Points: 0
Level: 20    Experience: 37203
Next Level: +5236 Exp    Per Post: 620 Exp
Email: Email withheld from guests.
Homepage: Sauron422416
Last Activity: 05-18-20 11:56 AM
Last Post: 03-18-16 03:11 PM


Profile Biography
I am just an 11-year old gamer yet I am serious with school (homework, studying, tests). I enjoy playing video games though I think more of it as a hobby.

Note: Each thread is separated into "chapters".
[UNFINISHED] The Mysterious Box
Summary: Jim Hawkins was just an average 12-year-old gamer. After having a dream about a man dropping of a box and inserting a note, things get peculiar. His father is dead, but now...he is curious about his life and background, name, and most importantly of all: how he died. Jim must research about his lost father and find out what the box is and what is inside it, before any other enemies do. An evil peril awaits inside the box...would YOU open it?

4/25/15 Super Smash Bros. 64

[X] Get the NEWBIE rank! (Easy!)
[X] Get the MEMBER rank! (Took a while)
[ ] Get the TRUSTED MEMBER rank! (Maybe...)
[ ] Get the VIZZED ELITE rank! (Will take awhile...)
[ ] Get the GLOBAL MODERATOR rank! (Not likely.)
[ ] Get the ADMINISTRATOR rank! (Not possible...)
[ ] Get the OWNER rank! (Why did I put this?!)

[X] Make your FIRST post!
[X] Make 30 posts!
[X] Make 50 posts!
[ ] Make 100 posts!
[ ] Make 200 posts!
[ ] Make 500 posts!
[ ] Make 1,000 posts!

CP (Contribution Points)
[X] Get 10 CP!
[X] Get 50 CP!
[X] Get 100 CP!
[X] Get 200 CP!
[ ] Get 500 CP!
[ ] Get 1,000 CP!
[ ] Get 5,000 CP!
[ ] Get 10,000 CP!
[ ] Get 20,000 CP!

I think that is it.

The eye is watching...
( O )

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