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12-16-19 04:07 AM

SarothCyngus's Profile -

SarothCyngus is Offline

  Embodiment of lightning. Also a MegaMan fanatic.
Age: 26 (12-13-93)  Gender: Male
Registered: 07-29-09 07:02 PM (3791 days ago)
Posts: 851  Threads: 19
Post Words: 31,413 (37 word avg)
Viz: 55,084    Contribution Points: 193
Post Rating: -1   Trust Points: 0
Level: 58    Experience: 1528605
Next Level: +48941 Exp    Per Post: 2694 Exp
Last Post: 07-01-11 08:30 PM
  Gold/Silver/Crystal or Heart Gold/Soul Silver


"I'm sick of this. This constant fighting, war, mayhem, destruction... I'm tired of it. It end here, it ends now, and it ends with me." -Techno Twinswords

Yeah. You can call me SC. I love the RGR and i'm on it a lot.

Be sure to check my YouTube channel, The Shadows of Lightning, where you'll find video game walkthroughs, countdowns, music, and much more!

Also, MegaMan is awesome.

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