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01-19-20 11:37 PM

SaberToothWolf's Profile -

SaberToothWolf is Offline

Real Name: Anthony
Location: United States
Age: 24 (03-20-95)  Gender: Male
Registered: 12-21-14 02:03 AM (1855 days ago)
Posts: 49  Threads: 8
Post Words: 6,607 (135 word avg)
Viz: 1,754    Contribution Points: 181
Post Rating: 8   Trust Points: 0
Level: 15    Experience: 14776
Next Level: +1608 Exp    Per Post: 452 Exp
Last Activity: 01-20-19 06:25 PM
  Viewing Retro Game Room
Last Post: 07-31-16 07:16 PM
  Which 3 Of These Genres Do You Prefer


Why hello there! I am apart of the furry fandom and I am a gamer at the same time! One of my favourite gaming series of all time would have to be Pokemon for sure! I also enjoy anime in many forms! There's almost nothing that I don't like,I love almost everything to a point! I also love making new friends and chatting with people! In my extra spare time I am a furry writer as well. I write tiny lil enjoyable stories for everyone! My character is a sabertooth wolf named Sabin! In other words i'm grateful to have found this site! It's amazing!

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