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08-14-20 03:06 PM
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Age: 31 (07-28-89)  Gender: Male
Registered: 07-31-10 07:54 PM (3666 days ago)
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  introducing myself


Search Facebook for "Spawn Trapping"
Xbox Live: SLEEKYx16

Sleeky(16) from NS, SLEEKYx16 from XBL, AIM, H3F, and pretty much anything else

"Sleeky, think happy thoughts like pwning noobs and quadshots or pwning noobs with quadshots" Quote of the year by Dakine

Idiot: Oh my stars
Trojan DJ (making fun of idiot): Oh my lantern
Trojan DJ: OML
*Dakine Enters Room*
Dakine: What The Llama?

xNox F e a r: if i had a lawlipop for every lawl you lawled i would be a lawlionaire

DAKINEx16 (1:46:58 AM): i iz be lost like a sneaky pelican in a dryer turned on tumble

I've been a big gamer for a while. I used to love adventure and RPG games. My favorite game was "Final Fantasy X" for a long time. I still play this game weekly, but ever since I found a good FPS I've been on it less. I never liked any of the 007 series, but Halo PC really got me into the FPS genre. Ever since then I have been adding more and more games to my "best of the best" category.

Eventually I bought a DS. That was back in 2004. I got it because it was a new handheld and I could take it anywere. It came with the demo "Metroid Prime Hunters: First Hunt". This is when I realized that the game was going to be awesome. It was set to come out in October, 2005. In fact, I still have a poster hanging up in my room that says "Hunting season opens in October". After many delays and push backs, the game came out almost 6 months later. It was worth the wait though, as voice chat was added and the Friends and Rivals feature were upgraded. Ever since I got it 3 days after it came out, I have spent every waking monent of my NSider life consumed by it. It's a great game and talking to friends about it is what has kept me here so long. There was one thing that kept me on MPH, just like Halo 2. There is nothing in life quite like deleveling. It's even more fun than playing for real. People generally care too much about winning the game. The only times I've seen people have fun with videogames is when there is great teamwork, community, or just interesting stuff to be done. I believe most people recognize me simply for the latter, but I believe all three elements are what keep me interested as much as I am.

- I breakdance, do freerunning / parkour / tricking, and gymnastics

- Basically anything that gets me sideways or upsidedown and / or spinning, flipping, or moving quickly is something that I enjoy xD

- I've been a closet nerd for a long time. Most of my friends in real life don't even realize I game all that much

- I used to play Halo 2 at a very high level and until Halo 3 came out with some MLG pros. My quadshot was nice =]

- The first system I had was a PlayStation and I picked up the control "claw" the very first time I played without ever knowing that style existed... and this was while playing Nascar 98. <- Lol

- I still like playing first person shooters but I feel as though the genre has fallen off from a hardcore perspective. Honestly I feel as though if you had only two options to pick from I would choose anything from the Mario Party series as a more competitive FPS over Halo: Reach. I feel it's a terrible game in general which is incredibly disheartening because I used to really, really be into the Halo series until that game.

- In Halo 3 I was I guess pretty famous for learning the spawn system (If you happen to be bored look me up on youtube). There was some confusion over my "semipro" status. I actually never went to an event for the game other than one local one. I had other things going on in my life and I've learned it's too much fun to find other things to do in competitive games other than being a tryhard all the time. This is why I started learning the spawn system and did so much other stuff with the game.

- On a related note I'm rarely ever actually thinking about the game I'm playing while I'm playing it xD

- My favorite game ever is probably Final Fantasy X. That and Kingdom Hearts (the original) used to mean a lot to me when I was younger.

- For the last year or so I've been into starcraft 2 quite a bit because console game developers have been extremely disappointing to me when it comes to competitive games, which is the main thing that should be tailored towards me.

- I enjoy card games. I recently have had a resurgence into Magic: The Gathering.

- Which brings me to my final bullet: The main reason I found and visit this site is because of Pokémon TCG for the gameboy color and the main reason I'm making this first post! SCOOOREEEE =D

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