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08-13-22 01:23 PM
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PokefanKala is Offline

  "Oh, that's clever! Is it clever? Why is it clever?" -SH
Trusted Member
Real Name: is top secret, 'cause I'm a spy.
Location: A Blue Police Call Box
Age: 24 (02-20-98)  Gender: Female
Registered: 10-19-13 09:55 PM (3219 days ago)
Posts: 185  Threads: 51
Post Words: 39,615 (214 word avg)
Viz: 40,015    Contribution Points: 451
Post Rating: 51   Trust Points: 4
Level: 29    Experience: 142778
Next Level: +5107 Exp    Per Post: 1157 Exp
Last Post: 03-18-14 06:33 PM
  Zombie Who?


Hi, I'm PokefanKala!

“Is Kala Your Real Name?”:
No, Kala was the name of my first Pokémon. I’m not disclosing my real name on the internet. You can call me by Kala though, if you want. You can also call me by my camp name, which is Pencil, or Sherlock, because my friends have decided that my character in our fandoms is Sherlock. You can also call me MerlinPsych, which I use elsewhere on the internet.

Dream Job:

Profile Pic?: It's of Castiel, from Supernatural. I did not draw it and take no credit for this great artwork. It is far cuter than what I could do.

Reading and writing
Girl Scouts (I’m a PA and VIT, and I’m hoping to be a CIT soon, because I’m technically too old to be a PA.)
Mountain biking
Playing the violin.

Painfully shy
Super serious about school, often a bit stressed
I stand up for others, despite the costs!
Quiet, except around my friends when I’m loud and hyper.

I live with my parents, thirteen-year-old sister, and our crazy rabbit Tilly who likes to eat anything we put in her spot.

I have pale skin, blond hair, and green eyes. I sometimes wear glasses.

Favorite Video Games:
Pokémon (pretty much all of them)
Harvest Moon (Island of Happiness and Sunshine Islands)
Mario Kart
Magical Starsign (But I got stuck! ?)
Others I’ll add later…

Fandoms: (Am I a fangirl…? Oh yes!)
Merlin (Colin Morgan is so adorable!)
Sherlock (My friends have decided that I’m Sherlock.)
Doctor Who (Dooweeooooooh!)
Psych (You know that’s right!)
Getting into Supernatural (I’m on Season 6 but I love it already.)
Others I don’t feel like thinking of. (Mostly old shows or crime shows.)

About my Writing:
I like to write fantasy and poetry, mostly, and I also write copious amounts of fanfiction. I’m waiting until I’m ready for official publication for most of my original work, so that I can sell it, but my fanfiction is published under the penname MerlinPsych on If you read it, please review! I love to hear what you guys think; it’s very helpful!

“You Made a Random Comment, and Now I Think You’re Weird”:
Sorry guys, I am weird. *shrugs* And when I write I tend to be too blatantly honest, and sometimes things don’t really make sense or I’m just venting. I don’t mean any offense by anything though, I assure you. I love and respect you all, so long as you love and respect me.

I believe that everyone deserves kindness. I don’t swear, I don’t make rude or judgmental comments, and I try to listen to and respect everyone. If you respect me, I’ll respect you.
Religion-wise, I’m an atheist, which means that I don’t believe in any deities. I love magic and fantasy, but in reality my beliefs are dominated by science. I don’t care if you’re an atheist or not; believe whatever you want, so long as you don’t press it on me! I have friends with other religions, such as Jewish or Christian. It doesn’t matter to me, and it’s always interesting to learn about their traditions. Once again, respect me, and I’ll respect you.

Ask Me Anything! (Well, almost anything.):
Don’t be afraid to talk to me! I’d love to meet you all!

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Happy Birthday

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