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07-26-21 10:54 AM
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Vizzed Elite
Age: 28 (02-16-93)  Gender: Male
Registered: 05-14-09 03:46 PM (4455 days ago)
Posts: 450  Threads: 12
Post Words: 36,482 (81 word avg)
Viz: 94,213    Contribution Points: 1,539
Post Rating: 11   Trust Points: 20   Chat: 1724
Level: 45    Experience: 637208
Next Level: +22956 Exp    Per Post: 2124 Exp
Last Activity: 06-27-21 08:19 PM
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Last Post: 07-03-16 10:38 AM
  Mafia 20 - Mafia Legacy


Message me to trade or battle in the new Pokemon games! 3969-5148-2184

18:42 Iris: Let me take you down
18:43 Morsalbus: Why?
18:43 Iris: 'Cause I'm going to Strawberry Fields
18:43 Morsalbus: lolol
18:43 Iris: Nothing is Real
18:43 Iris: And nothing to get hung about
18:43 Morsalbus: For how long?
18:43 Iris: Stawberry Fields Forever
18:43 Iris: ^
18:43 Morsalbus: ZOMG FOREVER?!

2011-10-13 09:44:40 PM legacyme3: I've already told my best friends, and mors


23:22 MizoreShirayuki Red's probably the only one here (when he talks) that's intelligent enough for me to hold a conversation with
23:22 MizoreShirayuki But I wouldn't know
*** MizoreShirayuki was kicked by geeogree (arrogant f***)

19:26 geeogree Morsalbus: it's not my fault. I blame the Arabs.

02:11 the_casualty he raped me with a knife...
02:11 legacyme3 but that was a one time fluke
02:11 the_casualty that would HURT
02:11 legacyme3 I'll never do that again lol

22:44 leggy-is-jealous One day I want to have sex while playing skyrim
22:44 leggy-is-jealous and then brag about it to you all
22:44 leggy-is-jealous and be like
22:44 leggy-is-jealous woah
22:44 leggy-is-jealous look at all the fun I am having

23:19 Zamiel-is-sex-WORKING Oh cool I'm fresh out of used condoms

23:20 Morsalbus-Too-Poor-For-Skyrim Would I get in trouble for making up quotes and putting them on my wall attributed to other members?
23:21 Zamiel-is-sex-WORKING Probably not. >>
23:21 Morsalbus-Too-Poor-For-Skyrim Awesome.
23:21 Leggy-Icon if they are fake, who cares
23:21 Leggy-Icon they could call you out, but everyone would hate them-
23:21 Leggy-Icon and be like
23:21 Leggy-Icon b**** please
23:21 the_casualVRPG I wouldn't say anything <<
23:21 Zamiel-is-sex-WORKING Depends on the person/quote
23:21 Leggy-Icon If you are pretending to be casu
23:22 Leggy-Icon and you have him rape Didowe over and over
23:22 Morsalbus-Too-Poor-For-Skyrim I guess I should let loose then.
23:22 Leggy-Icon yeah
23:22 Leggy-Icon that would not be a problem
23:22 the_casualVRPG I raped Didowe over and over

[7:18 PM] Morsalbus: It means "white death."
[7:18 PM] Morsalbus: That's all.
[7:18 PM] Morsalbus: Nothing racial or suicidal about it.
[7:18 PM] Marcmoney: what does that mean?
[7:19 PM] Morsalbus: What does white death mean?
[7:19 PM] Marcmoney: yes
[7:19 PM] Morsalbus: It's just personification.
[7:20 PM] Marcmoney: oh ok, i thought it meant soemthing about jesus christ being killed

[4:02 PM] Annette: I don't mean to brag, or anything. but I look so good naked when I first wake up

[6:48 PM] UserMike: mors walkin into da club lokin hella steezy yo

19:52 Diem_ elfsex gives me motivation

Mizore Shirayuki says(11:01 PM): I look tall in my newest picture
Mizore Shirayuki says(11:01 PM): When I am still at 5'5" T^T
pennylessz says(11:04 PM): Mega you're an ok size.
pennylessz says(11:04 PM): Any smaller and I'd be like. =/ Though.
tj4bigred says(11:05 PM): Nah, he's a midget.
tj4bigred says(11:05 PM): He represents the Lollipop Guild.

2011-11-29 08:57:56 AM Morsalbus enter the chat room
2011-11-29 08:58:08 AM icrazyforpokemon: hello
2011-11-29 08:58:20 AM Morsalbus: CRAP, I'VE BEEN SPOTTED
2011-11-29 08:58:23 AM Morsalbus left the chat room

2011-11-29 09:03:37 AM legacyme3 enter the chat room
2011-11-29 09:03:49 AM icrazyforpokemon: its legy
2011-11-29 09:03:51 AM icrazyforpokemon: leggy
2011-11-29 09:03:53 AM legacyme3: derp
2011-11-29 09:04:03 AM legacyme3: Stupid Mors. Enterting chat like that.
2011-11-29 09:04:07 AM legacyme3: and getting caught
2011-11-29 09:04:09 AM legacyme3: not like me
2011-11-29 09:04:12 AM legacyme3: I'm a ninja
2011-11-29 09:04:14 AM legacyme3: mwahahahaha
2011-11-29 09:04:22 AM icrazyforpokemon: getting caught ?
2011-11-29 09:04:32 AM legacyme3: AWWW zebra
2011-11-29 09:04:34 AM legacyme3: YOU SAW ME
2011-11-29 09:04:38 AM legacyme3 left the chat room

2011-11-29 09:05:06 AM Morsalbus enter the chat room
2011-11-29 09:05:31 AM legacyme3 enter the chat room
2011-11-29 09:05:49 AM icrazyforpokemon:
2011-11-29 09:05:54 AM Morsalbus:
2011-11-29 09:06:00 AM Morsalbus: SMOKE BOMB!
2011-11-29 09:06:02 AM Morsalbus: left the chat room
2011-11-29 09:06:04 AM legacyme3: NINJAS
2011-11-29 09:06:06 AM legacyme3: left the chat room

[10:52 PM] someone70: leggy- Just like an ecchi!
[10:53 PM] Morsalbus: ecchi is actually a genre or adjective, pretty sure nitori misused the word
[10:53 PM] someone70: Ecchi also refers to a game of that genre, de geso
[10:53 PM] someone70: Uh, not that I would know

16:14 Diem: OH GOD
16:15 Morsalbus: Hmm?
16:15 Diem: nothing
16:15 Morsalbus: Don't say my name in vain, then.

[2:07 PM] Morsalbus: I sense a disturbance in the chat-drama continuum.
crazycatpup left the room
[2:07 PM] Morsalbus: All better now

[6:27 PM] alexanyways: Because rapists love them some gas station cashier babes.
[6:27 PM] choko453: It's a challenge
[6:27 PM] choko453: Go for it

[11:27 AM] sonicmcmuffin: all i can say is.. wanna buy some blood and semen?

[3:11 PM] choko453: Mors is my weird boner

[5:42 PM] rnafe: money is a man made item that will kill us all everything should be free

*** mib_rdmdma quit (Quit: ajax IRC Client)
00:39 Zamiel: Was that mega again?
00:39 the_casualponder: kelly.
00:39 the_casualponder: Oh, oh-oh I got a love that keeps me waiting.
00:40 Zamiel: Same person really

[6:07 PM] crazycatpup: choko I'm part blind In my other eye..
[6:07 PM] choko453: I still love you! Even if you're a one eyed freak!
[6:07 PM] choko453: Oh...
[6:07 PM] choko453: That last joke
[6:07 PM] choko453: Act like I didn't say that

[10:10 PM] crazycatpup: pie
[10:10 PM] crazycatpup: and cookies
[10:11 PM] Mizore Shirayuki: I hope you mean pizza
[10:10 PM] crazycatpup: pizzz
[10:11 PM] crazycatpup: noI meant jizz =P of course I meant pizza

[10:21 PM] Mizore Shirayuki: Mors- I saw zamiels comment about me being compared to jelly :/
[10:22 PM] Mizore Shirayuki: But... Being basically the same as Kelly....
[10:23 PM] Mizore Shirayuki: That's the worst torture
[10:23 PM] crazycatpup: Oh I'm sorry Did you say something, I couldn't hear you over all that bull crap
[10:24 PM] Mizore Shirayuki: Or, maybe you didn't hear me because this is the Internet?
[10:24 PM] crazycatpup: Oh mega I guess your mom forgot to pack your brain
[10:24 PM] Mizore Shirayuki: That insult hurt
[10:25 PM] Mizore Shirayuki: So, so bad
Mizore Shirayuki: goes an hero
Mizore Shirayuki: is dead, Nya~

[10:25 PM] tj4bigred: I only have one quote on Mors' wall?
[10:25 PM] tj4bigred: Mega has like 5
[10:25 PM] tj4bigred: Even though he's the butt of the joke everytime.

[2:52 PM] Morsalbus: inb4 crazycatpup enters the room.
Welcome to General Chat, crazycatpup!
[2:53 PM] Morsalbus: Got'em.

[6:55 PM] SunflowerGaming: Amanda flips out worse than I do

[7:57 PM] becerra95: All I know about the bible is that Adam and Eve were the first people by Darwinism of evolution

[3:22 PM] Galacta: in fact it'll all be boys who think they're girls
[3:22 PM] Galacta: secret sausage fest
[3:23 PM] MegaRevolution1: BAHAHA

[4:35 PM] pacman1755: What about naked men?

[12:57 PM] legacyme3: I love the rain <3

2:40 PM - Dr. Buttinski Ph.D.: We may live far away... but our hearts are connected... through our a**h***s, that shat into the same beautiful ocean.
2:41 PM - Dr. Buttinski Ph.D.: /soft music
2:41 PM - Morsalbus: That is so deep
2:41 PM - Dr. Buttinski Ph.D.: I know..
2:41 PM - Dr. Buttinski Ph.D.: I teared up a little
2:41 PM - Morsalbus: I kind of want to quote it
2:41 PM - Dr. Buttinski Ph.D.: Do it, you won't
2:42 PM - Morsalbus: Check my profile!
2:42 PM - Dr. Buttinski Ph.D.: I'm laughing already

10:52 PM - Dr. Buttinski Ph.D.: THAT WAS JUST A DREAM
10:52 PM - Dr. Buttinski Ph.D.: A WEIRD, WEIRD DREAM

11:07 PM - Semiazas: I like Dirty Liberal Commie Bear-Loving Jews

[10:41 PM] jlh: i'm just posing as a pedo while i'm actualy a detective for sopa

[3:20 PM] Choko453: I like when grown men touch my butts.
[3:21 PM] Choko453: It reminds me of my childhood.

[4:13 PM] hyperflareman12: people think im retared
[4:13 PM] Choko453: Yeah, lol.

[3:57 PM] MegaManManiac: i wonldnt classify myself as dumb

[3:57 PM] Morsalbus: [3:57 PM] MegaManManiac: i wonldnt classify myself as dumb
[3:58 PM] MegaManManiac: lol
[3:58 PM] MegaManManiac: no i wouldnt mors
[3:58 PM] MegaManManiac: brb in a minute

2013-01-03 02:33:16 PM mrfe How do you change your uname, but not your text
2013-01-03 02:33:32 PM mrfe ????
2013-01-03 02:34:35 PM Morsalbus You hit the blue T symbol, then press alt+F4
2013-01-03 02:34:51 PM mrfe left the chat room
2013-01-03 02:35:04 PM Morsalbus I... can't believe he tried that.
2013-01-03 02:35:08 PM mrfe enter the chat room
2013-01-03 02:35:15 PM mrfe Jerk

[6:39 PM] legacyme3: Hello Sux.

[12:45 PM] play4fun: Vizzed is not that important to me

[9:06 PM] m0ssb3rg935: actually, his story is totally believable. in my experience, anything that makes no sense is usually fact.

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Yuna1000 - 02-16-17 08:55 PM
Happy Birthday! =)
RDay13 - 02-16-17 08:03 AM
Happy Birthday!
Momo Aria - 02-16-17 05:16 AM
Happy birthday Morsman!!!
Momo Aria - 02-12-17 08:45 PM
I love you
Lexatom - 02-12-17 08:32 PM
Or something gay like that
Lexatom - 02-12-17 08:32 PM
You wanna join the Vizzed Discord? There's already a lot of people but I want to get as many people as possible to make new memories
Lexatom - 02-12-17 08:31 PM
I miss the fun in old chat. Reading your quote wall reminded me even though I wasn't active in 2013 lol
plasticinsanity - 10-27-16 10:05 PM
True I see it now lol but at a first glance it doesn't come off as very Halloweeny.
plasticinsanity - 10-25-16 10:04 PM
That show you were talking about is on Cartoon Network (over the garden wall).
Minuano - 10-01-16 08:52 PM
to the beat

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