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07-14-20 01:31 AM

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  The Legendary Hero Of Time
Real Name: Ólafur
Location: Iceland
Age: 24 (01-29-96)  Gender: Male
Registered: 07-01-10 10:14 AM (3665 days ago)
Posts: 167  Threads: 14
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Level: 28    Experience: 130662
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Last Post: 01-06-12 09:21 AM
  Pokemon The Never Ending Cheat


I love Video Games, I hate school more than anything, My top 5 Video Game Villains are these.

5. Dr. Eggman. He's crazy and insane.
4. Dr. Wily. Another crazy and insane guy.
3. Bowser. Kidnaps the same princess over and over again. Can breathe fire and is awesome.
2. Ganondorf. He's a power-hungry awesome guy who wants world domination. Kidnaps the same princess again and again too.
1. Sephiroth!!!! Sephiroth is friggin awesome. He's the most badass villain EVER!

And my favorite game of all time is Super Smash Bros Brawl.

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