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01-19-20 12:22 PM

Klown's Profile -

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  ๒เﻮ t๏p єภtєгtคเภєг
Real Name: נσє кєяя
Location: Circus Tent That Eats People. RAWRZ
Age: 109 (03-18-10)  Gender: Male
Registered: 08-05-10 10:44 PM (3453 days ago)
Posts: 197  Threads: 10
Post Words: 8,331 (42 word avg)
Viz: 1,735    Contribution Points: 20
Post Rating: 1   Trust Points: 0   Chat: 1
Level: 30    Experience: 162493
Next Level: +3376 Exp    Per Post: 1237 Exp
Last Activity: 11-07-11 09:45 PM
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øh, αhεṃ, ÿυќ ÿυќ ÿυќ! ï'ṃ ṃïṡτεɾ υṃ, ќløώṉ, αṉḋ ï εṉјÃƒÂ¸ÃƒÂ¿ τhɾøώïṉģ ρïεṡ, ṡøαќÃƒÂ¯ṉģ ρεøρlε ώïτh ṡεlτʐεɾ, αṉḋ løøќÃƒÂ¯ṉģ сɾεερÿ. ṃÿ Æ’αṿøɾïτε вøøќ ïṡ "сɾεερÿ сløώṉṡ" αṉḋ ṃÿ Æ’αṿøɾïτε ṃυṡïс αɾτïṡτ ïṡ "ṃαɾïlÿṉ ṃαṉṡøṉ".

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