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07-27-21 06:01 PM
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ExciteBikeFan14's Profile

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  ExciteBike Legend
Vizzed Elite
Age: 27 (03-16-94)  Gender: Male
Registered: 12-05-11 05:05 PM (3521 days ago)
Posts: 99  Threads: 10
Post Words: 4,664 (47 word avg)
Viz: 52,423    Contribution Points: 1,336
Post Rating: 3   Trust Points: 10   Chat: 1
Level: 23    Experience: 58458
Next Level: +9265 Exp    Per Post: 885 Exp



Name: ExciteBikeFan14

Age: 19

DragonMaster64 & DigimonAgumon19 (Call me that if you want, dosen't matter)

Vizzed Tourneys I Been In

Spring 2013 Netplay Tourney : Came In 3rd Place During The Playoffs

Original Series I made:

How It Is In Smallsdale (Comic)
Sudoku Smashers! (A Powerpoint game I made up in the 10th grade for a math project)
Number Stumpers (Another Powerpoint game I made up for a math project)
The Supreme Hotel (Comic being converted into a book I guess)
MidNite Snax: The Series (Canceled)
Dragon Master Origins (It came from a day dream. LOL.)
When Dollar Bills Fly
Animal Antics (A Cartoon Idea I made)
The Survivors (It came to me as a Nintendo 3DS commercial!)

All Time Favorites:

Game (ExciteBike64, DJ Hero Series)
Game System (All Nintendo Systems)
Character (Phineas from Phineas and Ferb)
Game Character ("Tricky" Ricky Stern from ExciteBike64)
Cartoon (All the Cartoon Cartoons and 1990-2005 Nicktoon and Kappa Mikey and anything else on Cartoon Network and TheCW4Kids: Toonzai! and Anime!)
TV Show: (90's Live Action Nick Shows, Wipeout (ABC 2009), I Survived A Japanese Game Show!, Brainsurge, Law & Order and others.)
Channel (Nicktoons Network, Discovery Kids US)
Band (Black Eyed Peas)
Month (March,April,May,June,July,November,December)
Food (Peperoni Pizza)
Software (Microsoft Encarta n' Microsoft Creative Writer (ask me if you don't know what those programs are) )
School Subject (Anything With Science and Technology involved)
Days of the week (Friday n' Saturday)

Least Favorite Things:
Sunday Nights, History (Except for the 20's-Today), Some Vegetables, Being Depressed

Stuff I like to do for fun:

Play Video Games (of course!), Solve Sudoku Puzzles, Use Computer, Watch TV, Write Stories, Draw (I'm still learning how to draw anime) Read Manga (Currently Reading Bleach and One Piece) Read Comics (Calvin and Hobbes, Garfield and the other classics), Learning about Retro stuff from the 1920's-2008

Skills and Talents:

Dancing, Knowledge in computers, Sport Stacking, PowerPoints (School Projects, Games etc.) Piano Keyboard and other things

Songs I can play on the piano keyboard: (I have a Yamaha PSR-170)
Green Hill Zone
World 1 of Super Mario Land
Tetris Type-A
Overworld of Super Mario Bros.
Tetris 2 Type-C 1P
Tetris 2 Type-C 2P 1P VS. CPU
Elevator Level in The Island of Dr. Brain
D-Code by Dust Devil
Some tracks in Art Style: light trax
Mighty Morphing Power Rangers (TV and Movie Theme)
Let's TAP: I Got Rhythm (Tap Edition)
Rhythm Heaven (DS) Built To Scale 1 & 2
Some Christmas Songs
F-ZERO (SNES) Mute City
Casino Night 2P Sonic 2
Chemical Plant Zone Sonic 2
Sonic 1&2 Act Clear
Sierra On-Line Logo Intro (DOS)
Space Quest Theme (only a bit)
Starman Theme
Mario Kart Theme
Wii Sports Theme
Wii Sports Resort Theme
Wii Play Motion Theme
Bloody Tears from Castlevania II: Simon's Quest
Dance of The Holy Man from Super Castlevania IV

Songs I want to learn how to play:
Chrome Gadget Sonic 3
Theme to Wii Sports (Got It!)
Let's Tap: Tap de Papapaya
F-ZERO (SNES) Silence
Wii Play Theme Song
Kinect Adventures! Theme SOng

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