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07-14-20 02:41 AM

Epic347's Profile -

Epic347 is Offline

Location: Eagleland,Fourside
Age: 18 (10-25-01)  Gender: Male
Registered: 02-15-13 07:18 PM (2705 days ago)
Posts: 84  Threads: 9
Post Words: 2,277 (27 word avg)
Viz: 2,836    Contribution Points: 64
Post Rating: 0   Trust Points: 0   Chat: 5
Level: 20    Experience: 40042
Next Level: +2397 Exp    Per Post: 715 Exp
Last Activity: 09-13-13 03:59 PM
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Last Post: 04-28-13 07:26 PM
  Dark Link OoT:Hard or a Fraud?


I am Epic347.I like all types of games but my favorites are Mario and Mother games.I also like Pikmin,too.

Mother3fan5: probably my first friend.We met when I was a newbie.I was looking for an Earthbound thread when I found him.At the time I knew little so I didn't know to post,but I knew how to send PM's.Then I met him and PM'd him.Now he's probably my bestest friend here.
earthwarrior: I knew for a long time,but we weren't friends yet.Then he opened a sprite shop and as a member I bought stuff and then we became friends.
jasper2002: A good friend.We met in a pokemon thread but since then we haven't talked.
truemasterofgames: Don't really know how we met.

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