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10-20-21 09:24 AM
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Real Name: Andrea
Location: United States
Age: 26 (09-09-95)  Gender: Female
Registered: 06-10-13 06:30 PM (3053 days ago)
Posts: 77  Threads: 21
Post Words: 21,192 (275 word avg)
Viz: 5,172    Contribution Points: 83
Post Rating: 0   Trust Points: 1
Level: 20    Experience: 37337
Next Level: +5102 Exp    Per Post: 727 Exp
Last Activity: 10-19-14 03:33 PM
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Last Post: 01-15-14 07:14 PM
  The Original Spyro the Dragon Series


As far as personality goes? I'm usually a great person, and most know me as a total sweetheart. I can be mean, I just choose not to.
I've played a lot of video games, most of them being series, but if you want to know my all-time favorites... Here they are: All Zelda Games, Pokemon games, Spyro Games (with the exception of the disgracing plague known as "Skylanders"), Crash Bandicoot Games, most of the Mario games, Kingdom Hearts, and Sonic games. I haven't played the newest Golden Sun, but I love the other two. Okami is my number one game. I've played a total of two Final Fantasy Games, and really enjoyed them, and I'd love to eventually play more. Also, I love MMORPG'S, even though I currently am on a very long vacation from them. I've played WoW, Perfect World, and Adventure Quest, and probably some other game I don't remember...

As far as grammar and writing goes, I am a grammar nazi, but even I make mistakes sometimes. I am an avid roleplayer, a creator of at least 20 very good roleplays (Though user inactivity on Gaiaonline caused the decline of said roleplays, I still have them archived. If anyone would like me to try and start up a roleplay on Vizzed, I want at least five members interested. You would have to pm me to know more.), and a writer. I am currently writing a book called The Tales of Alumina: Akira, which is the first in a very long series. I am planning on making it between 20 and 25 chapters long, and at the time of updating this have nearly completed Chapter 8. To keep up with the story, and provide feedback, please check out my forum in the "Art/Stories" Forum here on the site. I love all types of criticism, aside from trolling/flaming, and I love knowing if there is anything I should change, or if there is any part where people have lost interest. This is important to me, as I plan on eventually publishing this book.

If you want to know more, PM me.

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skippercapt - 09-21-21 10:53 PM
Keep up the good work there, maybe I'll send a birthday wish next year. Until then happy birthday
no 8120 - 09-09-21 04:47 AM
Happy Birthday
no 8120 - 09-09-20 04:36 AM
Happy Birthday
no 8120 - 09-09-19 04:09 AM
Happy Birthday

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