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08-04-21 02:11 PM
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Nintendo NES

Players: 1
Hack Of:
Mega Man 2
Hack Type:
Graphic, Sound, level, Story

Game Genre:
Game Perspective:
3rd-Person Perspective, Platform
Genre Non-Sport:
Anime / Manga, Sci-Fi / Futuristic
Game Misc:
Compilation / ShovelwareCompilation / Shovelware

Play Mega Man Ultra (Mega Man 2 Hack) - Online Rom | Nintendo NES

Play Mega Man Ultra online with Nintendo NES browser emulation for free! Mega Man Ultra is a rom hack of Mega Man 2 (NES). Play it with our flash, java and rgr plugin emulators. Nothing to configure, we've done it for you!

Mega Man Ultra

Mega Man Ultra Title ScreenMega Man Ultra Screenshot 1
Mega Man Ultra Screenthot 2
Rating: 8.3
(211 votes)
Plays: 45,278
Filesize: 131kb

Mega Man Ultra Game Description

Game Mod of Mega Man 2

Mega Man Ultra (Nintendo NES) Screenshots

X Mega Man Ultra
Mega Man Ultra
by kittyman123 (4.79/5)
Mega Man in a beloved classic!
Mega Man Ultra
by agustin (4.75/5)
moon walking
Mega Man Ultra
by leviwellsy (4.62/5)
Proto Man?
Mega Man Ultra
by thenicodude123 (5/5)
Level : I'm stuck.
Mega Man Ultra
by Lockerdown3 (5/5)
Level : oh crap, the goombas have evolved!
Mega Man Ultra
by Lockerdown3 (5/5)
Level : Better question, WHY THE BUBBLE FOR THIS?!?
Mega Man Ultra
by picklebear1 (5/5)
Level : no mushumm :'(
Mega Man Ultra
by tyranit (5/5)
Character Select : Level Select Screen
Mega Man Ultra
by Lockerdown3 (4.67/5)
Character Select : No eyebrows this time? it's not wily!
Mega Man Ultra
by Hyousuke (2/5)
Ending : ultimate boss *--------*
Mega Man Ultra
by Lockerdown3 (4.67/5)
Location : Wily's doing a lot of redecorating...
Mega Man Ultra
by takahiro4 (4.33/5)
Cut-Scene : last boss
Mega Man Ultra
by asianation (4.8/5)
Battle : let's battle again quickie

Videos of Mega Man Ultra Gameplay

08-16-13 07:33 PM
00:00:46  Views: 80
Mega Man Ultra - Mega Man Ultra (Hack) - Metal Man - User video4.7/5
Mega Man Ultra (Hack) - Metal Man
05-04-13 09:06 AM
00:02:33  Views: 150
Mega Man Ultra - Mega Man Ultra (NES / Nintendo) - User video4.1/5
Mega Man Ultra (NES / Nintendo)
11-15-15 01:00 PM
00:01:11  Views: 117
Mega Man Ultra - GamePlay - Flash Man Theme - User video3.5/5 GamePlay - Flash Man Theme
11-08-15 02:31 PM
00:01:27  Views: 75
Mega Man Ultra - airman(Cossack stage 2) - User video2/5
airman(Cossack stage 2)
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Mega Man Ultra Featured Review

Mega Man Ultra Review by: tornadocam - 8.8/10

Mega Man 2 Ultra Hack
Mega Man 2 came out in the late 80's. If I remember correctly it came out in 1988 because that is abut the time I remember seeing it in stores and when I got a copy of the original game. Mega Man 2 is the game that put Mega Man on the map and is the game that caused Mega Man to be a popular video game series. Many sites Rank Mega Man in the top 5 of most popular game characters. So its not surprise that Mega Man 2 has been remade. It is also not surprising that they are several hacks out there of this game. Such a hack is Mega Man Ultra. So in this review I will be making reference to the original game. 

Story: 9 
Okay the makers of this hack put a unique story to this hack. It has been 20 years since Dr. Wily's arrest for terrorism for world denomination. During the 20 years Wily has been in jail. Dr. Light starts drawing up plans for a new Mega Man. Dr. Light starts drafting plans for X when all of a sudden things take a surprising twist. Dr. Wily somehow contacted his Mega Man 2 Robot users and Wily breaks out of jail. Wily stills the plans for Mega Man X. Dr. Light sends Mega Man to get them back. Just what is this X project and why would Dr. Wily want it. Mega Man sets out to battle the Mega Man 2 Robot Masters again, recover the plans and bring Dr. Wily back to jail and justice. 

Whoever made this game has some creativity. I really liked how they added a new story to Mega Man 2. Mega Man 2 (Original version) had a good story. I like how they tied Mega Man X in it. In addition having Wily stay in jail longer then 6 months was a nice touch. It was just a unique twist. I really like the creativity and the plot. Thus I give this a very solid 9 out of 10. 

Graphics and Controls: 7 

For this to be a hack the graphics are nicely done. They are a step down from the original version. But whoever made this game did a good job with the graphics. I like how the maker or makers of this game used graphics from other Mega Man games. In one level they even use a Mario Brothers background and the enemies or a mix of Mega Man enemies as well as Mario Enemies. That was nicely done and is a bonus. The colors are about right for the stages as well. Most of them are from other Mega Man games. The sprites are decent too. 

What brings the rating down is the controls. The controls at times seem like they are heavy and sluggish. They are not bad do not get me wrong and compared to other hacks they are good. Its just that I found myself fighting against the controls. Its so easy for the controls to be sluggish and feel heavy. This can knock you into a pit or get you hit. So yeah, that is what brings the graphics and control ratings down. So I give the graphics and controls a decent 7 out of 10. 

Sound: 8 

The sound in this game is actually good. Not anything that is going to blow you away like the original game but its decent. I like how the makers use a variety of tunes for the stages theme. Some stages use Mega Man  X series themes, a few stages use Mario Brothers soundtracks and others use other Mega Man game themes for the stages. Whoever made this did a good job converting the tunes to 8 byte style. I also like the sounds the game makes. When Mega Man shoots an enemy it has the same sound as the original MM 2 game. Enemies make sounds to let you know they are powerful and are tough. The only thing that keeps the rating from being a 9 or a 10 is they are a few tingles. The tingles are minor. I have played some hacks that just make you want to put ear muffs on. This is not one of them but they are a few tingles. I would expect a few tingles as some of the themes were originally from the SNES games which is 16 bytes. Still, at the end of the day I give the sound a good 8 out of 10. 

Replay Value 8 

Mega Man 2 I played a lot when I was younger and its still fun to play. For this to be a hack its a fun game to play. Granted, its not in the same league as the original game. But I had fun playing this game. It is a very challenging game (more on that in a few paragraphs) so if you like a challenge like I do this game will have a high replay value. Sometimes I take breaks from original Mega Man games and play hack versions. This is one that if you like challenges you will want to play again. Plus how they use Mario Brothers stages, other Mega Man stages and a mix of Mega Man & Mario Enemies makes this hack unique. So I give it a 8 out of 10. 

Depth: 9

Mega Man games are known for their huge amount of depth. This game even though it is a hack is no different. The stages are very long just like stages are in the original series. Mega Man games are infamous for very long stages. It should be no surprise there are several items to collect, power ups to collect and weapons to get. So when playing through a stage all areas will need to be investigated to make sure you get everything. So if you play this game be prepared for it to take awhile. Like I usually give the original Mega Man game's depth rating. I give this one a 9 out of a 10. I was glad that the makers of this game kept the traditional high amount of depth seen in the original games. 

Difficulty: 10 

Some gamers will find the difficulty in this game to be well a pain. Other gamers that are like me and like games that challenge you will enjoy this hack. This game is brutal in difficulty it really pounds you no joke. The stages are long so many times your going good and die and think you made it halfway only to find out you got to go back from the very start. Also the maker of this game made sure you were challenged. Pits are everywhere more so then the original Mega Man 2 game. The enemies in this game are just brutal a lot of them do 30% of damage in one hit and that is on the novice level. I want to think on the Expert Level its 40%. So if your playing on the regular level 3 hits and your done. Also enemy placement is a nightmare. Enemies are placed above pits so even if you make a jump usually a pesky enemy is there to knock you down into the pit. Second the enemies just love to gang up on you and hit you from behind. Then there are the bosses oh the bosses. The bosses are a pain in this game. The Mega Man 2 robot Master bosses just bury you in this game. They move real fast their attacks are more deadly and usually you have died before reaching their layer so you only have a few chances. Also the weapons use requires them to be used wisely as they have short ammo. You will die sometime in this game that is a given. 

The game does not do much to help you like they do in a few of the other Mega Man games. Mega Man games are kind of infamous for difficulty but this one makes it extreme. Energy Tanks are far and between. I only remember coming across 3 during my play through. Enemies do not seem to be cooperative in dropping power ups or extra lives either. Also the power ups often require special weapons or risks to get them. As I stated some might be turned off by the difficulty. But I like games that really challenge you. This game requires timing, reflexes, creativity and lets face it a little bit of luck. Therefore, I give the difficulty a 10 out of 10. 

Overall Rating 8.8

For this game to be a hack it was actually a nice hack. I have played some hacks that are awful this is not one of them. I really enjoyed the original Mega Man 2 as I got it when it first came out. I did not learn about this hack till recently. So I thought well I will play it and see how good it is. Its good now granted its not as sharp as MM 2 was. But it is a decent hack and one I had fun playing through even though it was brutal. 

So before I get to the positives. I will address the negatives first. The controls are really the main negative in this game. I found myself fighting with the controls sometime. They just seem sluggish and heavy at times. This is a hack so I did not expect to be blown away by the controls. But I do not like the feeling that I'm fighting with the controls. Some gamers might find this to be minor but it was a problem for me. Second, the tingles, these were minor for me. But I do not like to hear tingles in the stage themes. I find them irritating. Thankfully they were not that many in this game. This wasn't a turn off for me as I like games that really challenge you and are difficult. But some gamers might think this game is overly difficult like to the extreme. I did not mind it but other gamers could get turned off by it. These are minor issues so lets get to the positives. 

The game, is fun to play through the uniqueness of this game makes it fun. It was really creative how the makers of this hack put a Mario Brothers background in one of the stages. I thought that was a nice touch. I was also glad in that stage they  mixed Mega Man and Mario enemies that was really good. I also like how they use different themes for each stage and most come from other games. The sound track was also nicely done except for the things I mentioned above. The sprites are about right for this to be a hack. The story was very creative. I really enjoyed how they took Mega Man 2 and tied it into the X series. They found away to make the plot work which was a nice bonus. This game was also fun to play even if it does bury you in difficulty. 

So would I recommend this game: Well despite me giving this game a very good rating. I think for you to really enjoy this game you have to like challenges and do not mind dying a lot in the game. If you like games that can bury you in difficulty and really challenge you then this is a game for you. If your an expert gamer who loves to be challenged then this hack is for you. If your a gamer who gets frustrated easy and does not like a very difficult game then this game is not for you. It really depends on what type of game you like and what type of gamer you are. If you like me and like challenges or if your just a Mega Man fan like me. Then by all means enjoy this game like I did. Due to the game's difficulty it makes me believe the makers of this hack was intending for it to be played by teens and adults due to the difficulty. At the end of the day I give Mega Man Ultra (MM 2 hack) a good 8.8 out of 10. 

  Graphics 7   Sound 8   Addictive 8   Depth 9   Story 9   Difficulty 10

Mega Man Ultra Reviews

Overall 8.3    Graphics 8    Sound 7.7    Addictive 7.3    Story 6.4    Depth 6.5    Difficulty 7.2

Mega Man 2 Ultra Hack   tornadocam
Mega Man 2 came out in the late 80's. If I remember correctly it came out in 1988 because that is ab...
  Graphics 7   Sound 8   Addictive 8   Story 9   Depth 9   Difficulty 10

      Review Rating: 4.3/5     Submitted: 01-28-16     Review Replies: 1

A worthy, if flawed Mega Man hack.   Boxia
Mega Man games were always ripe for hacking. There are so many ways a single level can be modified a...
  Graphics 8   Sound 8   Addictive 9   Story 5   Depth 5   Difficulty 5

      Review Rating: 4/5     Submitted: 08-26-14     Review Replies: 0

the title says it all   Zircron Swift
Mega Man Ultra is Ultra hard. Although I did play most of the game in Expert. Yes, I like this, good...
  Graphics 8   Sound 9   Addictive 6   Story 2   Depth 8   Difficulty 10

      Review Rating: 3.1/5     Submitted: 04-20-11     Review Replies: 0

Gone Ultra   uiopop
This is one of the more famous Rock man 2 ROM hacks, and the probably the most famous one done entir...
  Graphics 8   Sound 7   Addictive 5   Depth 3   Difficulty 5

      Review Rating: 3/5     Submitted: 05-16-13     Review Replies: 0

Mega Man Ultra Highscores

There are no submitted highscores for this Game

Mega Man Ultra Threads


Mega Man Ultra Guides and Walkthroughs

There are no submitted Guides for this Game

Users who own Mega Man Ultra

There are no users who own this Game

Game Characters in Mega Man Ultra

Comments for Mega Man Ultra

thenicodude123 07-10-15 - 08:51 PM
 What do you do when you get to the dark part of crashman's stage?
alpha lucario 12-25-14 - 06:10 PM
 i ran into a glitch with bubble man. He knocked me into the door and somehow i warped past the boss room into some sort of glitch room that was an infinite loop where i was fighting a wave of spawning enemies and an unkillable glitch sprite bubbleman.
www.megamanzero 10-12-14 - 09:22 AM
mega man221 07-23-14 - 10:19 PM
sauce man 07-03-14 - 12:26 PM
 how do you get to the lvls
xElectricZz 08-02-13 - 01:06 AM
 On crashman there is a part where everything is black, and i can't pass it. can someone help? i did Metal Man, Wood Man, Air Man, and moved to Crash, but like i said, there is a black area, and i can't pass.
riderx40 05-14-13 - 06:25 AM
 I finally reach the second wily boss,and....i stoped there it freakin' hard man really.
takahiro4 03-18-13 - 11:44 PM
 ladder climbing faster.
Lockerdown3 03-18-13 - 10:50 AM
 wow crashman's the easiest of the 6 i got so far, he actually has a pattern quickman I beat quickly through force fireman... THERE'S NO WAY TO TELL WHEN EXACTLY HE'S GOING TO LAUNCH UNTIL HE'S ALREADY HEADING FOR YOU
marioplayer657 01-29-13 - 02:00 AM
 as an game over music from megaman x2 and bubble mans stage is megaman x1 flash man from megaman x3 i played mega man x games so many times a lot of them
marioplayer657 10-24-12 - 01:40 AM
 i will trust you 123cheese
marioplayer657 09-18-12 - 05:53 PM
 This is a ridiculous game!!! ):(
marioplayer657 09-18-12 - 05:44 PM
 lucky that i defeat air man and clash man.
Vizzedgamer! 09-15-12 - 01:28 PM
 10/10! Hard. VERY hard.
bubblemanftw 09-07-12 - 07:03 PM
 how do i beat woodman? I am very bad at mega man so to me he is like IMPOSSIBLE
marioplayer657 08-17-12 - 05:40 PM
 you cannot hit the blocks in super mario brothers,its a not-working one.
travis06 07-17-12 - 11:04 AM
 lol i suck at mega man soevery time i jump from block to block i state save!XD when i see a boss i like quit lol
teddy5 07-10-12 - 07:14 PM
 good game, but real hard
RNix25 06-26-12 - 06:09 PM
 nvm, Leaf Shield to the face FTW.
metallico123 06-25-12 - 06:53 PM
tanathos 06-19-12 - 07:45 PM
 pff... just woodman and metalman is hard .
RNix25 06-13-12 - 09:55 PM
 Is the tank invincible or something? None of my weapons damage it anywhere. Help?
tragiklyfe55 05-31-12 - 01:44 PM
 it's challenging actually. Only level i've truly had an issue with is Metal man
tragiklyfe55 05-31-12 - 01:13 PM
 wow this is hrd as hell
DinorexMattrex4.. 05-22-12 - 07:18 PM
 The Airman is a Piece of Crap!

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