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06-25-21 02:11 AM
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Nintendo NES
Enix America Corporation
Chunsoft Co.
UPC: 719631000043

Released: 12-01-92
Players: 1

Game Genre:
Role-Playing (RPG)
Game Perspective:
Genre Non-Sport:
Medieval / Fantasy, Turn-based

Price Guide (USD):
Loose:  $54.89
Complete:  $111.05
New:  $981.25
Rarity:  6/10

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Play Dragon Warrior IV (NES) - Online Rom | Nintendo NES

Play Dragon Warrior IV online with Nintendo NES browser emulation for free! Dragon Warrior IV (NES) game rom is loaded with features in our flash, java and rgr plugin emulators. Nothing to configure, we've done it for you!

Dragon Warrior IV

Dragon Warrior IV Title ScreenDragon Warrior IV Screenshot 1
Dragon Warrior IV Box Art FrontDragon Warrior IV Box Art BackDragon Warrior IV Screenthot 2
Rating: 8.8
(50 votes)
Plays: 10,252
Filesize: 405kb

Dragon Warrior IV (Nintendo NES) Screenshots

X Dragon Warrior IV
Dragon Warrior IV
by janus (4/5)
Cut-Scene : Isn't it supposed to happen at random?
Dragon Warrior IV
by janus (4/5)
Cut-Scene : Take that, creationists
Dragon Warrior IV
by janus (4/5)
Cut-Scene : You're not a helpless princess like she was
Dragon Warrior IV
by janus (4/5)
Cut-Scene : I was looking at the inn behind you
Dragon Warrior IV
by Starman_Deluxe (4.71/5)'s morbid!
Dragon Warrior IV
by Starman_Deluxe (4.5/5)
'Gwoon, Gwoon.'
Dragon Warrior IV
by Starman_Deluxe (4/5)
Yay! Slimes!
Dragon Warrior IV
by janus (3/5)
Location Zenithia: Darwin is an evil man!!
Dragon Warrior IV
by janus (3/5)
Location Dungeon: Casually walking over a pit
Dragon Warrior IV
by janus (3/5)
Location Dungeon: Or you will become a squid. I'm not sure
Dragon Warrior IV
by janus (3/5)
Location Zenithia: Creationists are onto something
Dragon Warrior IV
by janus (5/5)
Battle : A level grinder's dream
Dragon Warrior IV
by janus (3/5)
Battle : Pink T-Rex; don't do drugs kids
Dragon Warrior IV
by janus (3/5)
Battle : Purple-face is acceptable
Dragon Warrior IV
by SacredShadow (4.6/5)
Misc : Okay then...
Dragon Warrior IV
by Starman_Deluxe (4/5)
Misc : Oh, so now you can talk?!
Dragon Warrior IV
by Starman_Deluxe (4.67/5)
Ending : The end of a great game :,(
Dragon Warrior IV
by janus (3/5)
Ending : Now God has taken back his creationism

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Dragon Warrior IV Featured Review

Dragon Warrior IV Review by: Starman_Deluxe - 9.4/10

The Chapters of the Chosen
Dragon Warrior IV, a classic for the NES. Released in 1992, the game did not fare well in the United States, as it was released during the 16 bit era. Though, those who found this gem, were greeted with a game with an interesting structure, wonderful music, and wacky characters.

Dragon Warrior IV presents itself very well. The music of the game is varied and is a joy to listen to, such as a frantic, calypso theme (Gypsy's Dance), a bouncy theme for an adventurous Princess (March of the Capricious Princess), and a lonely theme when the main hero is abandoned (Homeworld). The music is an amazing feat for an 8-bit game. The graphics on the other hand, could have been much better. Being such a late NES game, I would expect much more of the graphics. The colors of the character sprites do not match at all with their actual characters, and a lot of graphics are recycled in the overworld and towns. In battles though, the graphics are wonderful! The monsters are extremely detailed, and look exactly like their concept artwork. Overall, the presentation is very good, with amazing music and wonderful monster graphics.

The game suffers a bit in this section. Most of the game was very addicting, for their isn't much grinding at all, and the chapters of the game keep you engaged...except for chapter 3, "Taloon the Arms Merchant." In this chapter, the character Taloon has to raise money for various things, forcing you to grind (in a game where you don't need to grind that much, as stated before). For replayability, though, you may want to play this game again, as there are 7 characters in total that you can switch using, who have different skills and abilities to try out. Overall, this game is addictive, though chapter 3 is a chore to get through.

The story of the game is presented in a very interesting way, as each chapter you learn the back story of different characters you play as. I'll summarize each chapter below:
Chapter 1: The Royal Soldiers
This is the story of Ragnar, where he saves children from a Monster's tower with the help of his friend Healie, a Heal Sime, who dreams to become human. While rescuing the children, he learns about a "legendary hero."

Chapter 2: Princess Alena's Adventure
This is the tale of Princess Alena, a tomboy princess who dreams of adventuring outside the castle walls. She eventually breaks out, and is accompanied by Cristo, a chancellor, and Brey, a wizard. While adventuring, she hears about a tournament, which she decides to enter in. Before entering though, she hears about a villain named "Necrosaro." Once the tournament begins, she bests all her foes and thus ends the chapter

Chapter 3: Taloon the Arms Merchant
Taloon, a shop employee, dreams of having his own shop. Once he travels to the castle town of Endor, he rents a shop and owns it, then is requested by the king to earn items for his soldiers. Once Taloon does this, he earns 60,000 gold, which he then uses to excavate a tunnel.

Chapter 4: The Sisters of Monbaraba
The twins Mara, a dancer, and Nara, a fortune teller, seek to avenge their father's death from Balzack. The two travel to the castle town of Keeleon, and are not able to enter, as the castle doors are shut. With the help of Orin, their father's friend, they break in and defeat Balzack.

Chapter 5: The Chosen Ones
The hero of the story (who will be called Solo for the remainder of the review) is being hunted down by Necrosaro's (remember him?) minions. In the town Solo stays in, Necrosaro's minions kill everyone, while Solo manages to escape. Solo then travels around the land of Dragon Warrior IV, searching for his allies (the stars of the previous chapters). They then come together to go and defeat the main evil, Necrosaro.
The story is presented in an interesting way, and is top notch for an NES game.

The depth of this game comes primarily from the length. This is probably the longest NES game I have ever played, taking me around 35 hours to complete. Also, you have different character choices for your party in the last chapter, and throughout the game, you have access to a casino, to win prizes. There are a few sidequests in this game also, a Tiny Medal sidequest, some item quests, an a treasure chest quest. Overall, the game is expansive and offers tons of depth.

This is probably the easiest NES RPG in my opinion, as there is little penalty for death, not that much grinding, and freedom to make your own party. It's not too easy though, this is because of party AI, as you do not have control over anyone in the final chapter except Solo, so your party members may act dumb and do things you wouldn't do (for example, Cristo will cast the Defeat spell, a spell that only kills enemies, on a boss, when they are not effective to it, and will keep doing that he rest of the boss battle). You do have a certain extent to what your party members do, as you can set specific tactics to them. Overall, the game has perfect difficulty.

Within Dragon Quest IV, you will find an expansive world to explore, featuring remember able characters, an exceptional soundtrack, a lot of depth, an interesting story setup, and perfect difficulty. Dragon Warrior IV deserves to wonderful score of 9.4

enjoy playing!
  Graphics 8   Sound 10   Addictive 8   Depth 10   Story 10   Difficulty 5

Dragon Warrior IV Game Description

As the legend of Erdrick slips into the past, it's time to begin anew. Chapter 1: Ragnar, the King's General. Chapter 2: Alena, the Princess. Chapter 3: Taloon, the Merchant. Chapter 4: Nara & Mara, the Dancer and the Fortune Teller. Chapter 5: ? Fulfill a prophesy. Is this your destiny?

Dragon Warrior IV Reviews

Overall 8.8    Graphics 8.5    Sound 9.5    Addictive 8.5    Story 9.5    Depth 10    Difficulty 6

The Chapters of the Chosen   Starman_Deluxe
Intro: Dragon Warrior IV, a classic for the NES. Released in 1992, the game did not fare well in the...
  Graphics 8   Sound 10   Addictive 8   Story 10   Depth 10   Difficulty 5

      Review Rating: 5/5     Submitted: 08-22-13     Updated: 03-02-14     Review Replies: 2

Dragon Warrior IV: the Last Epic 8-bit Adventure   janus
While Squaresoft was already busy establishing its name as the reference in RPGs on the Super Ninten...
      Review Rating: 5/5     Submitted: 04-10-16     Updated: 10-01-16     Review Replies: 0

Dragon Warrior IV Highscores

There are no submitted highscores for this Game

Dragon Warrior IV Cheat Codes

View Poker Results:
Go to the casino, start a Poker game, hold B and press Select + Start.

2000 free coins:
In chapter 5, enter the tunnel between Branca and Endor. Go through the tunnel and up the stairs on the other side. Re-enter the tunnel, and go up the stairs on the other side. Keep doing this and eventually you'll get 2000 free coins to use in the casino.

Change Overworld music:
In Chapter V, after you have found all seven chosen ones (Ragnar, Alena, Brey, Cristo, Taloon, Nara, and Mara), you can change the music on the overworld. Place Ragnar at the lead of the party if you want Chapter I music, place Alena, Brey, or Cristo for Chapter II music, Taloon for Chapter III, Nara or Mara for Chapter IV, and the Hero for all-new music. If you want the Hero's old music, set him/her at the head of the party with no one else in it.

Dragon Warrior IV Threads

There are no submitted threads for this Game

Dragon Warrior IV Guides and Walkthroughs

Guide / Walkthrough

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Game Characters in Dragon Warrior IV

Comments for Dragon Warrior IV

Jordanv78 01-15-16 - 11:47 AM
 This game was released near the last gasp of the NES when everyone had basically cast it aside when the SNES came out in 91. Decent game. Not my favorite in the series, but not the worst either.
janus 04-05-15 - 04:19 PM
 I prefered III, but this one has better music and addictiveness factor (with the casino, whose music is awesome)
Leeland 11-11-14 - 10:19 PM
 @Dragoon26 I go for Nara instead, mostly because she's not an idiot with her magic. Also, I think she gets higher Strength than him, but I'm not sure.
Hunter33 09-22-14 - 03:45 PM
 Dragon Warrior Series is a Great Turn Based RPG & Story.
kensandra 07-13-14 - 03:53 PM
 so glad this is finally online. Loved it years ago and its still great. Just don't remember how to do everything.
Dragoon26 09-23-13 - 07:15 AM
 Cristo with all Metal Babble gear = awesome
lumi007 09-22-13 - 07:02 AM
 best dragon warrior ever!and best rpg for the nes!its huge! its great! its epic!this is one of those games you will always love!tons of secrets!huge vast world!tons of mobs!spells!items ect!and great story.i love this game:)
lumi007 09-07-13 - 05:02 PM
 best dragon warrior game ever.there is nothing like this game,this game demands respect.
Starman_Deluxe 06-07-13 - 02:56 PM
 Best NES Dragon Quest, imo.
Astynax27 08-28-12 - 05:38 PM
 Game needs Fast Forward and a "dash" B-button option, please. :)
Leeland 06-22-12 - 07:12 PM
 By the way, I just won. :P
Leeland 06-17-12 - 09:51 AM
 Got everything for Nara, save the Metal Babble Helm, and Alena is breaking a hundred damage a whack with her Stiletto Earrings. This makes me a very happy man.
Leeland 06-14-12 - 11:40 PM
 Just for fun, I'm gonna give all the seeds and Metal Babble equipment to Nara. Have her up front and kick ass, and with all the healing spells, she'll be damn near unbeatable.
Jack6651 05-15-12 - 05:55 AM
 This game rocks!
macblo 05-12-12 - 09:43 AM
 Alena+Brey:If tomorrow comes the new sun will born Alena:and it sets Brey:and borns again Alena+Brey:A nasty thing will become one of memories
macblo 05-12-12 - 09:39 AM
 Cristo: with one jump Alena: Tell me To get real strength Isn't it enough using power the power of swords or spells? Cristo I think the most powerful thing in the world is The power of one's love for someone
macblo 05-12-12 - 09:33 AM
 Chapter 2 theme lyrics Alena+Cristo: Lets walk as far as we can go Away from a boring life Alena: to a distant land Cristo: over the sky Alena +Cristo I have no fear as long as your by my side In a pair of worn shoes Alena: we can go all over the world Cri
TacoPete 04-30-12 - 01:55 PM
 i remember playing this as a kid, i don't remember the annoyingly high encounter rate
TacoPete 04-30-12 - 01:14 PM
 adventure lag erased? d4mn
Metal Triforce 04-15-12 - 07:32 PM
 Best battle theme EVER!!
Metal Triforce 04-15-12 - 10:27 AM
Metal Triforce 04-14-12 - 09:08 AM
 YES! Finally this game is playable!!
nickvnamen 04-14-12 - 05:54 AM
crshohasiree 10-06-11 - 08:06 AM
 This game doesn't work. It says the copy is bad.

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