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06-24-19 11:43 PM

Play Altered Beast Online GEN Game Rom - Sega Genesis Emulation - Playable on Altered Beast (GEN)

Play Altered Beast online with Sega Genesis browser emulation for free! Altered Beast (GEN) game rom is loaded with features in our flash, java and rgr plugin emulators. Nothing to configure, we've done it for you!

Altered Beast

Altered Beast Title ScreenAltered Beast Screenshot 1Altered Beast Box Art FrontAltered Beast Screenthot 2
Rating: 8.8 (126 votes)
Plays: 26,519 M:99% F:1%
Filesize: 319kb

Altered Beast Box Description

Enter a time when men were warriors and Gods ruled the world. A time of good against evil, a place of danger. Summoned by Zeus to rescue Athena, you will infiltrate the Underworld with the power to transform into mythical creatures with supernatural strength. Level 1: Become a savage Werewolf and use teeth and nails to shred your enemies to pieces. Capture 3 of the elusive Spirit Balls and you'll be transformed into a ferocious, fireball throwing Werewolf. Levels 2 & 3: Take flight as Weredragon and use fiery force to fry the followers of Neff. Creep across slippery crevasses inside a deep cavern as the crafty Werebear. Levels 4 & 5: Stalk the gates of the Underworld fortress as a man-eating Weretiger, a predator with no pity. Inside the inner sanctum call on Golden Werewolf's might to demolish Neff the demon - forever!

Altered Beast Screenshots

10-30-11 11:55 AM
Altered Beast - First Boss - User Screenshot5/5 Edit Screenshot
First Boss
10-30-11 12:09 PM
Altered Beast - Boss attacking - User Screenshot5/5 Edit Screenshot
Boss attacking
06-24-12 06:34 PM
Altered Beast - AROO!!!! - User Screenshot5/5 Edit Screenshot
king of pimp874
03-28-12 10:01 PM
Altered Beast - The dragon whisper - User Screenshot5/5 Edit Screenshot
The dragon whisper
07-19-16 07:51 PM
Altered Beast - Ending  - Game Beaten - User Screenshot5/5 Edit Screenshot
Game Beaten
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Videos of Altered Beast Gameplay

10-02-13 04:20 PM
00:00:44  Views: 145
Altered Beast -  2 deaths in boss fight - User video3.8/5
2 deaths in boss fight
09-30-15 02:39 PM
00:14:47  Views: 6
Altered Beast - GamePlay - User video3/5 GamePlay

Joinable Netplay Multiplayer Sessions for Altered Beast 

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Altered Beast Game Description

In this coin-op conversion, you are a hero raised from the dead by the god Zeus to rescue his daughter Athena. With a scenery inspired by Ancient Greece, you have to fight hordes of undead and demons, with a boss at the end of each level until you meet the god Neff, who holds the girl captive.

The title refers to your shapeshifting abilities. In this platformer, you can collect spirit balls by defeating two-headed wolves, allowing you to mutate into different beasts such as a werewolf, a dragon, a tiger, a bear and others depending on the version. Each form, tied to a level, comes with special abilities such as flight and powerful attacks, easily superseding the basic set of punches and kicks in your human form.

The game can be played in singleplayer mode, or in same-screen multiplayer co-op mode.

Altered Beast Reviews

Overall 8.8    Graphics 8.2    Sound 7.7    Addictive 8    Story 7    Depth 5.8    Difficulty 8.5

Altered Feast   yoshirulez!
The titles an undead joke. Feast yknow, And you're like, Undead. Altered beast for the first syst...
  Graphics 9   Sound 8   Addictive 7   Story 5   Depth 4   Difficulty 10

      Review Rating: 4.3/5     Submitted: 02-03-14     Review Replies: 3

Welcome to your doom! Eh, OK   endings
Altered Beast was a graphical delight on the Genesis back in the launch day. In this, you are a dead...
  Graphics 8   Sound 6   Addictive 5   Story 3   Depth 2   Difficulty 7

      Review Rating: 3.5/5     Submitted: 07-08-14     Review Replies: 3

child hood memories   vivi13
This game is a blast from the past. I haven,t played this sense I was a kid I love this game. I woul...
  Graphics 6   Sound 8   Addictive 10   Depth 6   Difficulty 10

      Review Rating: 3.4/5     Submitted: 06-15-11     Review Replies: 2

Altered Beast   Itachi_4_ever
Overall 8/10 I had this game when I still had my Sega Genesis (or Sega Mega Drive as it was calle...
  Graphics 7   Sound 7   Addictive 6   Story 8   Depth 5   Difficulty 7

      Review Rating: 3/5     Submitted: 12-05-14     Review Replies: 2

Altered Beast review for the Sega Genesis!   G@mehe@d
Altered Beast was released in 1989 for the Sega Genesis. For genesis collectors it is a must have an...
  Graphics 9   Sound 7   Addictive 10   Story 9   Depth 8   Difficulty 7

      Review Rating: 2/5     Submitted: 07-16-12     Review Replies: 0

Altered Beast Highscores

1. 1,500,400
TimeTrial: 00:39:44
05-21-14 07:53 PM
Altered Beast -  - User Screenshot
2. 933,200
TimeTrial: 00:22:09
05-21-14 07:00 PM
Altered Beast -  - User Screenshot
3. 338,700
TimeTrial: 00:07:06
11-07-13 04:39 PM
Altered Beast -  - User Screenshot
4. 336,300
TimeTrial: 00:08:00
09-15-12 07:33 PM
Altered Beast - Funny game - User Screenshot
Funny game
5. 283,300
TimeTrial: 00:07:47
08-05-12 02:57 AM
Altered Beast - Well.... - User Screenshot
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Altered Beast Cheat Codes


Enter on the title screen:
Hold A + B + C + Down/Left and then press Start Beast Select
Hold A and press Select after a Game Over Continue from last stage played
Press B and Start Level Select
Hold A + C + Up/Right and then press Start Sound Test

Beat the game completion scene after beating the game

When the credits are being displayed on the screen after you have beaten the game, you can control your character to kick away the credited names.

Altered Beast Threads


Altered Beast Guides and Walkthroughs

There are no submitted Guides for this Game

Users who own Altered Beast

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Comments for Altered Beast

grinder665 07-10-15 - 06:56 PM
Dejotaj 12-18-14 - 03:23 PM
 Lise from yo Glave
Awesome-Kid 05-20-14 - 08:31 PM
 And from the option..... you can choose your difficulty, the amount many health meters you want, choose the levels, and some other things!!
Awesome-Kid 05-20-14 - 08:29 PM
 You can go to the options menu on this game.... as soon as you go on the title screen, press the B button and then the start button!!
CarBitGTSaxen 12-01-12 - 03:43 PM
 Awesomely awesome game!
Lord Anubis 11-15-12 - 12:23 PM
 Can't wait for MAME. One of my favorite old skool games. I dumped $$$$ in quarters at the local arcade after I was finished delivering news papers. I think any profit I made went directly to the arcade/diner in town.
Simon_Belmondo 06-24-12 - 06:26 PM
inspiron 05-29-12 - 04:52 PM
 this game is sooo fun
gamer999 05-20-12 - 02:54 PM
 ive installed this thing and doesn't want to work...
TheBunnyQueen 05-05-12 - 02:10 AM
 Good evening everyone
TheBunnyQueen 05-05-12 - 02:09 AM
 I've been looking for this game for years and couldn't remember the name of it for the life of me
DanRob 04-24-12 - 03:30 AM
 Time flys!
saurabhprakash54 04-06-12 - 11:48 AM
saurabhprakash54 04-06-12 - 11:48 AM
saurabhprakash54 04-06-12 - 11:48 AM
king of pimp874 03-28-12 - 09:53 PM
 attack the eyes when they come out
Loki000 03-27-12 - 10:47 PM
dj_chino1 03-22-12 - 12:58 PM
 porqeu esto no carga si me he registrado y tengo el plugin ??
dj_chino1 03-22-12 - 12:57 PM
 algun español
Zeugirdor Susej 03-13-12 - 06:10 PM
DudeWitDaFace 03-08-12 - 04:29 PM
breezemurder 02-22-12 - 02:16 AM
 i cant believe it has been so long 1988 just seemed like yesterday!!
leaf69 01-30-12 - 09:54 PM
 when this was an arcade beat it with 50 bucks in quarters with a friend
nelsoncook 01-24-12 - 05:40 PM
Scarr13 01-05-12 - 07:33 PM
 i mean @marvioussonic1