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Facts about your city
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04-20-17 02:54 PM
04-24-17 05:55 AM

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Facts about your city


04-20-17 02:54 PM
Pokemonfan1000 is Offline
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Post some facts about your city here whether it's because your city is the home to an invention or a famous celebrity etc. Here are mine.

1. WOC 1420 AM Davenport Iowa is the second oldest station in the world still operating today (A Pittsburgh PA station is the oldest station in the world)

2. 40th president Ronald Regan had a job at WOC before transferring to WHO 1040 Des Moines Iowa (The people that owned WOC also owned WHO and combined them under the dual identity of WHO-WOC until WHO's current 50,000 watt transmitter in Mitchelville was activated. WOC was restored as a separate station a year later)

3. John Deere (The green tractors) was founded in Moline Illinois.

4. Boetje's Mustard is made in Rock Island (check your stores condiment aisle to see if they have it, if not see if they are willing to bring some to your store)

5. Sliced bread was invented in Davenport.

6. Chiropractic care was invented in Davenport by The Palmer Family (Owners of Palmer Chiropractor, Palmer college and former owners of WOC and WHO AM)

7. The bassist for Neon Trees is from Davenport Iowa.

8. Seth Rollins (a wrestler) is from Davenport Iowa.

9. The inventor of the Dairy Queen Blizzard lived in Bettendorf until he passed away (I think he was from Clinton Iowa)

10. If you were taking a music class in the 80's, 90's or early 2000's (before 2006) you might have seen All hit 98.9 (or Power 98.9 before 1995 before it changed formats before going back to top 40) from Rock Island Illinois in your music book (If your music class studied radio stations and stuff like that) I know KIIK was featured in one (They were the dominate top 40 station before 98.9 ran them out. B100 99.7 then kind of ran out 98.9 but the main reason was for 98.9 being sold to EMF and changing to Christian music)

11. East Moline is home to a Miss Illinois contestant who won.

12. The John Deere Classic golf tournament (broadcast nationally) is played in Silvis Illinois.

And that's all my facts that I know of off the top of my head. So the above is what this thread is about and how they should be listed.

Local Mods : If there is a better forum for this than general then please feel free to move it there. I only put this here as I thought this didn't really fit in the polls and questions forum but maybe it does. Also, could you remove my layout as well.
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04-21-17 08:44 PM
Beeftank is Offline
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1) It was once a British fort. The fort and the surrounding town were burned by the Americans in 1812.

2) The CN Tower was the world's tallest building for a time and is still the tallest free-standing building in the Western Hemisphere.

3) There's always construction all the time and it takes 50% longer than it usually should to get anywhere because of all the road work.

4) Our comedy scene is (or at least was) on par with Chicago.

5) Rush was formed here.

6) The first game in NBA history was played downtown.

7) YYZ is one of only two airports in North America with scheduled flights to all six inhabited continents (other one is JFK).

8) In 1904 much of the city was devastated by a huge fire.

9) Over half of the population speaks( or spoke) a first language that is not English - the highest of any city in the world

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04-21-17 08:44 PM
tornadocam is Offline
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My City Chattanooga 

The Trail of Tears,  where the Cherokee were removed from their lands, passed through the city. 

Chattanooga became a city in 1839 and started out as a railroad town

During the Civil War Chattanooga was an important campaign for both sides. Many battles occurred within 50 miles or less than Chattanooga. Being on the Tennessee River Chattanooga was an important town for both sides 

Chattanooga was an important part of the TVA flood control system 

Despite the Mountains that surround the city. Chattanooga is tornado prone and is one of the tornado hot spots in Tennessee. Notable outbreaks include: Super Outbreak of 1974, 1986 severe weather outbreak, 1992 November outbreak, 1994 Palm Sunday outbreak, April 1994 outbreak, May 1994 outbreak, May 1995 outbreak, Easter 1997 outbreak, April 16th 1998 tornado outbreak, Veterans Day 2002 outbreak, April 2009 outbreak, October 2009 outbreak, October 2010 outbreak, April 27th 2011 Super Outbreak, March 2012 tornado outbreak. There have been other tornadoes in between. 

Chattanooga has a Humid Sub Tropical Climate: Long hot humid summers, and short to occasionally cold winters. Snowfall is scarce averaging 4 inches. Rain is plentiful averaging 52 inches of yearly rain 

Presidents have used Chattanooga's Fiber Optic internet providers as a model for other cities 

some of the Jackie Robinson film 42 was filmed in Chattanooga 

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04-23-17 12:50 PM
janus is Offline
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I was born and raised in Quebec City.

- It's the oldest (and only?) fortified city north of the Rio Grande.

- It means "where the river narrows" in a Native language

- It hosted the Allies' conference during World War II to plan for the Normandy Invasion. And although they had "evacuated" the luxurious Château Frontenac for the participants, they didn't even use the hotel for their lodging. 

- Its present fortifications were constructed by the British to strengthen the city against an eventual US invasion.

- It hosts one of the oldest universities in North America, Université Laval (est. around 1640-50)

- Its winter helped stopped the U.S. invasion during their War of Independence (December 31, 1775). Benedict Arnold survived and later became a "traitor"

- It failed twice (for 2002 and 2010) at obtaining the Winter Olympic Games

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04-23-17 04:05 PM
Zlinqx is Offline
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I live and have grown up in Malmö, Sweden.

- It is the 3rd most populous city in Sweden having a total population of just over 300 000. Historically Malmö has mainly been an industrial port city.

- It is where the famous footballer Zlatan Ibrahimovic grew up and started his football career.

- The city is home to the Turning Torso which is the largest constructed building in the entirety of Scandinavia (having 57 floors and being 190 metres high) and the first twisted skyscraper to be constructed in the world.

- A lot of people have immigrated here. It is estimated that more than half the population have a foreign background in terms of either having immigrated here from another country or having at least one parent who did, I'm a case of the latter.

- The city actually used to be part of Denmark until 1658 but was taken along with the rest of Skåne (essentially the Southernmost part of Sweden). The city was subject to a rigorous albeit mostly non violent process of ethnic cleasing in the years following and the through a ban ona nything considered Danish.
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04-24-17 05:55 AM
Ghostbear1111 is Offline
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Beeftank : I'm going to throw a flag on that last stat. I'm guessing over half the population of Mexico City doesn't speak English as a first language and they have something like 19 million people there. Can you be more specific about your numbers?

I think this is a great game but I think most people won't play because they don't want to share information about their home town for internet safety.

I live/lived in Ann Arbor, Michigan and I just moved to Saline. So...

1. Ann Arbor is the home of the University of Michigan, including Michigan Stadium, which is the largest non-auto racing stadium in the United States and third in the world, seating over 109,000 people.

2. There is a collection of 'fairy doors' throughout the city, which are tiny little doors decorated for fairies (and for children to find them). It's a cool project.

Find more here:

3. Ann Arbor decriminalized marijuana possession in 1972. It is only a $5 fine if a suspect is found in possession and there are no criminal charges filed.

4. Domino's Pizza's World Headquarters is at Domino's Farms in Ann Arbor. They also run an awesome petting zoo my daughters like.

5. Ann Arbor is one of the most educated towns in the United States. Our population is over 100,000 and over 70% *According to U.S. Census Bureau* hold a Bachelor's degree or higher education.

6. The city was originally registered with Washtenaw county as Annarbour and legally called thus until a clerk noticed the mistake three weeks later.

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