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12-28-16 04:54 PM
06-07-17 02:48 PM

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What was the oldest game you have played


12-28-16 04:54 PM
ElDaves is Offline
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As the title says, this thread is for everyone to share his very first experience with video games. For example, mine was super Mario land for the game boy.

Affected by 'Laziness Syndrome'

Registered: 02-10-13
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(edited by ElDaves on 12-28-16 04:55 PM)     Post Rating: 1   Liked By: no 8120,

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12-28-16 06:31 PM
m0ssb3rg935 is Offline
Link | ID: 1321296 | 104 Words

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It depends on what you mean when you say oldest. If you mean first experience, the first game I ever played was Sonic the Hedgehog for the Sega Genesis back when my dad remembered that someone he knew gave him theirs. Dad isn't into gaming outside of arcade cabinets, so he passed it on. That was mid 2004, I believe. Obviously, the game's older than that. The oldest game I've had the chance to play, if we're talking about home consoles and not cabinets, is Super Mario Brothers on NES. But if we count emulation or plug-and-plays, probably something from the Intellivision or Pong.
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12-28-16 06:56 PM
NovemberJoy is Offline
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My first video game was Super Mario World, although my memories of that first experience are a bit foggy. I have a lot of great gaming memories, but I don't entirely remember my first experience with video games as a whole...however, if you're talking about the oldest games I've ever played, you can go a bit farther back. I've played arcade machines with Pac-Man and Galaxian on them, which date back to the early 80s, and my gaming experience goes back to the late 70s if you count emulation.
Vizzed Elite

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Registered: 06-24-11
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12-29-16 04:08 AM
Verkudara is Offline
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Level: 39

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I think the first game that i play is Street Fighter from the PS2, not sure which one tho. Im from the 2000s and my first console is PS2, so yeah, not so old isn't?
Trusted Member

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Registered: 11-25-16
Location: Bali, Indonesia
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12-29-16 01:08 PM
LordGaldan is Offline
Link | ID: 1321335 | 53 Words

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My first video game experience was Football for Intellivision. I got creamed by the computer 41-10, so after that experience I decided I wouldn't play very many, if any sports games, and if I do play sports games, it's usually going to be in the Arcade(John Elway's Quarterback or Bottom of the Ninth).
Always marching forward

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Registered: 06-21-15
Location: Dallas, Texas
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12-29-16 01:48 PM
ganondorf4ever is Offline
Link | ID: 1321339 | 59 Words

Level: 15

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I'm pretty sure the first video game I've ever played was Finding Nemo for the PS2, although I played other games around that time, such as Crazy Taxi (also for PS2) and Sonic the Hedgehog on my dad's phone (the old one where the levels were split into two separate games, in my case it was the first three).
omae wa mou shindeiru

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Registered: 05-17-14
Last Post: 105 days
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12-29-16 03:57 PM
Deacon DeMan is Offline
Link | ID: 1321344 | 58 Words

Deacon DeMan
Level: 17

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The oldest video game I played was Pong when it first came out (yes, I'm an old guy!). Even though it was wildly popular at the time, I got bored with it pretty quickly.

The first old game I really enjoyed was Zork, an interactive fiction game on the Commodore 64. I used to spend hours playing it!

Vizzed Elite

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Registered: 06-22-16
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12-29-16 07:36 PM
no 8120 is Offline
Link | ID: 1321356 | 94 Words

no 8120
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ElDaves : the very first video game I played was road race on a commodore vic20 using a keyboard then when I was 12 years old my parents bought me an atari2600 and I started to play battlezone yar,s revenge and seaquest  and although I  sold my atari and my original vic20 was stolen due to a break in I did manage to have it replaced even to this day it still works and although I no longer use my vic20 since I would rather go online I still keep it as a collector,s item
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Location: CANADA
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12-29-16 08:34 PM
Swordrown is Offline
Link | ID: 1321364 | 40 Words

Level: 11

POSTS: 6/21
POST EXP: 1980
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VIZ: 1486

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My older brother started a tradition of giving me older games by giving me a Game Boy Advance with Super Mario Brothers 2 + 3 and Mario Kart Advance. I sucked at all three but I still was completely hooked. 

Affected by 'Laziness Syndrome'

Registered: 07-16-13
Location: Mainer
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12-29-16 11:53 PM
Yuna1000 is Offline
Link | ID: 1321378 | 31 Words

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Hm... I don't know if you'll count this as an old video game, but I used to love playing Tetris (Brick Game). The handheld game literally looked like this:

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12-30-16 12:23 AM
Oldschool777 is Offline
Link | ID: 1321379 | 82 Words

Level: 83

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Oldest as in the actual year it came out or that I remember playing?
In the actual year it came out,it would be the game Combat for the Atari 2600. It was a multi-game cart that you had tank battles,aircraft battles,pong,etc. It was fun,especially the Tank battles,where your shot can ricochet off walls.

In the area of what I remember playing,the Pac-Man arcade game in the early 80's. This was when basically any store would have at least one or two machines.
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Registered: 01-07-11
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12-30-16 09:09 AM
Kackarot is Offline
Link | ID: 1321414 | 35 Words

Edward Dylon
Level: 33

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I think the oldest game I recall playing was either Super Mario Bros. 3 (NES) or Castlevania (N64). My childhood memories are a bit chronologically jumbled up for me, so I would never really know.
Self-Certified Meme Lord

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Registered: 04-17-11
Location: Southwest Virginia
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01-02-17 11:44 PM
yoshirulez! is Offline
Link | ID: 1322161 | 30 Words

Level: 103

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I played Pong a decent amount. Also some of my other older games would be Space Invaders, Crystal Castles, Centipede and probably Bubble Bobble. Some of them are really great.
Vizzed Elite
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Registered: 01-27-10
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01-02-17 11:48 PM
thing1 is Offline
Link | ID: 1322165 | 33 Words

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The very first game that I can remember playing is Dr. Mario. After that, I only remember Super Mario World (not sure if 1 or 2), and then it was Tertris Plus 2. 
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Registered: 02-03-11
Location: In the South
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(edited by thing1 on 01-02-17 11:53 PM)    

01-06-17 02:39 PM
zanderlex is Offline
Link | ID: 1322961 | 37 Words

dark mode
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The very first game that I ever played was a Jeopardy game that was for the NES many years ago. It was very very simple and easy but it was incredible seeing what a video game was.
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01-06-17 03:24 PM
Lexatom is Offline
Link | ID: 1322987 | 41 Words

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I thought there was already a thread for this somewhere? Oh well. The very first game I ever played was Pokemon Gold for the Game Boy Color. I know, I'm young compared to a lot of the other replies here haha.
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Registered: 07-30-13
Location: Knoxville, TN
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01-06-17 04:21 PM
Zlinqx is Offline
Link | ID: 1323001 | 196 Words

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The oldest game as in the one that was made earliest is Pong unsurprisingly lol. Which I mostly played myself out of curiosity. The first game I played is another matter. I have somewhat poor memory so I don't remember the very first game I played, I'm guessing it was some sort of browser flash game. The first real video game I can remember playing though would probably be Pinocchio on the Sega Mega Drive (or Genesis as it's known as in North America).

I got a Mega Drive along with a few games (Pinocchio, Aladdin, Sonic The Hedgehog 2 and one of the Afterburner games) as a gift from some friends of my grandparents which had belonged to their children when they were younger. Being somewhat poor we couldn't afford an actual new game console, but I remember having a lot of fun with it and beating Pinocchio (due to the short length and how it's fairly easy) was one of the most triumphant moments in my childhood. Sadly I don't have it anymore as I ended up giving it away after eventually progressing to other game consoles but it's cool to think back on.
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Registered: 07-21-13
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01-15-17 12:28 PM
gamerforlifeforever is Offline
Link | ID: 1324924 | 22 Words

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The oldest game I've ever played was Pong. I actually made a review for that game a couple of years ago:
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01-19-17 12:52 PM
kazenoklonoa_45 is Offline
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The oldest game i ever played was the original Pong.  But if you want to know what the oldest gaming experience I have was, it was Columns on the Sega Game Gear.  The Game Gear was my first gaming experience at all when my dad passed his Game Gear down to me so that I could have my own console.  This was in like, 1999 I believe.

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Registered: 03-25-10
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01-23-17 03:38 PM
janus is Offline
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If you mean in the 21st century, then it would probably be Dragon Warrior. However, I've been playing games in the late 1980s, so that would include Burger Time, Tetris, Super Mario Bros., Zaxxon (and various Coleco games) and Hangman.
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