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01-18-20 06:51 AM

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10-05-16 04:05 AM
11-13-16 07:08 PM

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Mario Kart Wii: 5 Shortcuts

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10-05-16 04:05 AM
MarioLucarioFan64 is Offline
Link | ID: 1305562 | 509 Words

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Hey, hey, hey guys! Today, we'll look at something pretty cool: Shortcuts to beat expert ghosts and other players easier.

However, note that i cannot tell these five shortcuts 100% accurate, as i mostly spend my time on a Mario Kart Wii HACK. So i might have forgotten some of the shortcuts. I obviously first tested them and now i can start as i can remember them again. Anyway, let's start.

#5: Over the cliff
For this shortcut, you need to be at Mushroom Gorge. Right before the finish is an U-turn, a turn that makes you go the opposite direction of where you were going at first. That U-turn goes lower as well, so you can drift over the cliff between the roads to skip the turn. This can be done with any vehicle.

#4: Follow the minecarts
This shortcut is located in Wario's Goldmine. You know that part where the carts follow you? Well, they end up at one point... of which you can access easily. Just get the chance from the game to follow a minecart that goes to the left of the turn that leads out of the mine. Then, once that is done, be careful not to stop: There is a cliff below you. And watch out because going too fast makes you hit the minecart. It's annoying and hard to time it right, but practice makes perfect.

#3: Over the cliff 2.0
Go to GCN Donkey Kong Mountain(?). There is a part where boulders roll off the volcano. Then you go zig-zaggy and make turns to get down to the bridge and finish. But one of the turns can be skipped. The first one that goes right has no fences, so you can drift over it perfectly. However, mostly if beginners try this, they still fall in the cliff that is between the roads. So be sure to practice this if you want to do this right.

#2: The star of the universe
This shortcut is only available when you have a star or 3+ mushrooms (3+ = gold included).
In Rainbow Road is a part where two enormous holes are in the course, making an '8' on the map. At that part, use an item as requested above and you can jump over the holes with no trouble at all! Be sure to stunt by shaking the Wii remote for the look!

#1: Turns
Last but not least, this shortcut can be done anywhere. You see, if you want to be the fastest, be sure to mostly take turns close to the inside. The picture below explains what i mean with the inside:

Don't do it always, because sometimes you can bump in the inside wall/fence or you can fall off the course, taking time to recover. But if you think you can handle it, please do try this one.

Soon will be another 5 shortcuts. For now, thank you for reading this guide, it's my first guide here ever. Did i do good and what is good for the future?
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10-05-16 04:55 AM
Eniitan is Offline
Link | ID: 1305568 | 121 Words

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I remember some of the shortcuts in the game. Sometimes I do take them sometimes I don't it depends how far in an from the other racers. Like if I am well ahead in first place I would do it to even further the gap of no one catching me. Also if the gap is good and you get a blue shell come at you it wouldn't be much of a problem and they would only close a small gap from you. So you will have still some gap ahead from the other racers. Or if you are near the finishing line, and it hits you it wouldn't really be a problem since you have won that race. Good guide here.
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11-13-16 07:08 PM
Pokemonfan1000 is Offline
Link | ID: 1314156 | 24 Words

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MarioLucarioFan64 : I knew about the Rainbow road and the Wario's gold mine shortcut but not the other three. Fascinating. Thanks for sharing this BTW.
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