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Page Admin: tgags123, Page Staff: Boured,
11-16-19 05:24 PM

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Total Users and Guests In Directory
You can now see how many users and guests are in your directory
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06-16-16 03:51 PM
06-16-16 03:51 PM

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Total Users and Guests In Directory


06-16-16 03:51 PM
Davideo7 is Online
Link | ID: 1276926 | 172 Words

Level: 333

POSTS: 39685/43918
POST EXP: 3241068
LVL EXP: 679946234
CP: 165834.5
VIZ: 91260269

Likes: 6  Dislikes: 0
In the list that shows how many users and guests are on a page (in the message center), you can now see how many users and guests are in the same directory as you. Some pages will also show how many users are using the same feature but may not be on the same page (like the Video Game Music Room and all sub pages). The forum pages will show how many people are in threads of the same forum. This update only applies to any page that has been migrated to the new site code.

A directory is classified as a section of the site. The following are a few examples of directories on the site:
-Video Game Room
-Retro Game Room
-Vizzed Board

This update might not be a big deal for some of you but I like knowing how many others are in the same section of the site as me, it makes Vizzed look more lively and social. If anyone has any questions or suggestions, let me know.
The Owner
Owner, Developer, Advertiser, etc
Founder, Mod, Investor

Affected by 'Carpal Tunnel Syndrome'

Registered: 12-06-04
Location: Wisconsin
Last Post: 12 hours
Last Active: 23 sec.

Post Rating: 6   Liked By: asdren, Eniitan, gamerforlifeforever, JamDaMan, Lexatom, Yuna1000,

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