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02-25-20 12:50 PM

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04-24-16 11:20 PM
07-12-16 07:54 PM

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Anyone here watching the Ace Attorney anime?


04-24-16 11:20 PM
supermegablox is Offline
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I know I am. I like how faithful the anime is to the original games. I hope the anime goes up to Rise From The Ashes!

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04-25-16 10:49 AM
Really? Again? is Offline
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Really? Again?
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... I didn't even know they were making one. I've played most of the games... So... I know what I'm going to be watching now. Thanks!

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04-25-16 01:53 PM
Nexorla is Offline
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I am. The Ace Attorney series is easily one of my favorite DS series so when I saw that when looking through this season's anime, I totally had to give it a shot. It's pretty good and accurate for the series so I'm really liking this anime.

Affected by 'Laziness Syndrome'

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05-01-16 12:09 PM
Blubcreator is Offline
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I've watched it. It's mediocre at best. They skip through all the investigation parts and most of the character introductions. The court room is also a bit too fast paced for my liking.

The animation could also be much better but there's not much they can do about that now.
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05-01-16 03:06 PM
austipokedude is Offline
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Yeah I've watched the first episode and it's a little too unrealistic for my liking so I just dropped the series entirely. Probably will be the last time I watch a anime produced by Capcom I still love their games though. There's absolutely no room for character development in the series and the outcome will just turn out the same throughout.
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05-01-16 05:41 PM
CaptainPancakes is Offline
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I'm watching it and I hate it. My main issue is with the pacing -- it's really fast and they skip out on a lot of stuff. Okay, sure, it's an adaption for 12 episodes. I can let that slide. The comedy is also really horrible -- there is no comic timing and everything just sucks. The animation/art is also really ugly and the music and remixes aren't that great either.

I'm just really disappointed in it.

Affected by 'Laziness Syndrome'

Registered: 11-14-14
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Post Rating: 1   Liked By: jnisol,

05-02-16 12:53 AM
DylanMcKaig is Offline
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austipokedude : It wasn't Capcom that produced the anime but A1 pictures and yeah the Japanese court system is as screwed up as that in real life. They have a guilty until proven innocent mentality.

Overall I don't find the anime to be that good. The animation is not very ugly and cheaply made but I am not surprised as I haven't been a fan of any of A1 pictures' work at all. I don't know why they decided to use 3d characters for the audience as it looks really silly. The investigation scenes are none existent which is frustrating as a lot of important stuff happens during these sections. So far the third case is probably gonna be the worst as they completely skipped all the actual investigation bits and solely focused on trying to get some comedy in. I probably won't be watching the rest as I already know what happens anyway.
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05-06-16 06:04 AM
Hidden Phantom is Offline
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Hidden Phantom
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I'm watching it.
The animation is not great, but it's just good enough to be acceptable.
It is a bit rushed, but they only hit on the main parts, which I can excuse. They still get the most important scenes in, although changed.
I appreciate the fact that we can finally hear the characters talk in full, that's interesting.
The main thing that I really like about it is the remakes of all the music from the original game. The music is actually particularly good, as is the opening. As awkward as it is visually and transitionally, it sounds very much like a video game, and a good one at that, very high quality music overall.
Overall, decent. Just decent enough.
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The One and Only

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05-06-16 06:52 AM
Boured is Offline
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Oh there is an Ace Attorney anime? How come I did not know this?! No I have not watched it considering until now I didn't know one existed, but now I will go see it.!

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05-21-16 09:21 PM
Hidden Phantom is Offline
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Hidden Phantom
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OK, I have to say, this past episode (Turnabout goodbyes) was really good. Captured the original game's story really good, especially compared to the previous episodes.
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The One and Only

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05-28-16 09:10 PM
yoshirulez! is Offline
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I watched the first episode... I wasn't impressed.

Someone tell me if it gets better or not, otherwise I probably won't watch it.
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07-12-16 07:54 PM
DK64Master is Offline
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I am watching it. I watched the first episode this morning and already I'm starting to think it's a good series.

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