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02-23-20 11:34 PM

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02-07-15 07:30 PM
03-02-15 08:43 PM

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The Legacy of Pokemon Crystal

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02-07-15 07:30 PM
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    Oh no!  It's another Pokémon review!  Gosh, this has got to be the ten-thousandth Pokémon review here, but hey, one more won't hurt.

 Pokémon Crystal, the last of the generation 2 games, often criticized for the lack of new content from the original 2nd Gen gold and silver; the true goodness of this game is in the pudding, and that pudding is rather subtle and in the eyes of most, undetectable.

  As is the theme Pokémon has had since it started and has continued to have up till now, the third in the series of this generation is cleaner, the story more developed and provides more possibility to the teams you have by providing you with more Pokémon, but Crystal accomplishes more than that.  Although the amount of upgrades Crystal got are un comparable to current games, Crystal managed to do a lot that goes unnoticed:  The first of any Pokémon game to begin the mascot story system by choosing to have Suicune star as a part of the story and on the box, the first of the series to introduce unique battle theme music (for Suicine, and then a theme for Entei and Raikou both).  In fact, Crystal introduced many themes into the series that have remained undisputed throughout the series up to even the new games; Move Tutors, Battle Tower, choice of using a female character, animated Pokémon sprites, all of these take place right here in Crystal, making the game oh so much more juicier than its origins from Gold and Silver.

  Aside from a tidy up of the mechanics and some slight story changes the game play itself remains primarily the same.  The game still takes place in Johto and Kanto, same routes and trainers, gyms, challenges, etc, but there are some nice additions provided to the player as well; new move sets are given to some Pokémon, many new Pokémon become available, and for owners of the Japanese games, there was a short time where you had access to an in-game Celebi event, however this was scraped in the translations for unknown reasons (probably the huge transition happening into Gen 3 on GBA though, that would do it).

  Enough about its differences though, Gen 2 in itself is designed quite well, the graphics themselves are no different than Gold and Silver but for a GBC game they are standard and really made inconsequential because of the other additions to the generation (real story, sprite animations) and really, improving the graphics wouldn't make sense within the same generation, at least not the way its worked out thus far.  The areas in Johto (ex, dragons den, whirlpool islands, burned tower, ice cave, mount silver) were some of the best dungeons in the entire series;  designed to really make you feel like a Pokémon would pop out, given music to suit the mood of wherever you are making the transition between plot points an immersing experience on its own, or for some, an even more immersing experience than the main game.

The region of Johto is beautiful and makes sense, even without real D graphics, the games aren't clogged with unnecessary plot bits, and the addition of 100 new Pokémon makes the generation really enjoyable for all players of the series, keeping you playing and catching far after you've completed the Pokémon league.  Of course if you do run out of fun times, the breeding Mechanic introduced in the generation can keep you entertained for a long time, keeping you working towards having all the Pokémon or hording shiny Pokémon en-masse.
Difficulty wise, Crystal is more tasking than most future generations.  The continuation after the Pokémon League in Kanto is incredibly short though, easily finished in its entirety in an hour or two, a waste of a region if you've adventured Kanto in Gen 1 which in my opinion was a much more challenging Pokémon experience.  Though if you are looking for difficulty, I recommend looking at some of the Gen 2 hacks on the site instead of the main games, many of which are designed for difficulty.

  Though this is the first of the series where the rare Pokémon is involved in the story, the actual plot of the game is not all that in-depth or
involving; really just another game where you collect gym badges in pursuit of becoming the league champion and are delayed by evil gangs standing in your way to victory/your future survival; just the same as games before and after it, I would give it the benefit of the doubt considering that it really was a huge transition being made, despite the countless arguments stating the indifference it has to Gold and Silver, there was purpose to the way it was made, and ultimately its purpose was successfully played out and changed the layout of future Pokémon games to come.

  I praise this game all the time.  On the Internet, to my friends, to strangers, anywhere that it is acceptable in anyway to bring it up, however, there is one area where I am disappointed that really irks me when I think about it... the music.  Nintendo and Game freak had every opportunity to change up the music, add new themes, re-master old music, but no, aside from the custom themes for the legendary dogs you will find that the music and sound effects throughout the game are all the same, exactly the same.  I would never go as far to say that the music is in anyway annoying or un enjoyable, but the lack of new content within the music of the game is one of Crystals real downfalls that should have been a real fan grabber, but never lived up to its true potential.

There are many positives about this game, it holds a legacy in the Pokémon series that few games ever do, accomplishes more in one game than many series have managed to due throughout their entire lives, combined with the already top-not quality Gold and Silver before it, I am sure Crystal will be a fan favorite for a long time to come, no matter how many inanimate objects become Pokémon.

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03-02-15 08:43 PM
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Ainstrings :   So you are one of those people who believes music has to be new to be better? How is having fan-favourite music a downfall? What opinion will you have when the music you adore falls out of date and is ignored in favour of the newest boy band to learn how to play instruments badly? I definitely find disagreement with your statement that the music falls flat. Remastered music has nothing on old vinyl records. They sound perfectly fine.

Your review is a fine piece of work. Be very proud. I have something to add to your comments though. There were items you could get in Crystal that couldn't be gotten previously. The blue card for instance allowed you to collect points for playing the new radio game Buena's Password. These points could be exchanged for a plethora of useful items. Also, if you saved up your Apricorns, Kurt would now accept limitless amounts of each type of Apricorn and give you that many balls back the next day.

It was good to read this Aeron. You covered all the fundamentals. I rate this review a "solid".

Meep! I'd better be going.

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