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01-20-20 12:03 AM

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Sword Legion
10-22-14 09:41 PM
10-25-14 10:07 PM

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10-22-14 09:41 PM
Sword Legion is Offline
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Sword Legion
Sword legion
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Am I the only one who thinks that people blame genes on a lot of stuff rather than owning up to the consequences of their own choices?

"I'm fat because of my genes" *shoves Hershy bar down his throat*

I think that here in the U.S. way to many people claim that genes are their problem, and then we have ADHD, which also appears fake to me. 

Whatever "ADHD" is, I've seen people "overcome" it without any drugs whatsoever. I think that ADHD, along with a lot of "genetic" problems, are credited for far to many of the negative circumstances in peoples lives.

If you have a problem why not see what you can do naturally and without meds before crying to the doctor about everything?

Drugs won't help you. Life choices will. And often times, drugs just treat the symptoms and not the cause.

Do you agree with me?

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10-22-14 11:27 PM
sonicmcmuffin is Offline
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Yes and no, 

Simply because a lot of people will use excuses , to actually in most cases give a reason to what they are doing for themselves, rather than others. 

After all some people do not want to take responsibility for their own health and would rather take an easier option and blame it on their genes.. Which without a huge scientific study can not be proven right or wrong. 

ADHD, Seems to be a more common occurrence these days, I would have to say that perhaps there is something that causes people to be like this Just like OCD for example, But unlike OCD which can be caused by fear and can be a reaction to a bad life event, ADHD seems to be based more on a lack of parenting skill. If you child is hyperactive perhaps giving them that bottle of mtn dew isn't a great idea... But like i said before most people will make excuses to avoid personable responsibility. 

As for me, My ex girlfriend was a herbalist. And has a university degree in alternative healing and natural medication, So she tried making several natural remedies from fresh plants and herbs and she even changed my diet fully as well. But sadly it did not help. I NEED my medication to stay alive, It is that simple. 

So in full like i said i agree and disagree.. 
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10-23-14 05:57 AM
warmaker is Offline
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Some people use excuses and many have a legitimate reason from their genetic disposition.  Type 1 Diabetes, for example, is a genetic disease and those folks simply die without medicine.  No one can fix it through meditation, exercise, or a carefully controlled diet.  Those things may help but they're not the end all of it.  You also have to consider congenital diseases which are inherited from your family are affected by genes.

Genetic history has a huge implication on people's health.  

But, yes, there are many controllable problems people like to blame on their history or other external factors.  If someone exercises, eats healthy, manages their stress and makes good decisions, they can lose weight.  A lot of people find it easier to blame something they can't control and accept their fate.  That's human nature.  In fact, go through other posts and threads on here and you'll read a lot of people complaining about things outside their control, from teachers and professors to other people to whatever situation they're facing.
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10-23-14 06:08 AM
rcarter2 is Offline
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Sword legion : In general, I agree completely. There has only been one time I have ever seen someone who actually could blame their weight on hormonal imbalance. I know she exercises a lot, eats healthy, and actually doesn't eat large portions, yet her weight just never goes away. She actually does produce excessive amounts of hormones that cause fat storage. I feel bad for her. She exercises more than I do, eats better than I do, but it doesn't show. But she is the one and only person who I have personally met that can say that. Anyone else I have seen say that they are genetically fat are saying it while downing a 2,000 calorie meal.

For the most part, I agree with the ADHD comment too. But only to an extent. People who 'overcome' it are either mild or don't have it at all. I worked for the mental health center here for years during college, and have seen that happen a lot. With those kids, I was around their parents a lot too. I saw so many cases where they shouldn't have been diagnosed, and their behavior was because their parents were crappy parents who would rather slap the ADHD label on their kid than admit that they did a crappy job being parents.

But I have seen first hand that ADHD is not fake. It is extremely over-diagnosed, but not fake. The fact that more kids are diagnosed with it than kids who legitimately have it make it seen as less credible community wise. But I have worked with kids who legitimately could not function without that medication. Their brains had no filter that could separate non important stimuli from important. When it can't filter those, everything is equally important. While other kids can sit in school and know that that what is being taught is the important stimuli going on at the moment (whether or not they choose to view it that way is their choice, however), a kid with actual ADHD have brains that see the color of the poster on the walls, the logos on classmate's clothes, the cars seen out the window, the sound of the fan in the ceiling, the bug moving across the floor, the weird hair clip in the head of girl sitting in front of them, the whispering of kids to seats down, and what the teacher is saying as equally important stimuli. When you are actually unable to filter the important from non important, it is extremely difficult to function. I have worked with kids who end up in tears because they are trying so hard, but they fail. They are crying out of frustration with themselves, not because they got in trouble. It is a sad thing to see when a kid is crying from genuine frustration with themselves. It is not something that should be ignored just because the majority of kids diagnosed are more just a product of parents who can't deal with their own kids.

My little brother is a case where he does need it. But at the same time, I agree with you that the diagnosis should NEVER be an excuse to not take responsibility for your actions. Working at the mental health center, I have also seen kids with legitimate ADHD, but their parents basically teach them that they are not in control, so they can't blame themselves for anything they do. All that teaches the kid is that they can do whatever the want and have no consequences because they have ADHD. My mother used to do that with my brother. She is better now, but it was hard to break that. With him, there are times where he doesn't take his medication on the weekends, or they might forget on a school day. If he does something on those days, he is not allowed to blame it on not taking his medicine that day. Even though it is a factor, he is taught that he is still always accountable for his actions. Otherwise, we are not setting him up to be successful on his own when he can blame everything on his condition. Life doesn't work that way.

So yeah. Even on the ADHD thing, I agree with you in that kids should still be held accountable and take responsibility for their actions. But I do disagree that it is fake. It is just not even remotely as common as it diagnosed. Over half the kids on meds shouldn't be on it. The need better parenting. But there is a small percentage who legitimately have brains that don't have those filters that we take for granted. It is just as real as mental retardation, down syndrome, etc. Conditions like that are not something you can't just overcome. It will always be there. If someone claims to have been able to no longer have it, they didn't have it in the first place.
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10-23-14 06:17 AM
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I just want to comment about the adhd thing.

sonicmcuffin: Lack of parenting skill? Seriously? ADHD is something that you get, and you can do nothing about it. I have a friend that has it, And it is no one's fault.

Also ADHD is not fake,   It's a real diagnose that you can do nothing about. ''Whatever ADHD is'' Don't comment about it if you know so little. Sorry about my rant, It really frustrates me as it would hurt my friend a lot if he read these comments. I apologize if I hurt someone by talking like this, But I want to prevent others getting hurt abou the ADHD comment.
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10-23-14 08:56 AM
endings is Offline
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Genetics seem rather complicated to just make a quick observational evaluation. Is this a thread to just harp on obesity  and ADHD?  What about male pattern baldness, poor eyesight, mental disorders?

We have all this wonderful tech and science right here in front of us, I am not one to discredit any type of medicine. I am not a pharmacist or a doctor. I think more harm can be done by the pharm companies though by letting laymen see commercials for medications on TV and then encouraged to ask their doctor about it. Doctors get their degree, I think they know all the medicines out and can make the best choice.
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10-24-14 12:27 AM
thephantombrain is Offline
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The human body is a very complex machine. I do believe that there are genetic or hereditary traits that can affect a persons decision making process. Whether or not the person has control of decisions when dealing with day to day functions should be focused more on a case by case basis.

Some users here have mentioned diet and exercise but no one has brought up chemicals yet. I'm not talking about the obvious ones like caffeine or aspirin. What I'm talking about are food preservatives, artificial sweeteners, and even inhaled chemicals such as those associated with that "New Car Smell". These are all things that have been introduced into our daily lives in the last century or so. Things that have also been born, or seen a sharp increase in the last century are ADHD, autism, Parkinson's, Alzheimer's, and higher instances of cancer to name just a small fraction.

The kinds of chemicals that I put into my body is something that I'm beginning to look into with a more serious attitude. That brings me to my next point - how actively does a person look for answers for themselves and their family? Does a person in this "case by case basis" say to themselves, "Well, I've got depression better go see the doctor and get some meds!" or are they or their family members researching alternatives to Prozac?

Irregardless, there will always be those people out there that are in the middle of an endless ocean with no life jacket. They're waiting for someone to rescue them but the entire time refusing to swim, or call out for help, because it's too much trouble.
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10-24-14 09:08 AM
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Sword Legion
Sword legion
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thephantombrain :

What you have said is so true.

My mom had cancer, and she looked into all that, and although I used to love debating topics here on Vizzed and talking about stuff, the dislike system and even mods not being fair put an end to it.

But anyways, what happened was she looked into natural cures and started to eat healthy. She found out what you pointed out, and does blame what our major food companies have done to our food for increase in stuff like cancer, as well as chemicals in things like cosmetics for the new stuff that keeps showing up.
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10-25-14 05:37 AM
baileyface544 is Offline
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I will so, I mostly agree with you. Not entirely however.
I do believe genetics has become a crutch, though it does play a part.
However, while a predisposition to things such as obesity, addiction, or even anger does occur and create a hurdle for some
it often times is a hurdle that can be overcome with willpower and dedication
Granted there are exceptions to this, but often times these things are simply more difficult to change, rather than impossible.

I would like to comment on the ADHD thing however
I'll make this summon, however this is a general comment, not just one to him

imamonster :

Some of you may know this about me already, but I currently hold a bachelors degree in psychology, and am pursing a PHD
Also, fewer, but some may know that I have received a ADHD diagnosesas a child. So, naturally, it's a "disorder" I have looked into.
What you have to understand imamonster, is that psychology is not an exact science, and carries with it...a lot of guess work and theory.
They believe they understand the chemical process that occurs with ADHD, it having to do with certain neurotransmitters
However, if you read the notes on it, you will see a lot of phrases such as
"We believe" "We think" "It seems" "It appears to" 
And other such disclaimers. Also, it is a diagnosis given almost exclusively to children
And if you think about it, the symptoms of ADHD, used to be concidered "Just being a kid"
Now of course these symptoms carry as one ages, but that makes sense.
When it's not tolerated, these children overcome it. ADHD isn't a problem that has been around for awhile.
Likely because whatever is going on in the brain was overcome or compensated for.
But now that ADHD is acceptable, it remains a problem even into adulthood.
And while there may be a chemical issue going on there making concentration difficult, it doesn't make it impossible
and if ADHD is an issue caused by problems with neurotransmitters, it's an issue that has been overcome for centuries
Until recently it seems.
I have a diagnosis of ADHD, but you know what, I ignored that. And frankly, I don't have a single problem.
Well, not to do with concentration or hyperactivity at least. :p
Now, while that's not fair , seeing as I considered my diagnosis to be frivolous to begin with (I never saw an actual doctor, or displayed actual symptoms) I have known several people who have received diagnosis with more backing
People who's parents (thank god) refused medication, and these people have turned out fine.
Better than the people who have received medication for ADHD in fact.

I've always held that a disorder is only a disorder if you can't learn to overcome it, or even use it to your advantage.
Take Manics for example.
They push themselves to extremes until they have an eventual crash. If you learn to control when you crash (as many do) than that is a perfect "disorder" to have if you are a Lawyer or a Business Man.
Even ADHD.
If you learn to control focus, the "Hyperactivity" could be a huge boon as a fitness instructor, or motivational speaker, or something.
Also Manic Depression seems to work well for artist
(I know it's called Bi-Polar now, but seeing as mania and depression have been proven to be able to occur simultaneously,
they are obviously not opposite states on the spectrum, thus making the name inappropriate)


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10-25-14 01:51 PM
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Sword legion : Yes and no. I think you do have a point on people blaming their genes for a lot of things especially obesity as a sort of easy way out instead of just owning up to it themselves. However what I do know is that ADHD is not fake something I know better then most since one of my family members has it. It is over diagnosed though and a lot of parents simply just like to put an ADHD label on their kids instead of admitting they did a bad job as parents. When you actually do have ADHD though it's usually something you can usually get around though with the right help.
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10-25-14 10:07 PM
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First, ADHD is not fake. Sure, it's misdiagnosed a lot but far from fake.

Second, i agree that too many people are blaming their issues on genes that those disorders are starting to become trivialized. People simply need to take more responsibility for their actions and stop putting the blame on unrelated factors.
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