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08-08-14 04:56 PM
08-08-14 05:38 PM

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A story


08-08-14 04:56 PM
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I've seen and experienced lots of stuff in my life. As a result, i have a plethora of stories to tell. Since Pacman told some, i figured I’d tell one too. This one's about the best day of my life.

It was graduation day, the day I’d finally be done with Grade 8, and thus, middle school. I had made sure to get a fine suit prior to the ceremony. That went smoothly, with many relatives commending the grads and their good taste. Now, tradition dictated that a cruise was to be held after the ceremony. The boat would take us all over Lake Ontario, including the islands, with music, drinks, and food to boot.

The boat surprised some of us. Rather than a sexy white yacht many of us had imagined, we got an old ferry with disused paddles on the back. But we didn't care; we were just there to have a good time.

On this boat, you basically had three activities that you could alternate between freely. You could stay in the dining area and play on your phone and/or eat, wander around the boat snapping pictures (you could get some pretty shots of the city and the islands), or hit up the dance floor, located in the stern. Most of my geeky friends stayed in the dining area, while some bolder ones went to the dance floor, or just wandered around. I made idle chat for a bit before heading to the stern.

Oh, by the way, it was hot on this boat. Most boys took off their suit jackets or vests, leaving them with the traditional party ensemble of white shirts, ties, and fancy pants.

Even though the music was so loud you had to scream to communicate with each other, and the above ensemble, nobody really "danced". It was just little hops or shimmy’s barely choreographed to the music. I was in the corner, bobbing my head like Jim Carrey when one of my favourite songs came on. I started to shuffle, and this got the attention of a girl nearby. She encouraged me to get closer to the centre of the floor and dance.

Oh, did i mention she was pretty? Tall, with flowing red hair, cute eyes, that sort of stuff. She was also very smart. There was no way i could resist her demands.

I danced like crazy. I shuffled, i jumped, and I did all sorts of wild movements that might vaguely be considered dancing. Everyone around me, A.K.A. all the "cool" kids, took notice. They were entranced! They shouted my name, cheered me on, and joined in. Soon, all the kids on the boat were dancing with me.

A sudden thunderstorm marked the end of the string of party music. We all took a minute to breathe while i received a record amount of high fives and fist pumps. I waltzed up to the pretty girl and asked if she would like to dance. She said she was thirsty, so i bought me and her some drinks. Once we were finished with those, we started to tango. The DJ, obviously noticing us, played soft music. As the music got faster and harder, so did our dance.

By now, rain was falling hard, but no one seemed to care, as almost the whole boat was watching me and her dance. It all ended with a dip and a kiss under the rain, followed by a storm of "ooos" from the other girls and "oh, yeah's" from the boys. The boat returned to the harbour soon after. We were all soaking wet, but none cared, as we spent that day strengthening existing bonds and firmly establishing new ones.

I was now good friends with most everyone on the boat. I also began a relationship with the girl. She's still my girlfriend, and the most beautiful and talented one you could ever ask for.

And that was the best day of my life. Cheesy enough?

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08-08-14 05:38 PM
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Wow, that's a really nice story! I'm glad that me telling stories caused you to do the same. Vizzed members have been doing that a lot lately. You're a very good story teller! Good luck with your relationship and thank you for telling this story and summoning me to it!
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