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02-19-20 09:40 AM

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08-04-14 07:44 AM
pokemon x
08-09-14 06:13 AM

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Have you ever stolen something?


08-04-14 07:44 AM
Popeye116 is Offline
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I believe I've seen a forum like this before, but I don't remember where..

Title says it all. I've "stolen" a can of spaghettios from a friend's house (even though he was fine with it, so I suppose it wasn't really stealing...), a bottle of Ginger Ale from my grandma's, and candy from my siblings plenty of times. Ironically, I've pretty much only stolen food. So, did you ever steal something?
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08-04-14 08:16 AM
Cradily is love is Offline
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I stole a DS game, it was a crappy one from walmart for 50 bucks, I went in to gamestop and the offered me 2$ I forgot what game it was...
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08-04-14 11:04 AM
juuldude is Offline
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I hate to say it Popeye but I've made a thread like this one that's in a forum for trusted+, it was moved there as the staff said it might be better to place it there. (If you can't see this thread then the reason is that you're probably not trusted or higher)

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08-04-14 11:56 AM
Popeye116 is Offline
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juuldude : Yeah, I saw it. But this is if you've ever stolen anything on purpose OR on accident. Also, only trusted+ can access the forum we are talking about, so I put one here :p.
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The best around!

Affected by 'Laziness Syndrome'

Registered: 10-05-12
Location: Wisconsin
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08-04-14 03:27 PM
Zombiegone is Offline
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One time I was at the grocery store, and I decided to put a container of Tic-Tacs in my pocket so I didn't have to carry them the whole time. I forgot they were in my pocket and walked out not caring like a boss.
"When the people fear the Government, there is tyranny, when the government fears the people there is liberty" - Thomas Jefferson

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08-04-14 07:24 PM
thenumberone is Offline
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I stole a kinder egg when I was five. I thought armed police would kick my front door in.
Apart from that, not that I can think of.
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08-04-14 10:21 PM
Awesome-Kid is Offline
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I use to steal toys from daycare as a child and then lied to my Mom that they told me I could keep them!!

And I also use to eat unpaid candy, one time when I was 9 I got caught doing this and the store clerk told me if I does that again he was gonna called the cops, and then I got too scared to go to the store for a while and I have never stolen any candy again ever since!!
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08-08-14 05:52 AM
Snodeca is Offline
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I... .-.
When I was young...
Very young.. I saw a game (spongebob game. yup) and I wanted to have it, so I went to my mother where all the candies are (we work on the fair or funfair dunno how it's called) and I just tooksome money, went out, sit down, my sister comes, she sees the money, 'hey have people been giving you money?' me: 'Huh I didn'(t even notice the money' my sister sais 'hey let's buy something!' I bought spongebob, went to the candies bar thing idk candy shop, and 10 minutes later I started crying. my mom: hey whats up?
me: I stole money to get the game...
at the end, we gave back the game and bought another game and a game for my brother, and so, at the end, I got Sonic Adventures 2. My brother lost his game the day after that, idk how that happened. So yeah at the end it's not really stealing anymore, I was being honest, but hey I was only 5. And I didn't have enough money to buy th game but then I got it anyway with less money to him, and then at the end more money to him. lol
zombiegone: (Someone please fix that summon '-' )
Hey that happened with my sister! Not long time ago, about a month, she forgot about the tictacs and then she just got it for free, oh well
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(edited by TheJmsGamer on 08-08-14 05:53 AM)    

08-08-14 06:09 AM
Sparky15756 is Offline
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I used to steal chewing gum from a low-price store just over a decade ago, it was actually fun o.o Also stolen a music album from a big shop before xD I was more of a rebel back then though, not caring for punishments (because it never bothered me) but now I don't do it (unless torrent, lol) because I'd rather keep my new life away from the old
I even forgot that I used to steal >.>

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08-08-14 07:08 AM
joshkook is Offline
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I have stolen alot of things : chocolate from the fridge,cookies from the jar,my dad's pens, my mom's needles , my sisters pencils and i even stole my dog's chewtoy.

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08-09-14 06:13 AM
pokemon x is Offline
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pokemon x
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Finally found the thread but dupe of it and was moved there for "safety" reasons so not all can view it. But for now closing.
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