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Tribulations Chapter 6
A dream about people
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07-17-14 01:57 PM
08-05-14 07:36 PM

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Tribulations Chapter 6


07-17-14 01:57 PM
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Hello everyone sorry I haven't been active on this story anymore. But I promise chapter 7 will come up.

?You'll find out soon enough Kyro just regroup and the journey to save this place there are more like you i can't tell you too much but remember this my name is Callabra i will guide you but you must find the tomb of Randerstand then together we'll find the rest of the people like you to save this place.

Chapter 6 ?My Dream My Choice. Leare and Rita

Kyro's Conscience whilest asleep.

Kyro: You know i've been thinking lately is all of this a reality or is a dream?

I just want to know..... Or these maybe someone else's memories?

What am I doing with this piece they call life? where is the key to a good one?

Am I too harsh too people with my words? No.... But.What do I think..?

I just want to know about things just what about this is that bad?

I'm so confused there has to be something to wake me up from this nightmare.

Rita: Kyro.

Hmm Rita who exactly is she? I mean that one day......

Flash Back

In a little meadow in the woods there was a little boy playing near a stream the water was glittering radiantly as the sun shone and the flowers were beautiful shades of Red and Yellow. But what the boy didn't expect was that 3 bullies from his school followed him there and were going to hurt him badly.

Leader: Hey you loser!?

Kyro: huh?

The child said only to meet someone's fist into his face. As they were beating him the Leader kicked him and the child flew a few feet away from them only too then hear two sets of footsteps.

??? : Here take this!

As a young man with Blondish Brown hair comes down punches the leader away and a little girl with silvery brown hair jumps on top on of one of the bullies kicking him down and flipping in the air she goes to the child trying to soothe him.

Y.Rita: Oh no Leare hes really hurt we have to do something to save him hes losing blood

Leare: Okay don't worry I got these guys. You go and hurry to help him.

Leader: What you can't fight all off. Idoit i'm going to have a lot of help killing you for this.

Kyro: Timberwolf! please come and help me

The young child yells out before coughing blood out. As he does a wolf comes out and starts to stalk the bullies and walks right next to Leare

Leare: A wolf? Hey are you on our side against these guys? (I'm talking to an animal for heaven's sake)

Wolf: Yes dear human I will help you against these filthy humans who have hurt that young boy.

Y.Rita: Please stand up i'll take you somewhere you can get better please don't worry.
As she helps him stand up and then starts to carry him away from the fight she drops him into a patch of leaves in the forest.

Kyro: Are... You actually...Cough!.. Going me?

Y.Rita: No shh quiet while I do this.

As the young girl raises an orb that glows a radiant rainbow flash and her hair flows like a strong wind is blowing and her ribbon also flying in the wind.As the boy passes out the last thing he hears is the Girl's voice saying something and then an animal's voice and he started to feel strength coming back to him as he passes out.

Y.Rita: I now try to summon thee the wonderful curative deity of life and healing Kurien (Pronounced Cure Ren) please help this boy.

As a shining white light fills the sky and a beam of a light pink color hits the ground sending shock waves every where.

Y.Rita: Guh. No I have to stay put or the summoning won't work and that boy won't heal.

As clip clopping sounds come from inside the beam of light and a Unicorn walks out. A white beautiful Unicorn with grand silvery hair.

Kurien: Dear girl how have you summoned with your power I am surprised that such a young one was able to control the power. And what is my purpose here my child?

Y.Rita: I don't know how but my mum showed me how to use your power. And please I need you too help cure that boy over there he is in pain.

As Kurien walks over to Kyro's body she examines it.

Kurien: All right I will help you on one condition I expect you not to use all your energy for summoning me again you must become stronger.

Y.Rita: Yes. I yes under.....understand.

As the Unicorn heals the boy and the girl she then goes to the girl taps the glowing ball and starts to slowly disappear.

During the fight before and during Kyro was taken away from the fight.

Leare: But you a wolf how exactly can you talk!?

Timber: I can because I have enough power to. Now can you please do something about Kyro.

Leare: Yeah Rita take Kyro or whatever away and help him. By the way who is the boy and who are you too him?

Timber: I am his guardian yet he doesn't realize it. He is a special young man that I want to protect.

Leare: All right guess that enough info. My names Leare what bout you or is just calling you Timber enough?

Timber: Timber is fine and it is nice to meet your acquaintance Mr.Leare. Now we must dispose of these wretched beings for hurting Kyro.

Leare: All righty by the way just Leare is alright no Mister. Now show me what you got Timber let's get them!

Back in Kyro's mind

Kyro: Oh yeah that's how I met her then I was carried back by her brother.. What ever happened to him?

After that she always stayed with me.

Why is she so what's the word..... Nice..... Why is she so nice?

What happened to me as well how did I get healed from my injuries?

Well it might as well be time to remember some other things about my past as well. I will treasure that time when I first met her I don't know why I do though.

Thank you all for those who have been reading this series I really do love to hear your input on it.
Edit 1: Well I can't summon at all

Eniitan :
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08-05-14 07:36 PM
yoshirulez! is Offline
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Confused as to why I did not recieve a notification for the summon, and considering deg told me to fix his summons, I will summon all.

Eniitan :
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Hope they worked.
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